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Ting Hai ( 聽海 ) Lyrics
BY  A-Mei Chang
ALBUM  Bad Boy

Added by: MML

寫信告訴我今天 海是什麼顏色
夜夜陪著你的海 心情又如何
灰色是不想說 藍色是憂鬱
而漂泊的你 狂浪的心 停在哪裡

*寫信告訴我今夜 你想要夢什麼
 夢裡外的我是否 都讓你無從選擇
 我揪著一顆心 整夜都閉不了眼睛
 為何你明明動了情 卻又不靠近
轉載來自 ※ 魔鏡歌詞網

#聽 海哭的聲音 嘆惜著誰又被傷了心 卻還不清醒
 一定不是我 至少我很冷靜
 可是淚水 就連淚水也都不相信

△聽 海哭的聲音 這片海未免也太多情 悲泣到天明
 寫封信給我 就當最後約定
 說你在離開我的時候 是怎樣的心情

Repeat *,#,△


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Added by: WingedSphinx01

Ting Hai (Listen To The Sea)

Listen To The Sea
Write me a letter to tell me what color it is today
The sea that keeps you company every night, what is her mood?
When she's grey she keeps mum, when she's blue she is melancholy.
And you whose heart is similarily drifting, where will you stop?

Write me a letter to tell me what you would like to dream tonight.
Can you not choose between the me in your dreams and the me in real life?
My heart is in suspense, I stay awake all night
Why after falling in love do you insist on keeping your distance?

Listen to the sound of the sea calling
Sighing because someone is heartbroken, and yet doesn't know it
That person cannot be me, at least I am calm still
But my tears, even my own tears, they don't believe that

Listen to the sound of the sea crying
The sea is too emotional, she weeps all the way until sunrise
Write me a letter and let it be our last covenant
Tell me how you felt the moment you left me

Credits: WingedSphinx01

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