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ninelie ( TV size ) - with chelly from EGOIST Lyrics
BY  Aimer
ALBUM  ninelie

Added by: SprinterXkyrie

どれも同じ雨に濡れた夢ばかり 乾くだけの光


捕まえたdaydream 出遅れたストーリーと栄光が
荒れたトンネル 声もくぐれない
だからサイレンス 灯すためと

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Added by: SprinterXkyrie

Kimi wo tsunagu sora no hoshi ga hitotsu oto wo tatete mo
Dore mo onaji ame ni nureta yume bakari kawaku dake no kou
Aite wo nazoru kotae ni tsukareta
Kurikaesu hi no nai yoake ni kuzureta asa

Tsukamaeta daydream deokureta SUTOORII to eikou ga
Toko he sakebi tonaete mo
Areta TONNERU koe mo kugurenai
Dakara SAIRENSU tomosu tame to

Credits: snakeroot

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Added by: SprinterXkyrie

Even if the stars in the sky that keep you together raise a single sound in protest,
All dreams will be drenched by the same downpour; light merely left out to dry.

I grew tired of answers found by following others;
Among a repetitive daybreak with no sun... is a shattered morning.

A daydream grasped: that story and glory are behind the times,
But no matter which direction they shout their tale,
Their voices won't make it through that ruined tunnel,
So they merely exist to ignite this silence!
(Don’t be afraid Daybreak has come)


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