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weebllikespie VIP CREW

Mr. Sophisticated

weebllikespie is a grandpa who signed up 3 years ago. He is member of the Rich Jpops Club with 988,253 Jpops

weebllikespie is part of the JpopAsia crew.

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  • Posted by jojootaku · 249 Jpops · 1 hour ago  

    yea thats true... thanks for the advise ^^
    PS: how are you, sorry for my late reply, but I wrote a lot of exams and holded referies, so i had no time to log in :)

  • Posted by Zeina VIP · 4,690 Jpops · 7 hours ago  

    Hahahahahaha, I wanna go and have him levitate me because that I am not convinced by that; why not? I say earn a little cash on the side!

    Whoa. I haven't even decided if I wanna go into Med, but I say why not? Yes, yes, it is. *facepalms*
    Hahahahaha, nah, you gotta thank yourself for being awesome enough to get through it, see?
    Always go for the double-meaning with people you don't like, that way if they call you out on it, you can just say, I would never say that I meant so-and-so *smirks*

    Nice, jpa has a big family, (wait; are we the children?) (double wait; does that make you our parents?) (triple wait; what does that make the JPA head?)
    Hahahahaha, yes it is! No I don't you think you are; far too sophisticated for that sorta thing.
    Yes, I think so too!

    Hahahaha, yes! Perfect! The whippersnappers (who says that anymore? Dude wait a decade or two hahahaha) will never see it coming!!
    I don't think so (maybe I'm naive) but you aren't needlessly cruel or anything.
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure you are, you don't drink excessively, you use three-syllable words in daily speech, and you're really nice.

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 324,931 Jpops · 8 hours ago  

    Yeah~ And it works considering I don't battle competitively~ I don't have the patience for all that~ But it's good that you do that if you want to battle competitively~ ^_^
    Yes it definitely did! It's my new favorite album ever! It's so freaking good! I can't even describe it! And it's nice having access to the full version of their WORLD MAKER PV :D They really did! You can tell they put so much effort into this album and that's part of what makes it so good :D Yeah it is! People like that are so annoying! They don't understand all the hard work a band goes through to produce music >.< Ha ha yes I agree!
    Of course~ Anything that ends with me dating then marrying Miko makes me happy :p Well I'm sure we will owe a lot to you because of that so it's only natural~
    I bet you will! Ha ha yeah~ You guys can have rich people parties together :p Yeah it really is! Really? Because it still tells me that I'm earning 100 for it :o Oh I see interesting~ That makes sense~ Yeah you have and it's really sweet! :moved

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 324,931 Jpops · 9 hours ago  

    Does it? Hmm as you can probably tell I don't pay too much attention to stats~ I just go with the Pokemon I like and make sure I have a good diversity of typing on my team :p
    Okay~ I've been really obsessing over that album lately~ It was totally worth the wait (Had to wait longer for it because something happened with the fan club that made it take longer >.<) But it really does! And every song is unique and has it's own flare to it and I love that! This is why I love exist†trace :moved: Exactly! And it's an insult to real fans if they call themselves fans~ You can't call yourself a fan and criticize more than half of their releases :angry: Exactly! People like that would probably whine and complain that people are being mean to them :p
    It is! That way me and Miko are guaranteed to be together :crazy: lol we'll be sure to thank you in our wedding speech ;)
    Oh really? Perfect! :D Oh that would be so awesome! Then you can cherish that post as the one that earned you your one millionth Jpop! :D I know right? It's really awesome not to have to go through the approval process :D Oh I see~ Eh? Why does he have that name? :o Exactly! You've already hit your jackpot with her ;)

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 324,931 Jpops · 11 hours ago  

    Yeah I figured it would be something like that~ That's true~ But Regirock is an actual legendary so it's kind of expected to have monster stats ne? :p
    Exactly! It works really well when slow songs and heavy songs are close to each other ~ I hate to bring up WORLD MAKER again but they do exactly that in the album and it's so good! I love that contrast :moved: It is! It sucks that people get so angry when a band tries something new! You can't expect them to grow as a band if they don't experiment >.< I will! They'll regret ever saying such bad things about them :naughty: Not to say people can't have their criticisms but they don't need to put them in such a mean way >.<
    Ooh that sounds like a perfect plan! I'm totally down for that! :D And when I come to we'll look into each others eyes and fall in love~ So perfect! :crazy: :moved:
    Damn :p Oh well~ I understand~ So you'll be a millionaire in a week then~ Just in time for Halloween :D Oh really? Let me guess there's gonna be some Wagakki Band in there ne? I bet~ Well luckily you'll probably never need to find out ;)

  • Posted by darksama · 718,230 Jpops · 12 hours ago  

    that's understandable, but well rules are rules. even tho to me, it made to be broken hehehe just kidding
    lol such a relief :D

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 324,931 Jpops · 20 hours ago  

    Yeah but that move wasn't introduced until gen 4 and Emerald is a gen 3 game so it couldn't possibly learn that in that game~ And I believe that was also before they started splitting moves types and all normal moves were considered physical~
    Exactly! And they never really abandoned their roots they just decided to throw in lighter songs with their heavier stuff and I totally agree! All of my bands have a large range of sounds and that makes them so much more interesting to listen to! And in my opinion exist†trace is one of the best bands for being able to achieve different sounds! So people who spit on that have something wrong with their ears >.< Yes I will! No one bad mouths my girl or my favorite band! >.<
    Oh really? What do you have planned?
    I bet! You should make sure your millionth Jpop is earned by posting on my wall just because ;) You should! That's a good way to show your love for an artist! Yeah it isn't~ Seems like it's a pretty swift way to get yourself killed!

  • Posted by MissAyumuChan VIP · 16,465 Jpops · 21 hours ago  

    Not much just watching a movie hehehehe and whats up with you onii-san?

  • Posted by MissAyumuChan VIP · 16,465 Jpops · 21 hours ago  


  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 12,632 Jpops · 21 hours ago  

    I read your comment below 😔
    Sorry but there will be others 😃

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 12,632 Jpops · 21 hours ago  

    Hi Love~ how are you today?

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 988,253 Jpops · 22 hours ago  

    Funny situation here, I added "MEMORIES 2 -Kahara All Time Covers-" first and she's created the same album seconds after mine and added the MV for the last track too. So what to do, eh? xD

  • Reply by weebllikespie VIP  

    Wait, Miki added it first. Dang it! xD

  • Posted by Zeina VIP · 4,690 Jpops · 1 day ago  

    Hahahahaha Yes. Yes I do. I watch him on TV. I mean I know it's all an illusion *does jazz hands*
    but his material is very inspired and I want to see that happen in front of me you know?

    I know of it from well, I don't remember, actually. Hahahaha once you turn doctor you can't turn back huh? That sucks, I wanna go in to Medicine *sigh*
    Well, I'm sure you'll do fine, honestly, the way you talk and your diction shows that you're not one to shy away or be intimidated easily. I hope you pass with flying colors and wish you the best of luck!

    Hahahahahahaha, nice. The right hand man, then. Taking advantage sounds a lot like trolling, *claps hands* I am both impressed and terrified that is a great technique you got there hahahahahaha
    But no seriously, you aren't unfair so I doubt people are afraid of you, just respect you a lot, I think.

    Yes, I noticed, actually. Well, I'm not the type to drink at all, so I suppose you'll be sophisticated and I'll read in the corner and scowl menacingly at anyone who annoys me (I like to think I scowl menacingly) Hahahahahaha
    Do you think you can scowl menacingly?

  • Posted by Lazuardiharuhi · 2,143 Jpops · 1 day ago  

    Haha tell me about it.. I only had around 3,5 hours to sleep and gotta wake up very early to refresh the materials I studied last night. And the results just came out which make me happy cuz my struggle really paid of! Lemme tell you my scores (lol): Maths 90; Biology 90; Chemistry 94; Physics 91,5; Indonesian 86; but I only got 82 for English :( Overall I'm happy about it of course :) Oh my! Good luck on your exams, Ron! I'm sure you'll be just fine O:)
    Hehehe you got me >.< Sorry about that.. Don't deactivate my account T_T

  • Reply by Lazuardiharuhi  

    Anyway, what happened to stefyap??? :o

  • Posted by M0rA · 8,285 Jpops · 1 day ago  

    I knooooow haha XDD
    The only reason I listen to dubstep whenever I hear it is probably cuz Im bored and I wanna go crazy...but yet it doesn't work since Rock music makes me go wild...
    Im not into parties at all but for Rock..I can make an exception LOL

  • Posted by darksama · 718,230 Jpops · 1 day ago  

    mhmmm ikr? maybe there's something that makes them afraid of u guys...
    lol good good.. :D

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 324,931 Jpops · 1 day ago  

    That's what I thought~ Mmm well I watched a play through of Pokemon Emerald (because I don't own the game myself) and the guy I was watching had a Slaking and he taught it hyper beam and it killed everything :undecided: But I don't claim to be an expert on Pokemon~
    Yeah they do! I hate seeing people dissing them like that! It's not fair! And they haven't forgotten their roots! If they gave the Spiral Daisakusen single a chance they would've found that Antique Doll is reminiscent of their TWIN GATE days (at least I find it is) and on their new album RAZE is a more hard rock song with Jyou's growling! And Miko's voice compliments Jyou's voice very nicely and gives them a way deeper sound~ Plus a band that stays the same is boring so it's their loss really~ Me and all the other Archangel Diamond members will defend them till the end! :D
    Ha ha okay~ But then what do I do if I do meet Miko? :o
    Oh right~ Your less than 15000 away! :o Ha ha you gotta keep occupied somehow :p Yeah that's true! And she'd kill anyone who did try to cling to you ne?

  • Posted by M0rA · 8,285 Jpops · 1 day ago  

    Hahaha XDD I dnt like all of it tho, maybe like 3 dubstep beats, but im more of a rocker ever since i was young XDD
    I say dubstep is mostly for parties, wild parties ^^
    A bit too wild lol, Im not into techno tho....its..weird XD

  • Posted by SprinterXkyrie VIP · 45,817 Jpops · 1 day ago   now online

    yay!!...thats right!!...Im enjoying more to watch them during LIVE than their MVs... they perform so classic, elegant and professionally.. :)

    BTW, do you also like FictionJunction??

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 324,931 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    Ha ha exactly~ Well I guess that's true~ Slaking does have really crazy stats maybe that's why they gave it the ability they did to nerf it a little bit otherwise it would be a god Pokemon :p Like seriously getting a hyper beam on one of those things then it's killer :o
    Yeah me too~ :p Right? It made me so mad seeing people saying that about her! I would punch them in the face if I could :angry2: I agree! And exist†trace has been getting a lot of comments like that recently! Bands change but some people don't seem to understand that >.< I'm sure she's fine~ I think she knows that she has a lot of good fans that support her and her band no matter what and she doesn't need to concern herself with people like that~ Exactly! I know you will :D
    Ha ha that's going to be your mission from now on? Ha ha and that'll be perfect!

  • Posted by nanobanana VIP · 3,170 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    Goodnight and talk later *waves*

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 12,632 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    Ok ok will sleep soon

  • Posted by nanobanana VIP · 3,170 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    *bows* I appreciate your concern.
    I'll take your advice and hold off on JPA tomorrow 'till my work is done.

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 12,632 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    I don't want to get on your bad side~ my knight may have a dagger hidden to use on his lady.

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 12,632 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    I am getting enough sleep; I slept before 8:30 yesterday.

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 12,632 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    Why are you being mean~~

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 12,632 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    I am in bed but not asleep~ grading papers and posting here~~ it's only 9:15pm here

  • Posted by nanobanana VIP · 3,170 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    You're right, sorry if I came across as blaming someone else...
    I know it's up to me and I'm honestly going to make it on time :)
    You are right though...I need to focus on assignments first, then friends...
    Whoa, big words @.@ Not sure what those are...

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 12,632 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    Ok now ~ good afternoon love 😜

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 12,632 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    Good afternoon love~~

  • Posted by nanobanana VIP · 3,170 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    So-so? Just "hanging in there"?
    Doesn't sound good...*worries*

  • Posted by nanobanana VIP · 3,170 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    I feel your pain atm with all these midterms -_-
    Each class wants to dump something, right? But they collaborate and it's all due friday D:
    Problem is, I've procrastinated so badly that now I have to pull an essay out of thin air amongst the craziness of tomorrow...
    So, what are you studying for?

  • Posted by nanobanana VIP · 3,170 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    Hello, how are you today? Still swamped with school?

  • Posted by darksama · 718,230 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    haha it's a good news eh? but it can't helped if there are some ppl that think that way.. >.<
    lol i bet u are...

  • Posted by SprinterXkyrie VIP · 45,817 Jpops · 2 days ago   now online

    haha!!...i totally agree with you, Keiko-chan was my ichiban...and I really like their personality especially Wakana...she's soo funny. Not to mention that Hikaru-chan sounds soooo good at LIVE...those 3 really were a set of great performers, great blending, harmony and synchronicity...kawaii looks was just a bonus..:)

  • Posted by SprinterXkyrie VIP · 45,817 Jpops · 2 days ago   now online

    OMG!..its hard to choose...xD
    Wakana for her great voice,
    Keiko for her charisma during LIVE performances,
    Hikaru for her attitude

    how about u??

  • Posted by SprinterXkyrie VIP · 45,817 Jpops · 2 days ago   now online

    well, that's nice to hear~! ;)
    enjoy your time... ^^

  • Posted by SprinterXkyrie VIP · 45,817 Jpops · 2 days ago   now online

    im gonna start watching new animes this season.. ^^
    how about u?

  • Posted by SprinterXkyrie VIP · 45,817 Jpops · 2 days ago   now online

    my pleasure to become friends to my fellow Jpop lovers.. :)

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 324,931 Jpops · 3 days ago  

    Ha ha yeah~ So you'll never get caught :o Oh I see~ So you have your reasons~ It's more than just wanting to be a legendary :p
    Yeah they can~ It's sometimes the best way to express yourself! They were! Some people said she sounded like nails on a chalkboard and someone should shut her up >.< I really did want to murder them for being so mean to her! They're lucky that I don't know where they live >.< I hope she's strong enough to let things like that roll off her back~ Ha ha okay I'll keep that in mind~ You may have to come here for that though :p
    Yeah they are! Ha ha I can tell :p Yeah and that will be perfect for you~

  • Posted by Zeina VIP · 4,690 Jpops · 3 days ago  

    Hahahahaha, yes it's pretty cool. I would like to see that guy in Vegas Chris Angel dude.
    I want to see if I can tell how does tricks (I doubt it though)

    I call it positive reinforcement, because sometimes we are ready for stuff but nerves get to us, so we just need a reminder of how awesome we are. Did you not get through years of this stuff with a high GPA? There's your answer. You can do this. Your welcome, though. Yeah I can see why that might seem creepy but maybe that's what they're playing at; trying to freak you out?

    Hahahahaha the official stance is the most important! Tinker hahahahaha
    Take your time, no need to rush anyhow.

    Yes, okay knock yourselves out!
    Actually I wouldn't mind the literally as long as you're not the designated driver right?

  • Posted by BeForUAAA88 · 171 Jpops · 3 days ago  

    Oh okay thank you
    ummm....may I ask how to get this "Miki's" uhmmm

  • Posted by BeForUAAA88 · 171 Jpops · 3 days ago  

    Can you please put up Goto Yukari's page
    I gave you her information in the request an artist forum and it'd make me really happy
    Thank you for your cooperation :)

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 12,632 Jpops · 3 days ago  

    Hello grumpa~~ 😋 lol

    I did go to sleep but an hour later which was 11:30.

    Don't study to hard for your exams. I know you will do absolutely wonderful!! Mia too.
    When is she going to join JPA? I would love to talk to her.

  • Posted by kanami1414 · 36,156 Jpops · 3 days ago  

    Hast du Twitter?

  • Posted by M0rA · 8,285 Jpops · 3 days ago  

    Hahaha I dnt mind dubstep but i dnt have any songs just dubstep XD
    LOL OMG same here XDD there gonna be like "Whats wrong with u??" LMAO XDD

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 324,931 Jpops · 3 days ago  

    Exactly~ It would be the perfect crime really~ No evidence whatsoever :crazy: Ha ha you just wanna be as OP as possible ne? :p Yeah that should help~ I find it's easier to get the gist of tweets when they're short one liners~ Yeah she did! People were brutal to her in the comments and I couldn't just stand by and let them say those horrible things about her! Maybe she does~ But I kind of hope she didn't read those comments because they would hurt her feelings :( Yeah she really is :p Ha ha I know that for sure~ But until then I have Miko :p
    Yeah that's definitely true~ Yeah~ And they will all know it! :D Exactly~ And no one will catch you!

  • Posted by Zeina VIP · 4,690 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    Hahahahaha, you know there are a million things you could do right? For example When life gives you lemons, make grape juice. Then sit back and watch the world try to figure out how you did it. Hahahahahaha that's so nice!!

    Which is basically nothing I could see you ace those things in no time
    *high-fives you*

    Hahahahaha But trolling is fun!
    No I'm sorry, I'll probably always be on, so if you wanna chat, drop by.
    Ignore me if you don't feel like it though I don't mind.

    Hahahahaha alright man, you seem all set, let loose and stuff (I'm bad at this *facepalms*)

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