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Meri Kuri Lyrics
ALBUM  Best Of Soul / Perfect Edition


ふたりの距離がすごく 縮まった 気持ちがした
自然に腕が組めて 冷えた空 見あげた時に

コンビニでお茶選んで 当たり前に分けあって

ずっと ずっと そばにいて
大好きなきみを 見つめてたい
Snowflake きみの暖もりは
冬の贈り物 ほら 雪だよ

どこかで辛いことや 淋しさに ぶつかっても
きみ想うこの気持ちに 正直でいると誓うよ

メゲるとこれ聴けよって 貸してくれたCDは
きみがくれた 歌のラヴレター

ずっと ずっと 言いたくて
付きあってくれて ねぇ ありがとう
もっと 好きなヒト強く
抱きしめなさいと 雪は降るの

贈り物を探しながら 結ぶはずのない気持ちが
結びあえたことの不思議 感じてた

ずっと ずっと そばにいて
同じ夢さがす 旅をしたい
Snowflake 空が 街角に
白い息を吐く ほら 雪だよ

The white white snow's coming tonight,
Make a wish upon your kiss.

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Added by: brokenrose29

Futari no kyori ga sugoku chijimatta kimochi ga shita
Shizen ni ude ga kumete hieta sora miageta toki ni

Konbini de ocha erande atarimae ni wake atte
Kimi no mune ni kurumarete iru

Zutto zutto soba ni ite
Daisuki na kimi wo mitsumetetai
Snowflakes kimi no nukumori wa
Fuyu no okurimono hora yuki da yo

Dokoka de tsurai koto ya sabishisa ni butsukattemo
Kimi omou kono kimochi ni shoujiki de iru to chikau yo

Megeru to kore kike yo tte kashite kureta CD wa
Kimi ga kureta uta no rabu retaa

Zutto zutto iitakute
Tsukiatte kurete nee arigatou
Motto suki na hito tsuyoku
Dakishimenasai to yuki wa furu no

Okurimono wo sagashinagara musubu hazu no nai kimochi ga
Musubiaeta koto no fushigi kanjiteta

Zutto zutto soba ni ite
Onaji yume sagasu tabi wo shitai
Snowflakes sora ga machikado ni
Shiroi iki wo haku hora yuki da yo

The white, white snow's coming tonight
Make a wish upon your kiss


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Added by: brokenrose29

I felt as if the distance between us had gotten a lot smaller
As we looked up at the chilly sky, arms linking unconsciously

At the convenience store we choose a tea and share it as usual
With me wrapped in your chest

Stay by my side forever, forever
I want to keep gazing at my beloved you
Snowflakes, your warmth
Is winter’s gift; look, it’s snowing

Even if I run into pain and loneliness somewhere
I swear I’ll always make my love for you known

The CD you lent me, saying “Listen to this whenever you’re down”
Is a musical love letter you’ve given me

I’ve always, always wanted to say
Thank you for getting together with me
The snow falls, saying
“Hold the person you love even more”

Looking for a present, I had a mysterious feeling
That even though I hadn’t expected to, I felt even closer to you

Be by my side forever, forever
I want to go on a journey towards the dream we share
Snowflakes, the sky is letting out white breaths
On the street corner; look, it’s snowing

The white, white snow's coming tonight
Make a wish upon your kiss


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