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  • Posted by JrockIsForever · 1,633 Jpops · 5 hours ago  

    Completely agree. Pirates of the Caribbean wasn't too bad in KH2, but it definitely sticks out. I agree that they should keep it simple. Just because it's simple, doesn't make it any less interesting.

    Ooo what game? Mm, I got concert tickets, a couple clothes, three beanies, gloves (finally! My hands become cold very easily.), and a new teapot (which I means I have three now..).

    Heh, I guess so. There's this guy at Starbucks that works every day. I'm going to get my work permit soon so I can try and get a job.

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,129,852 Jpops · 7 hours ago  

    The vid's kinda scary-cool~ the song is just intense!

  • Posted by kanami1414 · 54,691 Jpops · 10 hours ago  

    Was ist los? O_O

  • Posted by ToxicDeformity · 3,934 Jpops · 19 hours ago  

    Yeah T_T XD

    Yeah, it's a lot XD You make it sound like you work and earn jpops every day XD XD
    My problem is, I'm not fluent in Japanese yet, so I can't translate lyrics and stuff like that, and I can't buy PVs and stuff to upload >.< T_T

  • Posted by M0rA · 9,930 Jpops · 1 day ago  

    Haha, so bored XD Can't wait to start my art classes again!
    I;m doing pretty good myself hehehe :)
    How is your holiday so far?

  • Posted by M0rA · 9,930 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    Hello XDD How are you?? :) Long time LOL

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 378,326 Jpops · 3 days ago   now online

    Yeah and they end up going nowhere in life which is something I would like to avoid~ Yeah and I can understand why! And they also make you work really hard to raise one since Dragonair evolves into Dragonite at level 55 :o I know right? Like why do they even exist? >.< Ha ha yes! But we don't need to talk like we're 80 as we're doing so :p
    I know right? Listening to rules just makes everyone's lives easier! Exactly! Man people need to learn how things work
    It really is! But I understand that Asian cultures are strict about a lot of things and I guess if they turn out okay it's all good~ And they manage to procreate so they must learn somehow :p
    Yeah probably! And it's probably written in a language only the gods can read :o Ohhhhh I think I know who you're talking about! Great! I would actually laugh quite a bit if I saw that campaign floating around the internet :p I know right? Like I hear some of the songs that are considered popular today and I wonder how that trash ever gets popular! And it's true a lot of the most popular artists sound the same~ I guess people these days only like one sound and one sound only it's sad! I wish we were back in those days when songs had substance and meaning and music wasn't so commercialized as it is today~ That's why I stick to Visual Kei~ Oh is she? Maybe I'll listen to her someday then~ Damn if I knew that I would've recommended some bands to her to see if she'd like them >.< Yeah but I hear Mao and I instantly think "guy" because of them even though I now know that Mao is a girl name~ Oh really? That sounds adorable! I love when girls do that~ It's one of the cutest things :moved: Another cute thing that I've noticed Japanese girls do is that when you part ways for the day they say "bai bai" so adorable! :moved: I know right? I didn't even know that! But that was so cute! And there were quite a few quick yeses and I was just like "I need to find these girls!" :p And I was watching this other video where a guy who's living there said "even if you aren't considered attractive in your own country you could have very beautiful girls showing interest in you" I think if that's true I will probably go crazy there :p They are but I've still seen some~ Ha ha I'm never out on my own so I can't really do that :p Oh well that's good to hear~ Maybe that's how I get so many views on my journals~ I knew the secret to making good journals without even realizing it :p
    Yeah that's true~ Or at least enough for everyone who wants to date one :p I know~ But it was too easy! It was staring me right in the face saying "come on! Point me out!" so I did :p Yeah it is~ Love at first site only happens in movies the only love you can have at first site is shallow physical attraction~ You can't have a relationship if you don't connect with the person~ Ha ha I bet! But I know you'll do your best! :D You should! Their Wheel of Fortune videos are priceless! :D I know right? And one of his weapons is a fold up chair! How can you not like that!? :D I've heard! I'm enjoying it so far but I think I still like 4 better~ Oh really? Maybe I'll watch that when I finish the playthrough then~ Ha ha I think so! I think that happens whenever you watch too much of something :p Ah that's always a good second choice! Then you can take out guys from afar :crazy:
    Ha ha I wouldn't blame you! I would never do that though! That's just stupid and I don't want to deal with a hangover~ Ha ha thanks~ I thought of it back in high school and just recently remembered how do it :p Well if I knew how to make a dapper Asian man emoji I would because then I could use it all the time :crazy: Oh really? Sounds like she's royalty or something :o Oh I see~ I haven't seen any female martial artists so I'll just take your word for it~ But I'm assuming they're bad ass! Ouch! That sounds extremely painful to get hit with! I hear bamboo really hurts >.< Ha ha I see~ She's into puns? Definitely sounds like a keeper! XD That's funny~ Lol you think so? I wonder if I'd even be good at martial arts :undecided:
    I know right? Women are the same wherever you go on some things at least~ But that's a good way to approach it! And speaking of comments I now know what your gf looks like! If she looks like that one girl she is quite cute! The most attractive girl in the video imo is the girl in one of the groups of two where one of the girls didn't look Japanese at all (I hope you know what I'm talking about :p) Exactly! Women's personalities are like fine wine~ They get better with age ;) It really sounds like you guys connect really well which is great! :D That's something that's really important! You should be able to talk about anything with your partner :) Ha ha it depends what kind of bad we're talking~ The worst I think I'll do to a girl is make her start making dirty jokes :p I know right? It's a truly great trait to have! :moved: Yeah now that you put it that way it makes sense~
    Yeah that's true! That seems like it's really annoying >.< Oh well I guess I'm thinking of something else then or I'm going crazy~ Either one :p I know right? She's the hottest video game character I can think of :crazy: I see~ Here "guns" typically refer to male arm muscles :p But I get it now~ I know right? But hey she looked good in the more feminine look she had when you go back to visit your friends in the best ending~ :moved: But still the jacket looked like it was tighter around the upper body~ Naoto must know some magic :o I know right? Girls always look so cute with ponytails :moved: I don't think I've ever seen that before but it does sound really pretty! That's true! Yukiko is the girl you'd like to date and Rise is the one you'd have one night stands with~ I know right? I think guys who objectify women are among the worst type of people in the world :angry2: I know right? She had a really beautiful kimono! Damn Japanese girls in general just look so gorgeous in kimonos :blush: Ha ha yeah that's true! I need to play the game though~
    Yeah things will get out hands quickly... in the best way :naughty:

  • Posted by gabrielayamilet · 63,902 Jpops · 4 days ago  


  • Posted by gabrielayamilet · 63,902 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    No good brother i'm sick :(

  • Posted by ToxicDeformity · 3,934 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    Yeah, it sucks >.< :(

    Hahaha :p Quite a while XD At least it's not completely one million you need XD I can only imagine how it long it would take me XD XD I'll see if I can get to 5 000 without true fanning bands XD XD

  • Posted by gabrielayamilet · 63,902 Jpops · 5 days ago  

    I miss you brother :kiss:

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 378,326 Jpops · 5 days ago   now online

    Ha ha yeah that's true~ Because if I leave it till later I could end up being horribly ScReWed :o Oh wow that sounds insane! It also sounds like you put a lot of time into that thing! :o Really? I guess people were using that definition of terrorist back then~ But they're a different type of terrorist organization from the ones you typically here of~ Yeah they are~ They tend to like crap to be perfectly frank :p
    I understand that~ Repeating yourself is very annoying! >.< Exactly! And it's not like the rules are complicated or asking you to do ridiculous thing like sacrificing your firstborn to JPA-sama!
    Exactly! It would actually be better if they knew! And it's a natural human thing to do! I don't think it's something that should be treated as a taboo because really it's a beautiful thing when it's between two people who love each other~ But I wasn't raised in an Asian culture~
    Yeah they don't! They probably have their own special word for it too :p Oh really? What did the person do to get IP banned? :o Oh right! Then yes I have plans on how to recruit people to this site :naughty: Like ads that say "Come to JPA! We have cookies" :D I can't believe it! I'm frightened for the music world! T_T No she didn't! Maybe she liked the costumes~ I know she's a Mao Abe fan so I don't know if she'd like the music~ And I'm really hoping when she said she liked Mao Abe I didn't refer to her as a "him" damn SID and Sadie making me think Mao was a guy's name >.< Yeah it must be~ It's kind of like when English people go "wooow" but like a million times cuter :p I know~ But it was really cute when they asked the girls if they'd date a gaijin and them saying "yes" really quickly and excitedly :moved: I know! I see it quite often too! And it gives me mixed feelings of hope and jealousy :p Maybe~ I mean a lot of people seem to enjoy them for some reason~ I guess I'm good at rambling :undecided:
    Yeah there are~ It's surprising how easy it is to forget that sometimes but there are a lot of people in this world and I like to believe that there's someone out there for everyone :moved: lmao yes I'm sure a girl would really like to know you well before before she let's you "go deeper" ;) :p Sorry I couldn't resist! But in all seriousness yes starting a friendship and getting to know the person is the best way to have feelings grow between the two~ Yeah~ A lot of courses are like that especially the further you get into them~ Yeah he did! And it fit perfectly in the space they had and with the letters that were already up there! It was perfect! Tim is really brilliant at that game! You should watch it! It's so funny! Especially Emile's fails :p I know right? Poor Kanju! He was the most entertaining personality in that game imo! I know right? Persona is a fantastic series! I'm sure 5 will be amazing! I'm watching Persona 3 right now and I'm learning how awesome that game is as well :D Ha ha I bet! Have you caught them doing that? I know I've been caught doing it as well :p Oh I see~ Shotguns are great close range guns! :D
    I know~ But I'm not that reckless~ I never get black out drunk! I always stop at the point where I'm passed being tipsy but I'm not smashed or throwing up~ Ha ha I know~ You are a very dapper individual! ;) C|:{ <----- that's a man with a fancy hat emoji XD Oh wow she sounds really power! I'm sure she's taken many people by surprise because of that ne? Ooh the way you describe it makes it sound really painful when she hits with a shinai >.< lol so it was her mistake? That's funny! At least she lets you get away with teasing her :p Yeah probably not~ Unless they get really lucky and finds someone who has the same fetish as them :p Yeah I am! When I have a girlfriend I want to make sure I protect her!
    I know right? That's what I thought~ So I don't know why that was a thing that was brought up~ Some things are just universal :p Of course! That way a connection can be formed~ That's the only way a relationship can work~ Physical attraction can only take you so far! Yeah me too! And by the sounds of how things are going you guys will :D Well I don't know if it's fun but it might be an inevitability ;) Right? It just adds to a girl's sweetness and innocence and just makes them seem irresistible! :moved: I bet! You wouldn't expect to get a lot of speed on sand like you would snow but I guess you do! :o
    Yeah that's true! The fight went pretty quickly up until that point! But Shadow Teddie was a beast~ And the fact that you don't heal between the fights make it really harder (unless you do get healed and my memory is just messing with me :p) I think so too! I mean she is an idol so of course she's gorgeous! :moved: That's what I thought! I've just never heard of boobs being referred to as guns before so I thought I'd ask just in case :p I know right!? So unexpected! How did she hide them? :o Me too! But usually I prefer when they have a ponytail~ But there are some girls that look way better with their hair down! Usually when they have wavy hair :moved: Ah you think so? I think Yukiko would bring out my more romantic side whereas Rise would bring out my dirty side :p I know right? People who don't like a girl like that must have no class and must think of girls as sex objects >.< I know right? I always felt really bad when I saw her sad! More so than most of the other characters~ Of course! Seeing a beautiful girl in a kimono with her hair up like that is a HUGE turn on for me :crazy: Ha ha yeah~ Or make me feel bad for having deciding that way~ Either or :p
    Ha ha yeah~ sufficed to say that she wouldn't be clothed for long if she did that :naughty:

  • Posted by celid · 13,461 Jpops · 5 days ago  

    Hello Ron~
    How have you been?

  • Posted by Giovana · 634 Jpops · 6 days ago  

    Original Song 「海色」 by AKINO from bless4
    Original Composition: WEST GROUND
    (Covered & arr by to Solo Guitar by Izal GIovana)
    Anime: Kantai Collection

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,129,852 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Okay, so girls put topics in the 'Girls Only' forum section just so guy mods like me can't do anything. Sneaky... *tuts and shakes his head*

    And it says I don't have enough 'privileges'. Privileges? What privileges? I can't earn the privilege of female status from hard work and committment. My biological sex is NOT a privilege! >.<

  • Posted by ToxicDeformity · 3,934 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    It has :) I'm good :) School has started again >.<

    Hahahaha awesome! :D :D

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 378,326 Jpops · 1 week ago   now online

    Ha ha yeah~ It'll happen at some point :p That's probably one of the best combinations you can have on a dragon Pokemon~ I'm sure your Dragonite was a beast then! Yeah it does! So does that mean PETA is a terrorist organization? :p Yes we should! If they have any sanity they will like it! :crazy:
    I bet! It must get tiresome repeating yourself to different people >.< I agree~ I mean the rules aren't that hard to understand even for those who only have a basic grasp of the English language >.<
    Oh no! Those poor people! They need to get better sex education over there! I mean I think it's something that everyone should at least know the basics of when they get to a certain age
    That's a good question! Would a god even know the concept of badassery for that matter? Oh wow he sounds very forgiving! Is that why there's very rarely IP bans here? Ha ha well to be honest I completely forgot what we were talking about here so I may have plans depending what the subject was :p Really? Okay I thought being from Japan and not at least knowing what VK is was bad but I didn't think it was possible to not know at least 1 AC/DC song! I mean they have so many big songs that you hear everywhere it should be impossible to not know one of their songs! :o Yeah I am~ I was honestly really surprised when she showed some interest in the subject :o And her "ehhhhh" reaction is one of the cutest things I've ever heard :moved: Yes! And that combined with Japanese girls apparent love for "gaijin" guys I should be set! :crazy: Ha ha of course I'm not! In fact I'm the opposite! I honestly don't know why or how I got to be so well known/liked here >.<
    Thanks~ I'm sure there is too! And now I'm feeling more confident in my chances of finding a girl! :D Of course! It's always good to have a good connection with the person before you start dating! It makes for less awkwardness~ I bet! Uni can eat up all your time which sucks >.< Exactly! He's even thrown me off guard with a couple of his comments and I'm used to his style of commentary at this point! Like in Wheel of Fortune when he entered "Choking this Schlong" :p Yeah it really is! It was really entertaining! Ha ha I know right? Poor Kanji~ He's one of my favorite characters lol :p Yeah it looks really awesome! I wonder what it's going to be like! And it's cool that it's taking place in Tokyo~ Ha ha I know right? I love how he pronounces some words! I find if you watch him a lot you start to pick up on those mannerisms a bit :p Ha ha of course not :p Oh you have a shotgun? Sounds like the perfect weapon! :crazy:
    Ha ha yeah I know that~ But I have my moments :p lol yep~ I'm not the only predictable one here! ;) Oh wow she's tiny compared to him! I guess she packs a really big punch in such a small package~ I'm sure she can hit very hard in Kendo! :o Ha ha I see~ That's pretty funny! :p But how do you end up pronouncing Pei as Pie? :p I know right? Some people are really weird! Makes you wonder if they'll ever get any with fetishes like that :p I know right? And I'll be the same way when I get a girlfriend~
    I'll keep that in mind! I think I already know what kind of style I'm going to do! And I found these videos on how foreign guys can get Japanese girlfriends and what kind of guys Japanese girls like (keep in mind I didn't search for these myself they came up randomly on the side of YouTube when I was watching music videos and curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on them) and I learned that they typically like clean well groomed guys~ But I feel like that would also apply to girls everywhere :undecided: Awh that's sweet! You guys are very close and I'm really happy to hear about that :) Ha ha either that or I'll corrupt her :p But I noticed a pattern with the girls I've had crushes on other that the fact that they were both Japanese girls~ They both had like sweet soft voices~ I don't know what that means but it's a thing I've noticed~ Maybe it's a pattern :undecided: Oh wow that sounds like it would be really scary to do the first couple times if you're not used to it :o
    Yeah that's true~ But at least he couldn't make it so I can't do damage to him~ I'm sure me and my persona could handle it ;) I know right? Damn if she was real I think I would lose it seeing her legs :crazy: Just checking by "guns" you mean boobs right? She does have very nice ones ;) But it's shocking that Naoto's are actually the biggest :p Yeah she does! I wish that was what she had for most of the game because... damn! Oh of course I would! I'd want to take her home with me at that point :moved: Yeah she does! I mean I don't think there's a guy out there who doesn't like those qualities~ Ha ha but how could you say no to Yukiko when she starts looking sad like that? :o Ha ha so did I! And that kimono she was wearing just enhanced those thoughts :crazy: I know! And that would be so hard for me! I'd probably have to flip a coin >.<
    OMG Miko whispering seductively would probably drive me insane in the best way :crazy: :naughty::moved: <3

  • Posted by ToxicDeformity · 3,934 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Hey :)

    How are you? :D See you're still rollin' in the jpops ;) XD

  • Posted by poohbear03 · 835 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Yep ^^ I'm excited for it :) So what have you been up to?

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,129,852 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    I think this is Wagakki Band's best song yet! And I reckon Machiya should do more guitar solos in the future! :moved:

  • Posted by jojootaku · 8 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    oh, i forgot the picture, srry :'D

  • Posted by jojootaku · 8 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    merry X-mas and happy new year too XD !!
    that's true, and I did quite good... I'm qualificated for the continuing education :D and in two years I can study :D but before that, i have to elect my profils... that will be though...
    How did your exams turn out ?

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 378,326 Jpops · 1 week ago   now online

    Ha ha yeah we definitely won't! Question is when will I depart? :p Yeah that's true! They can have a fire, electric, water, and dragon type move on the same Pokemon! That's pretty insane coverage! Yeah it does! If you use the definition of terrorism that makes it any action that instills terror into you :o Yeah they haven't! Nothing compares to the original Pokemon!
    Yeah that's true but I guess it's part of the job~ People make mistakes and stuff just happens
    Oh really? I find that really hard to believe! But I guess people do grow up in more sheltered environments there! But it makes you wonder if they will know what to do when the time comes :o
    Ha ha as in he's surpassed even badassery? :p Eh? I won't ever do anything that would deserve that harsh of a punishment :p I don't know~ I haven't gotten that far yet ;) Yeah I guess so~ Even though they should :p lol well there was no jumping up and down but one of them did say "ehhhh" but she reacted to a lot of things like that which was really adorable :moved: Yeah they are! It must be in their genes even if they don't like the music they are still fascinated by it~ Maybe I can use that to my advantage one day :crazy: lol My bragging is never real bragging though :p Okay I was wondering :p
    Yeah that's true! And it must mean that there's someone better out there for me~ Yeah I understand! It can be hard to keep track of sometimes! I don't watch everything either but I watch as much as I can and as much as I'm interested in~ Ha ha I bet! Since I watch NCS a lot none of his comments surprise me~ He can be pretty crude on his own channel it's kind of funny because even though it's expected of him at this point he can still catch you offguard with his comments :p I think so too! I think it's my favorite LP that I've ever watched! It's definitely top 5! I know right? And it's really funny because of how much he neglected Kanji up to that point it's like the game developers neglected him too~ Poor Kanju :p I know right? He did such a fantastic job with his commentary! I loved how he spoke for his character! It's such a unique thing that surprisingly not many people do~ And his sarcastic remarks to some of the characters were priceless :p Yeah they are! There's a trailer for Persona 5 out now~ My friend and his boyfriend are big fans of the series as well so they told me about it~ Ha ha that was so funny! And I still call bananas "blanabas" :p Oh don't worry~ You won't ;) Yes! Death to the twerkees!
    Yeah I was and that day at work was pretty stressful so I needed to unwind somehow~ Ha ha I figured you would say something like that ;) I bet! I wouldn't want to cross her! But the question is was she scary enough to make your friend actually stop calling her Wedgie? Ha ha is that one of your pet names for her? :p Yeah I don't get it either some people can have really weird fetishes that I will never be able to understand! Another thing I will never understand is swapping partners >.<
    Hmm so you mean something that looks good and trim but nothing too over the top? Yeah you guys are on a more emotional stage now which is great! :D Ha ha yeah~ But I want to attract more of a sweet girl~ Which I'm sure I could do in really life because I only talk about dirty things with friends~ Oh I see~ So I guess you can get a lot of speed down some sand dunes ne?
    Yeah that's true! And I don't have Teddie here to go all super Saiyan or whatever he did to save me >.< I know right? I guess it must be because she's an idol and bikinis and showing skin is a thing idols do often~ But I did like her summer outfit~ Yosuke was right when he said silky smooth legs :p But I did think she looked absolutely gorgeous with her hair down in that outfit in the good ending where you go back and visit everyone :crazy: I know right? It's the cutest thing! I don't think I'd be able to let a girl who has laughing fits like that go :o Yeah she does! I think out of all the girls in that game she's the best "girlfriend material" Ha ha I bet~ So she didn't actually cook her Christmas cake? That's probably for the best :p I do love that! Like that part on New Year's day where you go to the shrine with her and you as to go back to her place and she says "raise your hand if you're thinking something dirty" there is no guy that would leave their hand down :crazy: Yeah that's why it would be so hard for me to actually choose between the two of them! :o
    Ha ha of course it would! Hot girls whispering seductively is one of the sexiest things ever! :crazy:

  • Posted by HydeQuarter VIP · 32,312 Jpops · 2 weeks ago   now online

    Welcome. Thx for accepting my friend request. Have a nice day. >.<

  • Posted by JrockIsForever · 1,633 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Exactly!! I don't understand those people who think it would be cool. It doesn't fit at all. The worlds have already been set more towards the Disney princess movies, with the exception of Pirates of the Caribbean of course. Putting it in in the last chapter of this storyline doesn't make sense at all. Maybe when they make a new game under a different storyline, but not now. Plus KH3 focuses more on the Seven Guardians of Light, etc., so it seems pointless to add new worlds.

    Awe, I'm sorry. What did ya get though? :)

    Alright ^.^ It's fine, I know how work gets. My sister is always working.

  • Posted by Florite · 870 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    I think she can include L.Miranic, Bright Flight, Rising Hope and Shirushi. The other ones will be new (awesome) songs ahahah
    Btw I'm italian ^.^

  • Posted by celid · 13,461 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Hey Ron, how have you been? Sorry that I've been busy lately, I'm still trying to pass the finals. Hope you're doing better than me :D

  • Posted by Topazio · 27,525 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Hey! gotcha! :crazy: heheh. Im enjoying whats left of my days lol. How r u? :) waitttt, why do you start in march!!! that is unfair!!! looool hehehe. enjoy it very much, cause time passes by in a blink of an eye, hehehe. Uni will be the death of us both xd. Well, im not feeling well today, i got my influenza shot and it makes me feel like $%#^@$%, all for the sake of practicing/training in hospitals >.<. Its awesome that you are awesomely ok :), its always nice to read you. Right now, im studying, going through some stuff, medications, etc for next week T.T. My memory kills me really lol. Whats your every day like?

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 378,326 Jpops · 2 weeks ago   now online

    Ha ha well I guess we'll have to see about that ;) Yeah I think so! And it makes sense they're a pretty big challenge to fight other than legendaries of course~ Yeah PETA just takes things too far to the point where you're just as disturbed by their activism as you are with animal cruelty >.< Ha ha exactly :p Yeah that's pretty much it! But they don't realize how crappy the anime is now >.<
    Oh that's good that it happens to everyone~ I guess it is hard to keep track of everything~
    That's true~ I don't think it's even possible for an adult to be innocent
    Ha ha I think so too! He probably feels somewhat like a bad ass :p Yeah I won't! It's like messing with a god :p They should! It would be awesome~ We can't force them but we can try to convince them :crazy: Yeah that's true I mean I guess she didn't really pay attention to it when she was in Japan and she's been living here for a while and forgot about it? :undecided: Ha ha really? What kind of reaction were you expecting? Well when I told one of them that I was doing a presentation on it she seemed interested in it and wanted to see it~ lol I am modest! I'm never like "hey look how awesome I am!" Well maybe I do but it's always as a joke I don't actually think that :p lol I should've noted that I was being sarcastic there~ I'd do it if I was sure I was gonna fail the test anyways :p
    No it wasn't~ She broke up with me~ Oh well it was probably for the best anyways~ Yeah it can be kind of hard to keep up sometimes especially if you follow other channels~ But I've been following TRG pretty much since they started so that's how I've kept up~ Yeah he is~ And for those who don't watch his individual videos are probably really caught off guard by it :p Yeah it was! That was the LP that made me a fan of his stuff! It was really good and now I know it's very different from what he usually does~ Persona 4 Golden is definitely his best LP! He put so much work into it and he added to an already amazing game with his style of commentary~ I still laugh to myself a little every time I think of "Kanju" :p I know right!? It's not fair! >.< I know right? That series was way too funny! But it was so great! I loved it! lol don't worry all the really over the line stuff isn't public :p Yeah it is! Now I really want that to happen!
    Yeah I guess so :p Yeah it was a little bit sad I know~ But my parents weren't home and I was bored and could use a few laughs because everything is funny when you're drunk~ Ha ha I bet! It does sound pretty funny! And by the sounds of it your friend would wind up very injured :p Obviously not~ And I'm not into exhibitionism :p
    Yeah I just need to remember that as well as having confidence! Yeah I just need to find a style that's "me" because I still don't really know what that is >.< But I won't give up! Though I don't know what kind of girl I'll attract :footinmouth: Oh I see~ And do you have to go downhill for it?
    lol of course it is! And I'd want it to be normal Rise rather than shadow Rise so she doesn't turn into some scary demon shadow monster thing >.< Yeah that's why I like her :crazy: And her laughing fits are the cutest thing~ Of course! I could imagine going on really sweet romantic dates with Yukiko :moved: And who doesn't like Xmas cake? :D I know~ Rise seems to be more into innuendos~ But I think Yukiko is into "legends" :p
    Yeah it would! It was a very nice image in my head imagining that! :crazy:

  • Posted by Topazio · 27,525 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Hi Mr weelbelikesawesomepies :), im soooo terrible, i havent replied your post in a month, so sorry. Have been enjoying the holidays, i even forgot to log in to reply my posts. lol. School is next week!! why oh why >.<, xd. Have you started school already? I hope u r ok Ron, family, friends, etc ;), and rocking this new year ;) xoxo

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,129,852 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    The haunting female sopranos, the ominous male cleans, the sinister growls, the alluring yet sombre violin solo, the gospel background choir and the slow, impending instrumentation... a six-minute gothic metal masterpiece! O:)

  • Posted by Florite · 870 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    yes! you're right! Shirushi is a great release! i can't wait for her new album... i'm sure i'll love it ahahhaha where are you from?

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 378,326 Jpops · 2 weeks ago   now online

    Oh that's good to hear~ Maybe mine will be just as epic ;) That's true~ There's pretty much always a Dragon trainer in the elite 4~ I know right? It's crazy! PETA takes things way too far and they overreact to most things! :o Oh really? Well I guess China has a bit of reason to not like that game ne? :p Yeah it has! But it still sells so they'll keep it going >.<
    Yeah but have you told everyone not to swear? Because I've seen some people who swear in their journals~
    Yeah I guess the parents must've been innocent or they just didn't think about it at the time :o
    Yeah I guess so~ And that's probably what he wants ne? ;) Yeah I guess so~ He is pretty powerful :o I guess so~ Or they never think about joining~ But they should join :p Yeah but I've talked to someone who didn't really know what it was past knowing about X Japan :o Well I remember one of their reactions was "wow really!?" it was kind of cute~ Well I'm not making any promises~ Depends how modest I'm feeling ;) I guess that's true for some people~ :p They'd give me an A+ obviously ;) :p
    Hey she was the one who broke up with me >.< I thought so too! They really deserve it! They're videos are so entertaining! I've seen every single one :moved: Yeah it is! Because he usually says the dirtiest things :p Yeah they are! I also really enjoyed his blind Resident Evil 4 and Ace Attorney LPs~ And yesterday I finished watching his Persona 4 Golden LP and damn that was such a great series! I feel kind of empty inside now that it's over >.< He does! He has a very quirky sense of humor :p I know right? Those videos were so freaking funny! Their Donkey Kong Country Returns series was really good too~ lol the real question is do we even care if we step over the line? :crazy: Well if you're horrible and undignified in life it's only fitting that your death should mimic that ;)
    Yeah that's true~ And I'd like to say I have just enough discipline ;) Yeah it is! It's at least better to get drunk with friends~ Getting drunk alone is just sad (I say that having done it myself :p) lol wow sounds like your friend has a death wish! I bet you're just waiting for the day when you're waiting to meet your gf and you see that friend running by with her behind him with a kendo sword :p lol don't worry we'll be in a private room before the messiness happens ;)
    That's a good point! But it can be hard to get in first~ But I'll do my best! And I should change up my fashion to something more mature but I don't want to shop for clothes with my mom and I don't have friends here I can go with >.< Oh that sounds like a lot of fun! :D Is sandboarding like snowboarding?

  • Posted by mhinereaper · 79 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Mirai Nikki

    Future Diary
    “Mirai Nikki” was serialized in Weekly Shonen Ace from 2006 to 2011. It was released in 12 tankoubon volumes, which have had more than 4 million copies printed. The story was also turned into a video game in 2010, an anime series in 2011, and a novel earlier this month. The drama will use an original story that differs from the manga, revolving around 12 people who obtain a “future diary,” which allows them write down “predictions” of the future that will come true. However, they are all part of a game of survival, in which they must use their diaries to try to kill each other and be the last one remaining, earning a place on the “God’s seat.” Okada plays Hoshino Arata, a lazy college student who doesn’t believe in spending effort or working toward the future. One day, he gets a diary (the “future diary”) on his mobile phone, and he becomes involved in the game of survival. less
    Category: Japanese Drama
    Status: Completed
    Released: 2012
    Rating: Rating Star Full Rating Star Full Rating Star Full Rating Star Full Rating Star Full Rating Star Full Rating Star Full Rating Star Full Rating Star Full Rating Star Empty 9.28 (122 Votes) Rate it!
    Genres: Drama

    starring ayame gouriki

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 378,326 Jpops · 3 weeks ago   now online

    Oh have you? Has it been epically epic? :p Yeah~ Well I'm sure a lot of competitive players use dragons but I wonder how often they're used in a normal playthrough considering how rare they are and how long it takes to fully evolve them :undecided: That's true! They even did something against Mario with the Tanuki suit :o Yeah they did! And I think they ran out of story ideas so it got stupid :o
    Eh? Did I? When?
    Oh really? Naming your kid something like that should be considered child abuse! You're setting them up for a horrible Jr high and High school life >.<
    Yeah he is! I wonder what he's like? You know that makes sense~ I guess his personality leaks over into the community of this site and makes everyone else nice :D Ha ha me too~ I guess a lot of people are like that~ But they should join here too! See? That's what I thought! The Japanese students I've spoken to seemed like that too~ But at least most of them at least knew what Visual Kei was and I think they thought it was cool that I liked it based on their reactions when I told them I like it :p Ha ha of course! I mean if that happens I'd be bound to connect with one ;) Yes or is it to throw people off and make them think exactly what you're thinking right now :crazy: Of course the is! Like the teacher asks you "How do you find the hypotenuse of a triangle?" You just say Miko and it's all good ;)
    Well I thought so too but she's never online so there's not much I can do about that >.< They have 392 k subscribers~ They deserve more! I really love that channel~ It's one of my favorite gaming channels along with Versus :p Yeah they are! They have really good chemistry~ Even Tim he's quiet but he says some pretty funny out of place things sometimes and it's great! :D SuperJeenius is really funny! Have you seen any of his individual stuff? Also his co-ops with JoshJepson are really funny~ Ha ha yeah we have too many :p Exactly! They'll get crushed by a giant butt :crazy:
    Oh I see~ You have good self control~ There's nothing wrong with loosening up every now and then though~ Ha ha that's funny~ So she goes from hating being called that to calling herself that and laughing about it :p Ha ha that's good! And I knew you'd say something like that ;) Yeah~ It also depends on what she does once she's holding me~ She has the potential to drive me really crazy >.<
    Ha ha yeah~ But I know there's guys WAY smoother than me and I can't compete with that >.< Oh that's great! :D What are some fun things you did on the trip?

  • Posted by Betteand VIP · 998 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Hi ^^

    You are more than welcome ^^

    How I have been? I have some headach all the time, which I am getting treatment for ^^ Then I have listen to a lot of music and watched a lot of Japanese Drama lately ^^

    How have you been?

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 1,441 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    It been snowy, rainy and icy here all week. Monday was the only full day of school. We have been going in 2hours late due to weather conditions 😞
    More bad weather coming on Monday.

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 1,441 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    How's things going?

  • Posted by Florite · 870 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    it's a hard question! XD I love Egoistic Shooter, Rock Mode, L.Miranic, DOCTOR... I prefer her "rock side"... but i love also other songs... all her songs ahahhaha what are your favorite ones? :D

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 378,326 Jpops · 3 weeks ago   now online

    Ha ha yeah you're right :p That's true! That's probably why not a lot of people really use steel types~ Ha ha I know PETA has gotten on Pokemon's case before~ I know right? The first seasons of Pokemon were amazing! Then the anime kind of went downhill >.<
    Yeah I guess so~ But I'm not gonna learn my lesson when it comes to journals :p
    Yeah~ But BJ was short for his full name so his parents didn't blatantly name him that
    Ha ha I didn't think so! He's so mysterious~ Oh I see~ And I bet he's all business in those meetings ne? Oh I see~ That makes sense~ I know for a fact not everyone who likes this site on Facebook actually has an account here~ Yeah that's true~ But even there I'm sure there's quite a large number of people who listen to Western artists rather than Asian ones~ But I wish more Japanese people would find this site and join :p Maybe because I talk about that all the time? :p I guess it is~ Yeah I will~ And hopefully catch a copy of Miko in that dream catcher ;)
    Yeah it was kind of crazy~ No we don't talk anymore~ Exactly! You can't change the past~ I know right? I mean they have 300k+ subscribers~ Ha ha Chugga is pretty funny! I love his puns they're wonderful! I also find Jon quite funny~ I love his wittiness and silliness :p And NCS was the first Let's Player I subscribed to and became a fan of~ And I also really like the guests they've had on: JoshJepson, LucahJin, and SuperJeenius :D Lol that's a joke me and her have :p Yeah it is! And it's really sad >.<
    Yeah that's so true! You need to find that right balance~ It can be hard to find the balance sometimes~ Oh really? It does really change how you act when you get tipsy/drunk~ Did she do or say anything funny? No I have a solid grip on reality you don't need to worry about that! Yeah I know~ But sometimes things happen~ Exactly! And you have a girlfriend that you're perfectly happy with~ Well I'm sure I can survive being around her~ But if she was actually holding on to me I think my heart would really be racing!
    Of course! I won't! I know I can do it! :D Oh that's good to hear! So you went with family and friends?

  • Posted by M0rA · 9,930 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Ahh thats alright :)

    Ahh Hanzi, Ive never heard of it XDD
    Yes u r correct, I grew up mostly with Japanese so I know it more.
    People think Im Asian when Im not LOL
    Around a month ago I walked into a Korean/Chinese learning center and a few girls there saw me and were like OMG and Asian what language shld I speak with her????? Arabic? English? KOREAN?
    When I came closer they were like "FALSE ALARM!" It always happens XDD

  • Posted by Heresyuruha · 13,003 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    It's ok :)
    I'm doing great
    how r u ? :)

  • Posted by kanami1414 · 54,691 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Es ist okay :)
    Mir geht's gut~ Wie geht's dir? ^^

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 378,326 Jpops · 3 weeks ago   now online

    Ha ha thanks~ But of course I'll be able to do it :p That's true~ So it has some weaknesses especially since there's a lot of people who use fire and ground types~ Yeah that's a lot better! :p Yeah that's true~ I mean they're keeping these creatures captive in these tiny balls and then forcing them to fight until one of them is knocked unconscious~ It's pretty morbid if you really think about it~ Yeah they really should! Old-school Pokemon is great! :D
    Ha ha I guess~ But I assumed people would take that as a joke >.<
    lol I know right? It would've been so perfect if I wasn't an innocent child >.<
    Yeah that's true! I bet he has no time to be social on here since he has to maintain the site~ Oh wow that's a lot! But not nearly that many accounts are active on here~ I'm sure it will be! There's new people joining everyday! And to be honest I didn't know that many people liked Asian music~ It seemed like such an underground thing before I joined this site! Ha ha I would if I could! :p That's true~ And becoming a mod will be my first step to world domination! Muahahahahahaha! ...ahem... I mean I'll be a good fair mod! Yeah that's true~ I can't help it :p Exactly! If only I could dream about her every night :moved:
    Yeah it's a really long story with a bad ending >.< Yeah you just have to move on from things~ Oh really? You're the first person I met who actually knows who they are! :moved: I'm a really big fan of them! Both on the channel and as individuals~ Ha ha basically~ She's in that other dimension that we in Canada like to call the US :p Yeah me too! Twerking is one of the most annoying things in the world right now! It's so stupid!
    Ha ha that's true~ And it has the added bonus of having alcohol readily available so I could loosen up and actually be able to talk to the girls :p That's good! Eh? Why's that? I mean I know the limits and I don't have the insane delusions that I'm actually going to end up with her~ It's just something I need to hold on so I don't have an emotional breakdown~ Ha ha nah I trust that you wouldn't get between me and Miko ;) That could work! And I'll do my part and try not to faint from being that close to her :p
    Yeah I hope you're right! Maybe when I go back to school I'll finally meet someone :moved: Oh really? That sounds like a lot of fun! :D How did it go?

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,129,852 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Man... this is addictive. VERY addictive. :o


  • Posted by Florite · 870 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Thank you to accept my request! Happy to know a big fan of Lisa ;)

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,129,852 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    I can't stop listening to this song! The lyrics... ain't it the truth?

  • Reply by JrockIsForever  

    Evanescence is one of my favorite bands <3

  • Reply by weebllikespie VIP  

    Haha they're great! Not my fave band but Amy Lee is awesome~ their songs are very relatable :3

  • Posted by koco · 8,415 Jpops · 4 weeks ago  

    let's see....7!!..especially nana mizuki <3 and aoi eir...akihisa kondo..konomi suzuki..SID...lynch. ... and many more i can't even keep up with the names :o
    I have over 2500+ Japanese songs...maybe that's why i can't keep up with the names.. :p
    hbu? :D

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