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Zhēnshí (真實; Truth) Lyrics
BY  A-Mei Chang
ALBUM  The Power of Love 1996-2006

Added by: LyrreChelle

你说的话 在我心中生了根
爱得很深 所以心很疼
记忆 在我的心中翻滚
只怕再问 对彼此都太残忍
我能感觉 另外一个人
我等 等笑容换成泪痕
爱在崩溃的时候 比较真
太多疑问 知道答案又如何
放不开 也看不见未来

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Added by: LyrreChelle

ni shuo de hua zai wo xin zhong sheng le gen
ai de hen shen suo yi xin hen teng
ji yi zai wo de xin zhong fan gun
shi bu shi mei yi ge ren
dou xiang wo yi yang ben
zhi pa zai wen dui bi ci dou tai can ren
wo neng gan jiao ling wai yi ge ren
wo deng deng xiao rong huan cheng lei hen
ai zai beng kui de shi hou bi jiao zhen
tai duo yi wen zhi dao da an you ru he
yuan lai rong ren bu xu yao tian fen
zhi yao ai cuo yi ge ren
xin tong bi kuai le geng zhen shi
ai wei he zhe yang de feng ci
wo wang le zhe shi di ji ci
yi jian ni jiu wu fa jian chi
gu du bi yong bao geng zhen shi
ai rang ren shi qu le li zhi
hui bu hui shi wo tai zi si
ju jue geng ji mo de ri zi
fang bu kai ye kan bu jian wei lai
nan dao zhe zhong bu wan mei
cai shi ai qing zhen shi de yang zi

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Added by: LyrreChelle

What you say is rooted in my heart
Loved very deeply heart hurts
Memory in my heart tumbling
Not everyone
Like me, stupid
I'm afraid to ask too cruel to each other
I can feel another person
I etc. smiles replaced tears
Love in a crash when comparing true
Know the answer too many questions and how
Original tolerance does not require talent
As long as the wrong one
More real heartache than happiness
To love why such irony
I forgot this is many times
See that you will not be able to adhere to
Loneliness is more real than embrace
Love people lose their senses
I will too selfish
Reject more lonely days
Let it go can not see the future
Is this not the perfect
Is the real look of love

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