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supernova Lyrics
BY  Bump Of Chicken
ALBUM  Orbital Period

Added by: Ryusenkai

熱が出たりすると 気付くんだ 僕には体があるって事
鼻が詰まったりすると 解るんだ 今まで呼吸をしていた事

君の存在だって 何度も確かめはするけど
本当の大事さは 居なくなってから知るんだ

延べられた手を拒んだ その時に 大きな地震が 起こるかもしれない
延べられた手を守った その時に 守りたかったのは 自分かもしれない

君の存在だって もうずっと抱きしめてきたけど
本当に恐いから 離れられないだけなんだ

人と話したりすると 気付くんだ 伝えたい言葉が無いって事
適当に合わせたりすると解るんだ 伝えたい気持ちだらけって事

君の存在だって こうして伝え続けるけど
本当のありがとうは ありがとうじゃ足りないんだ

僕らの時計の中 ひとつだけでもいいから
本当を掴みたくて 本当を届けたくて

歳を数えてみると 気付くんだ 些細でも 歴史を持っていた事
それとほぼ同時に 解るんだ それにも 終わりが来るって事

君の存在だって いつでも思い出せるけど
本当に欲しいのは 思い出じゃない今なんだ

君を忘れた後で 思い出すんだ 君との歴史を持っていた事
君を失くした後で 見つけ出すんだ 君との出会いがあった事

誰の存在だって 世界では取るに足らないけど
誰かの世界は それがあって 造られる

君の存在だって 何度も確かめはするけど
本当の存在は 居なくなっても ここに居る

僕らの時計は 止まらないで 動くんだ


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Added by: Ryusenkai

netsu ga detari suru to kizukun da
boku ni ha karada ga aru tte koto
hana ga tsumattari suru to wakarun da
ima made kokyuu wo shiteita koto

kimi no sonzai datte nando mo tashikame ha suru kedo
hontou no daijisa ha inaku natte kara shirun da

noberareta te wo kobanda sono toki ni
ooki na jisshin ga okoru kamoshirenai
noberareta te wo mamotta sono toki ni
mamoritakatta no ha jibun kamoshirenai

kimi no sonzai datte mou zutto dakishimetekita kedo
hontou ni kowai kara hanarerarenai dake nanda
ra ra ra

hito to hanashitari suru to kizukun da
tsutaetai kotoba ga nai tte koto
tekitou ni awasetari suru to wakarun da
tsutaetai kimochi darake tte koto

kimi no sonzai datte kou shite tsutaetsuzukeru kedo
hontou no arigatou ha arigatou jya tarinain da
ra ra ra

bokura no tokei no naka hitotsu dake de mo ii kara
hontou wo tsukamitakute hontou wo todoketakute

toshi wo kazoetemiru to kizukun da
saisai demo rekishi wo motteita koto
sore to hobo douji ni wakarun da
sore ni mo owari ga kuru tte koto

kimi no sonzai datte itsudemo omoidaseru kedo
hontou ni hoshii no ha omoide jyanai ima nanda

kimi wo wasureta ato de omoidasun da
kimi to no rekishi wo motteita koto
kimi wo nakushita ato de mitsukedasun da
kimi to no deai ga atta

dare no sonzai datte sekai de ha toru ni tarinai kedo
dareka no sekai ha sore ga atte tsukurareru

kimi no sonzai datte nando mo tashikame ha suru kedo
hontou no sonzai ha inaku natte mo koko ni iru

bokura no tokei ha tomaranai de ugokun da

ra ra ra

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Added by: Ryusenkai

When I come down with a fever
I notice that I've got a body
when my nose gets stuffed up
I understand that I've been breathing
all this time

I've reaffirmed myself of you so many times,
but it's only when you're gone
that I know what's truly precious.

if I reject the hand asking me for help,
what if a big earthquake had hit?
if I accept the hand asking for help,
aren't I really just trying to help myself?

I've clung to you for so long now
but it's just that I'm too frightened to let go.
la la la

when I talk with someone
I don't have the words to say how I feel
when I try and put them together,
I realize how badly I want to convey how I feel.

I continued to speak of you this way
but my true gratitude can't be conveyed with thank you's.
la la la

in our time together,
I'd love to be able to grab just one true thing,
I want just one true thing to last

when I count the years gone by,
I notice that, even though its small, I had a history
and it's about the same time I understand,
there'll be an end to that too.

I can always remember you
but what I want isn't memories,
it's the here and now

it's after I've forgotten you that I remember,
we had a history together
it's after I've lost you that I find
we once met each other.

in this vast world, each individual is insignificant
but the world of each individual is made up with such people.

I've reaffirmed myself of you so many times but
the real you is with me here in my heart,
even after you're gone

Our life clock keeps on ticking away, on and on.

la la la

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