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ALBUM  Twister

Added by: StoneGarden

I'm wavering again, stop in my tracks,
self hate and the usual hesitation.
Heart and mind in imbalance. Turned foe, destroyed confidence.
Raised from scratch, my pride some talent, ever so slight
over-confidence leads to mistakes
it's just about what this wound can take.

※Future dreamt before school's over me,
the kid, yells at us so strong,
he swears, swears, swears, swears
“Hey! What are you doing?! You...!”※


また迷い出す そこで立ち止まる 自己嫌悪といつもの躊躇
心と頭のアンバランス そこで吹っ飛ぶ自信が敵と化す
一から養うプライド 小さくて僅かな才能
過信気味な上勘違い そんなぐらいが傷にはちょうどいい

Exactly when did we start getting by
always talking with nothing on our face to show just how we lie?
Honest with myself? I'm a liar!

Searching for a trace of judgment, continue on my way.
Get a strong feeling I'm looking, looking for something, aren't I?
Wanna feel so at peace it's just like I can disappear from here.
The filled flaw doesn't feel sadness you know...


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