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Present Lyrics
BY  Bump Of Chicken
ALBUM  Present from You

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Added by: Ryusenkai

I came to you Just now, nearby
I think I heard the sound of a teradrop falling
I came running but, I wonder whose tear it was
And well, your eyes are pretty red

Well, yeah...
That's right, I give you as present any number of stories
I'll read them to you properly Isn't this ok?
Well then, see you later

There were nights when you felt like there's no one in the world
There were mornings when you were soaked by the feeling there wasn't a your self
It's easier when you keep your eyes closed It's good to see dreams only
And if you close your mouth too you'll be at ease without hearing shocking lies

Doing so, I build a firm door
And a room surrounded by the hardest walls in the world
However, both of my ears, which should have been longing for loneliness, are waiting
For the softest knock in the world

Well, yeah...
Surely, you'll still be trembling, while crying trying to smile
Calling for help in a soundless voice That's your truthful figure

It's ok this way, I say Living with courage and health
There are more things that bother you when they are than when they are not
But you know, I expressly built a door in a place where only walls were fine
I hate it Everything Though I love it

Well, yeah...
It's all right It's just that you aren't taking care properly of yourself
But everyone is like that You're not the only one
It's something extremely embarassing, but it's something you can't escape from
But well, this is me But well, this is me
It's something really troublesome, and something no one can trust
But well, this is me
Bah, whatever...

At least you have allies
The people living into the stories that were your presents
So, what are you doing from now on? I have to go
Listen, somewhere else there was the sound of a teardrop falling


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