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Waiting Lyrics
BY  Baby V.O.X
ALBUM  Equalizeher

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Added by: kurohane00

Last night I had such a time I couldn′t keep
you off my mind It′s all right I get through The day
Dreamin′ of your touch hearin′ what you say
*You told me I should wait for you call sold me on givin
you my all how long must i fell this small while you′re
out on your own I′m right here all aline and cryin′
Sunrise birds start to sing one more day wishing
you′d bring Good love back to my life But it′s not
Your way to make wrong things right You held me
As we loved through the night kisses made the dark
turn out bright Help me understand my fight while
You′re out on your own I′m right here all alone an cyrin
Waiting for you leaves a hole in my heart
Is our love over before it can start Momma vever said it
would be like this Never said it′d be like this
Oh no no no Waiting for so long..


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