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Kowloon -Nine Heads Rodeo Show- Lyrics
BY  Alice Nine
ALBUM  Zekkeishoku (絶景色; Vivid Scenery of Colors)

Added by: Bellasmatte

蜘蛛の舌 青ざめた ヒトの群れが 這いツくばって
雲の下 登れない 声をあげても 罵声で喝采

与えられた 言葉は皆無 折れた翼 引きずり空を見る

Infancy time, I hated myself.
magic words,「Flying away to the air」

儚いまま 散り行く定めだと
知っていた 諦めていた
今僕が 目に光をうって 飛び立てる そんな気がした

Bullying, Cruelty, Erasure, Forgetting no no no

lie and tired


痛む痣 動けない 哭けば哭く程痛みは増して

今は只、身を臥して 天に登る、その時を待つ

かけがえの無い 友が共にあった
今僕が 引き金を引き、撃ち抜いて あげよう 君たちの頭を

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Added by: sakurambo20

kumo no shita aozameta hito no mure ga hai tsuku batte
kumo no shita noborenai koe wo agete mo basei de kassai

ataerareta kotoba wa kaimu oreta tsubasa hikizuri sora wo miru

hakanai mama chiriyuku sadame dato
shitteita akirameteita
ima boku ga me ni hikari wo utte tobitateru sonna ki ga shita

Bullying,Cruelty,Erasure,Forgetting no no no

lie and tired

itamu aza ugokenai nakeba naku hodo itami wo mashite

ima wa tada, mi wo gashite ten ni noboru, sono toki wo matsu

Infancy time,I hated myself.
magic words,"Flying away to the air?"


toki ga tachi, minikui ahiru ni wa
kakegae no nai tomo ga tomo ni atta
ima boku ga hikigane wo hiki, uchinuite ageyou kimitachi no atama wo


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Added by: Bellasmatte

The spider's tongue; the crowd of people who turned pale crawl and spread out
Under the clouds, unable to climb up; though I offered my voice, I was encouraged with jeers

There were no words that I could give; with broken wings, I see the alluring sky

Infancy time,I hated myself.
magic words,「Flying away to the air�?

Fleetingly as it is, the destiny that will scatter
I knew it, I was giving up
Now, gaining light in my eyes*, I think I can fly away

Bullying,Cruelty,Erasure,Forgetting no no no

lie and tired


The injured bruise; unable to move, the more I cry, the more the pain increases

Now, I'm merely crouching down; I wait for the time when I ascend to the sky

Time is passing; for the ugly duckling
There's no replacement for the friend that was around
Now, I pull the trigger, and blast out all of your heads

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