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StarRingChild Lyrics
BY  Aimer
ALBUM  StarRingChild EP

Added by: miguel0122

Please hear me, I will to tell you
Please sing to me, I wanna hear your voice
Please hear me, I want to tell you

素直に開ければ 触れる芽を 

遠ざかるあの日の約束も 色褪せてしまえばすり替えられる
本当と嘘を混ぜた強がりは 見失った声を隠せない

この震えた鼓動握れば 音を鳴らせる

耳鳴り止まず ノイズまた被せる

弱さを忘れた足音リズム 無垢な愛の詞(うた)さえかき消してゆく
演じる意味はどこもブレたまま 見失った線は繋げない

ちらかった星空に似ている願いが 怖く見えた
臆病に飾った言葉振り回しても どこもかすらない

この震えた身体のまだ 音を鳴らせる

手を振らない子供たちが 終わらせなかった
あの場所で答えなんて 欠片さえいらなかった

駆け出した 無邪気な色は ぶつかり合っても
なぞらえた答えなんて ここに必要ないから
一秒に見えた世界を 次へ

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Added by: Makuoro

Please hear me, I will tell you
Please sing me, I wanna hear your voice
Please hear me, I will tell you

Sunao ni akereba sawareru me wo
Otonabita serifu no kage ni kakushita
Senobi shite nozoita machi wa yureteru
Tōzakaru ano hi no yakusoku mo iro asete shimaeba suri kaerareru

Hontō to uso mazeta tsuyogari wa miushinatta koe wo kakusenai

Kono furueta kodō nigireba oto wo naraseru
Mada chīsakatta koro no te ga egaku subete ni
Nōto kara hamidasu mirai ga ita

Zara tsuita hibiki bakari erande
Miminari yamazu noizu mata kabuseru
Yuganda maku wa mō shin'i mo hiroenai mama

Yowasa wo wasureta ashioto rizumu Mukuna ai no uta sae kakikeshite iku
Enjiru imi ya doko mo bureta mama Miushinatta sen wa tsunagenai

Chirakatta hoshizora ni niteiru negai ga kowaku mieta
Okubyō ni kazatta kotoba furimawashite mo doko mo kasuranai

kono furueta karada no mada oto wo naraseru
Ano chīsakatta koro no te ga egaku subete ni
Nōto kara hamidasu Negai ga ita

Te wo furanai kodomo-tachi ga owarase nakatta
suki ni hirogaru takara chizu
Ano basho de kotae nante kakera sae iranakatta
Ichi-byō ni tsumeta sekai

Kake dashita mujaki na iro wa butsukari atte mo
Nuri ageru oto wasurenai
Nazoraeta kotae nante koko ni hitsuyō nai kara
Ichi-byō ni mieta sekai wo tsugi he

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Added by: miguel0122

Please hear me
I want to tell you
Please sing to me
I wanna hear your voice


Even if this bud were to open faithfully to your touch,
It would still be cast in shadow by your grown-up words,
And the city for which you grew taller to gaze upon, is beginning to blur.

The promise of that day that seems so far away… and can be switched out once its color fades,
But your false pride made from a mixture of truth and lies can’t cover up the voice you've lost sight of.

If you grab hold of this trembling beat, you can make a sound.
Among all the pages your once small hands drew,
Is a future sticking out from the folds.

Select only the roughest vibrations;
The ringing in your ears won’t stop, but you can cover it up with noise.
Your twisted membrane still can’t pick up the truth…

…the rhythm of your footsteps has forgotten what weakness is, drowning out even the purest songs of love.
Any reason for playing this game is still a blur and the connection you lost sight of can never be reattached.

Your wishes, as scattered as the starry sky, looked so frightening.
Even if you wield the words you adorned out of fear, they won’t graze a thing.

Your trembling body can still make a sound.
Among all the pages, your once small hands drew,
Is a wish sticking out from the folds.

The unwaveing children didn't put an end,
To a treasure map that unfolded wherever it pleased.
In that place, there was no need for even a shred of truth;
A world compacted into a single second.

Even if the innocent color you let loose comes to blows,
The sound it paints will never be forgotten.
The answer you traced to this place no longer has meaning,
So go onward past this world you glimpsed only for a second.


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