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my pet theory Lyrics

Added by: StoneGarden

“Majority rules?” Don't wanna think it even could be true.
There is no reason for me to be here, in the wrong place.
“Live life positive?” It just doesn't ring true with me-can't believe.
I'm hoping you'll feel like I do, feel the same way I'm feeling too.

I'm having sleepless nights. Moments I cannot laugh.
Unfamiliar places. What the hell!? What the hell!?
The faces of busy days. Unconscious behavior.
Shattered up respect of will. Destruction of mind.

Ordeals. Some adversity. A predicament. Troubled by it all.
Rejoicing. Feel all the gladness. Jointly owned with me. My pet theory.

You're very precious yes. You're very fortunate.

最低なそんな困難も どんな焦燥も受け入れて
大抵はそんな連鎖も今だけと my pet theory


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