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Xing Yun Xing ( 幸運星) Lyrics
BY  Alan Tam
ALBUM  Love Trap

Added by: LyrreChelle

谁为我天天鼓舞 在一起
更记得 同渡风雨的可贵
何处 没有路
幸运星 幸运星
仿如你 照亮我 为我指引
若我没你 没有这一切
永远永远 甘苦也与你一起
爱你爱你 可知你太了不起
明白到不可失去 是身边的你

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Added by: LyrreChelle

mei ci wo jue de yi juan pi
mei ci wo tong ku he sheng qi
ni dui wo shuo bu ke yi die le bu qi
ni wo yong yuan bu bi shuo dui bu qi
shui wei wo tian tian gu wu zai yi qi
mei ci wo kan bu jian wei lai
mei ci wo zheng xiang tu zhong qi
xin zhong xiang qi bu ke yi dui ni bu qi
wo yao ai ni ze xu yao geng zheng qi
geng ji de tong du feng yu de ke gui
he chu mei you lu
xing yun xing xing yun xing
fang ru ni zhao liang wo wei wo zhi yin
ruo wo mei ni mei you zhe yi qie
ai shang le tian kong de xing ji
yao yu ni tui yin qun xing li
yong yuan yong yuan gan ku ye yu ni yi qi
ai ni ai ni ke zhi ni tai le bu qi
ming bai dao bu ke shi qu shi shen bian de ni

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Added by: LyrreChelle

Every time I think has tired fatigue
Every time my pain and anger
You said it was not for me or great
You and I never have to say you're sorry
Who I am encouraged every day together
Every time I see the future
Every time I was going the way abandoned
Hearts remembered can not you can not afford
I want to love you, you need to live up to expectations
Remember crossing the wind and rain valuable
Where there is no path
Lucky Lucky
Just like you light me for my Guidelines
If I do not have you do not have it all
Fell in love with the sky interstellar
Stars where you retire
Forever and ever joys with you
Love you love you know you're amazing
Around you understand to not lose

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