This page goes more in-depth into the system and terms used in JpopAsia.


Jpops are the virtual currency used on JpopAsia. You can buy and trade virtual items. You gain Jpops by adding stuff like albums, album tracks, lyrics, videos etc. It is possible to buy Jpops by buying gold and exchange it for Jpops.

Activity Jpops Karma
Add Artist Profile 1200 1
Add Video 450 1
Add Album 100 1
Add Lyric 300 1
Topic Accepted 300 1
Upvote Received 75 1
Report Accepted 45 1
Welcome New Users
Write something on a new users wall within 7 days
Add Album Track 30
Comment upvoted 15
Vote mood @ videos 15


Karma reflects your added value to JpopAsia as well as our community. If you share articles, links, videos, comments, other members may upvote your items if it added value to them. It is not possible to buy Karma.

Some ads are hidden when you have more than 10 karma.


Gold is the currency you can buy to change into Jpops, or buy cards in our game. You can not transfer Jpops back to gold. You can buy gold here. The exchange rate for 1 Gold is 1,000 Jpops.


You can join and play our board game where you can collect cards from your favorite artists and trade them with other members. A cards value is determined based on the popularity and activity of the artist or group.

Going bankrupt

If you roll the dice, you will receive an offer depending on the cell you land on. Most offers expire in 24 hours, which give you the time to acquire the required Jpops. If you are not able to pay or let the offer expire, you will go bankrupt and we will sell your cards for half the current value in the market, until the debt is paid off. You might lose all your cards this way!

Your game position and total round numbers will reset to 1.

Remember that you always have 24 hours to collect the Jpops to pay for your outstanding amount. You can either get Jpops through adding videos, lyrics etc., trading cards, or buying Jpops.

Cell Stops

Your piece can land on different cells represented with colors

  • Green For Sale
    You have an opportunity to buy this card. Because we like you , we will offer it with 20% discounts at the current artists value. You can keep the card, or you can trade it with other members on the market.

    Green stops will show the cards you are able to buy before starting a new round.Once you finish the round, all green stops will refresh with new random cards.
  • Red Visit
    You pay another member as passage toll. The amount is minimum of 10% of the cards value you land on. The toll determined is based on your total Jpops. The more you have the more you pay with a maximum of the Jpops of the cards value.

    No players will land on your cards if you have been inactive for the last 24 hours.
  • Purple Jackpot
    Any tax payments, bankruptcies, payments from chance cards will add to the jackpot. Land on a jackpot and you'll receive the entire sum. Besides the value generated by others users, there's a chance you will gain between 0-900 Jpops additionally.
  • Grey Jail
    If you land in jail you will have a 10-minute timeout. You can instantly continue by paying up to 2 gold.
  • Blue Chance
    Chance stops have a chance to get Jpops or you pay up.
  • Yellow Tax
    One thing in life is sure, taxes. Based on your Jpops net worth, you pay 2% tax. You can try to land on the jackpot afterwards ;)
  • Dark Blue Finish
    If you land exactly on the finish stop you will receive 100 Jpops. Otherwise you will receive 10 Jpops. After finishing there's 2-minute timeout which you can instantly skip for 1 gold.


You start the game with the default piece, a wonderful cheerful sheep. You can buy additional pieces in the piece shop. Pieces do not provide special abilities and are only decorative. All owned pieces can be found in your user profiles garage.

Previously owned streets in JPA V4

If you bought streets before in the old version of JpopAsia, you will receive the card for free.

Creating topics and links

You can create topics and links on this page. Sharing a text topic may reach our frontpage. Make sure it's relevent to our readers. By reaching our frontpage you gain more visiblity and a higher chance that others will find your topic useful/funny and upvote it.

Generating upvotes adds Karma to your account. Links might reacht the frontpage but generally we discourage this. We like to add some info for our readers so try to spend some time and you may be rewarded so.

What does the green dot mean?

The green dot shows you the new articles, comments, and topics since your last visit.

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