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GEMINI-II-the luv Lyrics
BY  Alice Nine
ALBUM  Alice Nine Complete Collection II 2010~2012

Added by: Bellasmatte

まだ 聴こえてくる 残響
耳を澄まし 抱かれている
寄せて 引いてゆく 波の音
褪せた記憶(追憶)の ほとりへと
宛てなく 生まれ落ちた 数億の生の中

零れ 落ちた雫、涙 永久の途中
透明な 其の君の笑顔が
心の底に 消えない炎 点けたまま


今も 流れてゆく風景
闇が光を 切り取る様に
君が僕を かたどってゆく

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Added by: Bellasmatte

Floating in the void

What are you staring from your place?

Floating in the void

What are you staring from your place?

(all around) the field of vision that goes on (an escape route) is cut off
can't turn back no more

it's already ending by the time I realized
the color of the moon is just red, beautifully sinking into the darkness
all the 「bye-bye」 「thank you」*** changed in shape
the heart that feel nothing, eventually, shout out again in joy of being alive now

the tomorrow until yesterday, the me that you knew
will be reincarnated again in the mindscape in the far distance
via the voice that seems about to be interruped, can it reach you?
I love you
I love you***
from the bottom of my heart

in the void, in the void

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Added by: Bellasmatte

once again, the echo can be heard
(my) ears cleared, (so I'm) able to be embracing it
the wave of sound approaching and pulling (me)
towards the other side of the recollections that faded
without an address, born, among the millions of lives
I finally met you

the leftovers, the drops of tears that fell, in the midst of eternity
(I) won't avert my eyes
that transparent smile of yours, light up the unfading flame as it is
at the bottom of my heart

Rather than an unending tale
shoot out this moment
I want to be with you
in this place

The scenary that's still flowing on
like cutting off the darkness from the light
You are going to be representing me
in the midst of the eternity of Gemini

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