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핑계(신용재 Solo)Excuse Lyrics
ALBUM  1998(The 5th Album)

Added by: heart9

이따 통화하잔 말은 핑계야
일을 방패 삼아 너를 피해왔잖아
사실 그건 내가 만든 얘기야
먼저 자라는 말 왜 그랬을 것 같아
결혼하잔 말로
너를 안심시켜놓고
진작 너를 놓아버린 나
너의 집 앞에서
들여보내기 바빴던
나의 맘을 용서하지 마
사랑한단 말은 모두 핑계야
사랑한다는 말은 다 그때뿐이야
아무 감정 없이
사랑해를 낭비하며
기계처럼 사랑했던 나
입을 맞추면서
아무 맛도 못 느꼈던
나의 맘을 용서하지 마
정말 미안해
참 못되게 니 맘을 울리고
상처만 줬던 나
그러게 왜 나 같은 놈을 만나
왜 왜 왜
근데도 넌 날 두고 끝까지
괜찮다며 웃어줬잖아
어쩜 미안하단 말도 핑계야
왜 미안한지도 난 잘 모르지만
하지만 이 말만은 진심이야 난
꼭 행복해야 해 행복해야 해

Credits: Melon

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Added by: heart9

Telling you that we’ll talk later is just an excuse
My work is a shield to avoid you
Actually, that’s just a story I made up
Why do you think I told you to sleep first?

At one point
I assured you that we’ll get married
Then I just let you go
I’m sorry
I was always busy sending you home
Don’t forgive my heart

Saying I love you is all an excuse
Saying I love you is just in that moment

At one point
I wasted the words “I love you” without any emotions
I loved like a machine
I’m sorry
I didn’t feel anything as we kissed
Don’t forgive my heart

I’m really sorry
I was a jerk, making your heart cry and giving you scars
So why did you meet a guy like me? Why why why
But you still said it was okay and smiled for me till the end

Maybe saying I’m sorry is also an excuse
I don’t even know why I’m sorry
But what I’m about to say, I mean it
Please be happy, please be happy


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