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Mayday! Mayday! (너에게 닿기를 간절히 외치다) Lyrics
ALBUM  Only One

Added by: sycrah

비가 개인 저 하늘이 유난스레 맑아 애초에 궂었던 적 없는 것처럼
입술을 깨물고서 천천히 숨을 가다듬어 한동안 굳게 잠궈둔 기억을 떠올려

괜찮아 이제 정말 되뇌이며 Fly away 더 높이 오르다 어느 순간 쏟아진 눈물에

수 없이 Mayday 난 더 이상 외쳐 댈 힘 없을 때까지 날카롭게 파고 들어온 이별에 무너져 내려
Mayday 난 너에게 닿기를 간절히 외치다 끝나버린 사랑을 끌어안고 추락해버려

매일 난 약속 되어진 항로 위를 따르듯 눈 뜬 순간부터 너 없는 현실과 마주 해

괜찮아 이제 많이 익숙해진 것 같아 한 번 웃어 보다 갑자기 탁 막히는 숨 땜에

한 없이 헤매이던 세상의 어귀에서 내게 내밀어줬었던 네 손을 놓쳐버린 버거운 현실에 난

한 없이 Mayday 난 또 다시 저 멀리 달아난 하늘이 더 눈부셔 원망스러워 올려다 보며 또 외쳐
Mayday 날 네게로 누구든 어서 데려가 줘 아직 남은 사랑을 누구라도 구해 줘 제발

Mayday 난 너에게 닿기를 외치다 어느 새 내 어깰 감싸는 아침에 And it’s over now


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Added by: sycrah

biga gaein jeo haneuri yunanseure malga aechoe gujeotdeon jeok eomneun geotcheoreom
ipsureul kkaemulgoseo cheoncheonhi sumeul gadadeumeo handongan gutge jamgwodun gieogeul tteoollyeo

gwaenchanha ije jeongmal doenoeimyeo Fly away deo nopi oreuda eoneu sungan ssodajin nunmure

su eobsi Mayday nan deo isang oechyeo dael him eobseul ttaekkaji nalkaropge pago deureoon ibyeore muneojyeo naeryeo
Mayday nan neoege dakireul ganjeolhi oechida kkeutnabeorin sarangeul kkeureoango churakhaebeoryeo

maeil nan yaksok doeeojin hangno wireul ttareudeut nun tteun sunganbuteo neo eomneun hyeonsilgwa maju hae

gwaenchanha ije manhi iksukhaejin geot gata han beon useo boda gapjagi tak makhineun sum ttaeme

han eobsi hemaeideon sesangui eogwieseo naege naemireojwosseotdeon ne soneul nochyeobeorin beogeoun hyeonsire nan

han eobsi Mayday nan tto dasi jeo meolli daranan haneuri deo nunbusyeo wonmangseureowo ollyeoda bomyeo tto oechyeo
Mayday nal negero nugudeun eoseo deryeoga jwo ajik nameun sarangeul nugurado guhae jwo jebal

Mayday nan neoege dakireul oechida eoneu sae nae eokkael gamssaneun achime And it’s over now


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Added by: sycrah

After the rain stopped, the sky looks especially clearer
As if it had never been bad the first place
I bite my lips and slowly pace my breathing
And I think about the memories I locked up for a while

It’s alright, as I really think deeply, I fly away
As I fly higher, at some point, tears fall

* So I’m endlessly calling mayday until I have no strength left
I crumble down at the sharply piercing separation
Mayday, I earnestly shout out so it can reach you
I hold tight the ended love and fall down

As if I’m following a set route every day
The moment I open my eyes, I face a reality that is without you

It’s alright, I think I’ve gotten used to it now
I try to laugh once and suddenly my breath is cut short

* Repeat

I wandered endlessly to the entrance of the world
And I let go of the hand that you extended to me
It is my reality that is beyond my capacity

I’m endlessly calling mayday, I’m once again far away
The speeding skies are more dazzling and I hate it even more for that
I look up and I shout out again
Mayday, I want someone to please hurry and take me to you
Someone please save this love that is still remaining

Mayday, I shout so it can reach you
At some point, the morning embraces my shoulder
And it’s over now


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