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BY  Aimer
ALBUM  Daydream

Added by: Ivana

大好きな人 君はどう思う?
僕の意地っぱりも 君の強がりも

大好きな人 知っているか?
ちょっととぼけた 可愛い人
触れられない 触れ合えないことに かなり参ってる
不安なんだよ Baby 口にはできないけど
抱き締めたなら ただそれだけで済んでしまうことなのに
大好きな人 なんでそう思う?
驚いたよ 大好きな人
電話越し 突然に泣き出す君にどぎまぎしている
どうしろっての Baby こんなに好きなのに…
他の何かじゃ 満たせそうにないから困っているのに
大半が 下らない
すれ違い 想い合うが故の憂さ

抱き締めたなら ただそれだけで済んでしまうことなのに


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Added by: Ivana

Daisuki na hito kimi wa dō omou?
sasai na koto de butsukariau bokura o
boku no ijippari mo kimi no tsuyogari mo
zenbu ae nai koto no sei ni shi te shimao u
daisuki na hito shitte iru ka?
kyō mo kimi e no omoi de boku wa yure teru
chotto to boke ta kawaii hito
ima kun ni ai taku te boku wa naiteru
furerare nai fureae nai koto ni kanari maitteru
fuan na n da yo Baby kuchi ni wa deki nai kedo
dakishime ta nara tada sore dake de sun de shimau koto na noni
daisuki na hito nande sō omou?
jibun bakari ga suki na n ja nai ka tte
odoroi ta yo daisuki na hito
ima no boku ni sono kotoba wa nai daro u?
denwa goshi totsuzen ni nakidasu kimi ni dogimagi shi te iru
dō shiro tte no Baby konnani suki na noni?
ta no nani ka ja mitase sō ni nai kara komatte iru noni
taihan ga kudaranai
surechigai omoiau ga yue no usa
dakishime ta nara tada sore dake de sun de shimau koto na noni


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Added by: SprinterXkyrie

Dear, my beloved. What do you think
About us fighting over the slightest things?
Let's blame my stubbornness, and your false strength,
On the fact we can't see one another right now.

Dear, my beloved. Did you already know
That even today, I'm still shaken by my feelings for you?
You slightly aloof, precious thing...
Wishing to see you, I'm steeped in tears.

I'm pretty defeated, unable to touch you... and be touched by you.
I'm feeling so uneasy, baby... though I can't quite speak the words.

Even though it would solve everything... if you just took me in your arms.

Dear, my beloved. Why is it you think
That I'm merely self-absorbed?
I'm so surprised, my beloved -
You shouldn't be able to say those things to me now...

From the other side of the phone, I'm getting flustered from your outburst of tears.
What do you expect me to do, baby? Despite loving you this much...

I'm in a bind 'cause I can't imagine anything fulfilling me like you do.

Most of our reasons are foolish;
This melancholy is born of crossed wires and caring intent.

Even though it would solve everything... if you just took me in your arms.


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