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Yuuhi Marie (Oshima Team K) Lyrics
ALBUM  So long !

Added by: weebllikespie



何を失い 何を手にした?
自分の心に 問いかけてた

夕陽マリー 誰かがそう呼ぶ
黄金色した 華奢なその背中
あれはマリー 沈む太陽よ
今日 一日 しあわせだったか?

夕陽マリー 誰かがそう呼ぶ
遠くを眺める やさしい眼差し

たぶんマリー 闇に包まれても
今日 一日 しあわせだったよ


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Added by: weebllikespie

Hadoson kawa o miorosu pāku
Seridashita benchi ni itsumo ita

Kaze ni fuka renagara
On'na wa shizuka ni nishi no sora o miru

Nani o ushinai nani o te ni shita?
Jibun no kokoro ni toikake teta

Yuuhi Marie dareka ga sou yobu
Ōgonshoku shita kyashana sono senaka
Are wa Marie shizumu taiyou yo
Kyou tsuitachi shiawasedatta ka?

Yuuhi Marie dareka ga sō yobu
Tōku o nagameru yasashī manazashi

Tabun Marie yami ni tsutsuma rete mo
Kyou tsuitachi shiawasedatta yo


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Added by: ShindouHikaru

In a park
Overlooking the Hudson River
She was always there, sitting on a bench
While being buffeted by the wind
The woman
Would quietly gaze at the western sky

What had she lost
And what did she obtain?
I asked my heart
This question

Sunset Marie
Someone calls her that
Her frail back
Made golden hued
That's Marie
Oh setting sun,
This day, for one day
Did she find happiness?

The first star of the evening waits somewhere
Until the container ships
Become shadows
At times laughing, at times crying
The woman
Alone knows the end of her dream

The things she wanted to do
The things she has left to do
If she counts them up
Tomorrow will arrive

Sunset Marie
They say she's around here somewhere
No one knows
Her real name
That's Marie
It's like the name doesn't fit her
No matter what kind of day today is
She's glad to be alive

Sunset Marie
Someone calls her that
She stares into the distance
With a gentle gaze
Marie, probably
Even wrapped in darkness
Today, for one day
Was happy


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