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Merry Christmas Lyrics
BY  Bump Of Chicken
ALBUM  R.I.P./Merry Christmas


嬉しそうな並木道を どこへ向かうの
すれ違う人は皆 知らない顔で

街はまるでおもちゃ箱 手品みたいに
騙すように隠すように キラキラ光る

バスの向こう側で 祈りの歌声

今夜こそ優しくなれないかな 全て受け止めて笑えないかな

大声で泣き出した 毛糸の帽子
空に浮かぶ星を取って 飾りたいと言う

待ちぼうけ 腕時計 赤いほっぺた
白い息で冷えた手を 暖めながら

ずっと周り続ける 気象衛星

誰かに優しく出来ないかな 全て受け止めて笑えないかな

いつもより ひとりが寂しいのは
いつもより 幸せになりたいから

肩ぶつけて 頭下げて 睨まれた人
嘘つきが抱きしめた 大切な人

街はまるでおもちゃ箱 あなたも僕も
誰だろうと飲み込んで キラキラ光る

許せずにいる事 解らない事 認めたくない事 話せない事

今夜こそ優しくなれないかな 全て受け止めて笑えないかな
僕にも優しく出来ないかな あなたと楽しく笑えないかな


信号待ち 流れ星に驚く声
いつも通り見逃した どうしていつも

だけど今日はそれでも 嬉しかったよ
誰かが見たのなら 素敵な事だ

そんな風に思えたと 伝えたくなる
誰かにあなたに 伝えたくなる

優しくされたくて 見て欲しくて
すれ違う人は皆 知らない顔で


知らない顔で 同じラララ
しまう電話の向こう 同じラララ
そうだといいね そんなこともないかな
イヤホンの向こう 同じラララ

Merry Christmas

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Ureshisou na namikimichi wo doko e mukau no
Sure chigau hito wa minna shiranai kao de

Machi wa marude omochabako tejina mitai ni
Damasu you ni kakusu you ni kirakira hikaru

Basu no mukou gawa de inori no utagoe

Konya koso yasashiku narenai kana
subete uketomete warae naikana

Oogoe de nakidashita keito no boushi
Sora ni ukabu hoshi wo totte kazaritai to iu

Machibouke udedokei akai hoppeta
Shiroi iki de hieta te wo atatamenagara

Zutto mawaritsuzukeru kishou eisei

Dareka ni yasashiku dekinai kana
subete uketomete waraenai kana

Itsumo yori hitori ga sabishii no wa
Itsumo yori shiawase ni naritai kara
Kurabechau kara

Kata butsukete atama sagete niramareta hito
Usotsuki ga dakishimeta taisetsu na hito

Machi hamaru de omochabako anata mo boku mo
Dare darou to nomikonde kirakira hikaru

Yurusezu ni iru koto
wakaranai koto
mitometakunai koto
hanasenai koto

Kon'ya koso yasashiku narenai kana
subete uketomete waraenai kana
Boku ni mo yasashiku dekinai kana
anata to tanoshiku waraenai kana
waraenai kana

Shingou machi nagareboshi ni odoroku koe
Itsumo toori minogashita doushite itsumo

Dakedo kyou wa soredemo ureshikatta yo
Dareka ga mita no nara suteki na koto da

Sonna fuyu ni omoeta to tsutaetaku naru
Dareka ni anata ni tsutaetaku naru

Yasashiku saretakute mite hoshikute
Sure chigau hito wa minna shiranai kao de


Shiranai kao de onaji rarara
Shimau denwa no mukou onaji rarara
Sou da to ii ne sonna koto mo nai kana
Iyahon no mukou onaji rarara

Merry christmas

Edit Romaji Lyric Report

Where should we go on this happy-looking avenue?
All the people passing by with unfamiliar faces,
make the town seem like a toy box magic trick, hidden and deceptively shining brightly. (1)

On the other side of the bus, there is the singing voice of a prayer

Tonight as well, we can't be kind, huh
Once you take in everything, you can't smile, I suppose (2)

With a big voice, the woolen hat burst into tears
Take that star floating in the sky, "I want to decorate" (3)

Waiting for nothing, wrist watch, red cheeks
With white breath, while warming up cold hands

There's always the weather satellite, continuing to orbit (4)

It's not possible to be nice to someone, huh
Once you take everything in, you can't smile,

Almost always, a person is lonely so,
Almost always, they want to be happy, so
Compare them (5)

Bump your shoulder, lower your head, the people who had scowled
The cherished people who were held by liars

This town looks just like a toy box; With who will you and I gulp this down, shining brightly

Not understanding
Not wanting to appreciate
Things that can't be said

Tonight as well we can't be kind, huh
once you take everything in, you can't smile, huh
I also can't be kind, huh
I can't smile happily with you, huh
I can't smile, huh

Waiting at the stoplight, the surprised voice at the falling stars
Why do people always pass by and miss these things?

But nevertheless, today I was happy.
If I had seen someone, it would have been wonderful

When I can think in that way, I'm able to convey
Convey to someone, or to you

I had wanted to be kind, wanted to see, all the passing people with unfamiliar faces.

La, la, la.....

Unfamiliar face, the same Lalalalala....
The other side of the phone, the same lalala...
That's nice, huh that kind of thing isnt there, on the other side of the earphone, the same Lalalala... (6)

Translation Notes:
This song is literally translated, but these notes are meant to explain what the song actually means. My Japanese isn't perfect, so feel free to correct me in anyway. I do this for more practice.

(1): So, in this verse, he's saying that the town looks so happy, but it's fake like a 'magic trick', or a sleight of hand. All the people pass by, no one knowing another.

(2): I think this means, once you understand, or take in the cruelty of the world, it's hard to smile. It isn't clear, but 'uketomete' means to take a blow or literally 'to stop by receiving'.

(3): This could mean that he doesn't know the face of the person, so [the person with] the woolen hat cried loudly. The next line was kind of difficult to translate, but I thought of it as "Take that star", then "I want to decorate" means I want to make the world or make things pretty, like the star. Also, the star shines, and there is the recurring theme of shininess.

(4): I thought of this as: Even though you're out in the cold, [bad things happen] there are still constants in the world

(5) This line is hard to literally translate; however, he says "kurabechau kara" kuraberu is to compare, and 'chau' is away of saying "I'm afraid I... [did something]". So it's like "I'm afraid I compared, so..."

He could be saying that he's 'afraid' that he had compared a sad person to a person who wants to be happy. I think it means that he thought that sad people were just depressing, and didn't want to be happy, and didn't realize that sad people and people wanting happiness were one and the same.

(6) He uses what is roughly 'unfamiliar face' in earlier verses, as in, people who pass by who you don't know. So: the stranger's face, ever the same. Then the other side of the phone, as in, the person on the other line, with the same lalala...Then, the other side of the earphone is like the music or voice coming out of the earphone.

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