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weebllikespie VIP CREW

Memento mori... that's how things should be

weebllikespie is a grandpa who signed up 3 years ago. He is member of the Millionaires Jpops Club with 1,197,270 Jpops

weebllikespie is part of the JpopAsia crew.

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  • Posted by M0rA · 10,301 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Heyyy long time!!! ^^ how are you?

  • Posted by xldaretolook · 46,447 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    NOOOOOOOOOOO Don't put poison in my cake!

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 2,561 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Hello Love~ studying hard I guess!!! Miss ya!!!

  • Posted by YukiAzamaki · 3,938 Jpops · 4 weeks ago  

    Okay, thank you anyway for your help and helpfull advice :)

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,197,270 Jpops · 4 weeks ago  

    My workload's over 9000 atm so I'll postpone the replies indefinitely until further notice. If it's urgent, hit me a PM and I'll get to it ASAP.

  • Posted by YukiAzamaki · 3,938 Jpops · 4 weeks ago  

    Hello, since you are the only crew member i could think, i thought that you were abke to help me.
    I went through the already created forums i must had missed that there was already a forum topic on "Hows the weather", so i thought it hadnt been created and made my own. And i would like to ask if you could lock my topic on "hows the weather" at the socialize forums.
    Sorry for the inconvenient.

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 2,561 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    Have s good afternoon 😊

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 2,561 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    How's Mia? Busy too I bet. Say "hi"

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 2,561 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    How's Mia? Busy too I bet. Say "hi"

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 2,561 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    My knee ~ it depends if I'm standing straight on it for a long period of time. By 8:00pm it does ache but when I wake up it's not so bad anymore. And of course, when it's rainy weather I feel it about 12-24 hours before.

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 2,561 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    If I don't do summer school I will be working on remodeling my home again since it's not finished yet from last summer. I would rather have my hubby do more to it than me this summer.

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 2,561 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    You will survive. You are great and will pass with A's easily.

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 2,561 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    I am debating on whether to do summer school or not. I have a month to decide.

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 2,561 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    I'm sorry you are so over-worked
    Some advice I got from a future doctor ~ get lots of sleep😴 lol😆

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 2,561 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    So you will be on break about the same time summer vacation starts here

  • Posted by poohbear03 · 3,464 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    Sh had two or three, they are all black/white

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 2,561 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    Hi Love!!!
    I'm good, busy also with work, reports, and family.
    When's you next break?
    Don't overwork yourself...

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 492,692 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    Yeah that's true~ I guess people have just been conditioned to strive to obtain any kind of currency whether it's real or not and some people want to cheat for it >.< Ah I see~ So basically you're more looking to punish the people who are adding incorrect lyrics for quick Jpops~ Well at least that's some kind of special :p I think I can prove myself! When I have the time to do so I've been getting so many hours at work lately that I haven't had as much time for JPA lately >.< Actually I don't think I requested that pic~ I think that was someone else who did :undecided: Either way it was a good choice on their part ;)
    I bet! I would actually love to play drums but I have trouble keeping a beat going for long periods of time >.< Yeah I bet it is that's still like 2.3 beats a second~ lol I remember that word from my elementary school music classes~ (My music classes went super in depth for elementary school) Yeah I guess so~ But in return you get a pretty cool sound out of it~ Yeah I do~ I technically have all the time that I'm off work to practice :p No you can't! Every instrument has precise techniques that you need to master in order to be considered good at it~ lol no that's why they're dreams and not reality :p Yeah they do~ I'm usually more lenient when it comes to VK voices and I tend to like most of the unique voices but there are some that I've found just awful >.< Ha ha that's true! Unless you're 9Goats Black Out~ They had a lot of chill slow songs~ Right? Whenever I see him I'm like "You're adorable! Why couldn't you have been born a woman!?" >.< I know right? And it's crazy that he pulls both off so well~ That's not something you see often~ Ha ha I didn't think you were :p Yeah and ain't nobody got time for that! Right? For once Miko isn't the reason for me to get distracted and miss something XD I honestly have no idea! Whenever I think she's hit the pinnacle of how beautiful or cute she can be she comes out with a new look or selfie that just tops it and I'm just like "HOW!? Y U DO THIS MIKO!?" >.< It's true! Some of the punishments they came up with were brutal! Like the guy how got chained up and everyday he has an eagle come and rip out his heart >.< Well heaven does sound tempting :undecided: lol you'll see me and satan will be bffs! Especially if he's like Satan from Little Nicky (I watched that movie last night :p)

  • Posted by auroracristate · 7,903 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    Ohhh wow ;^; Well actually I'd really like to buy the GazettE's house on Vortex street which is on sale at the moment for like 15000 Jpops, but I'm waiting to gain more Jpops to eventually give you ;^;

    Haha oh yes, absolutely, it's a cool thing to get paid in Jpops x3
    Awww wow, I feel so honored~ You're really so kind, I don't know what to say ;^; Is it really okay to 'profit' of your kindness? ;;
    Oh really? So it was easier to earn jpops back then? And then it got harder because there were many people spamming for Jpops? :o
    Oh wow that'd be so kind ;^^^;

    Oh I see, that's so cool, I hope to see new interviews in the future ;^;

    Oh haha I didn't know there was a 18+ chat room, actually I still have never used it xD

    Ohhh that sound so cool ;; Now I'm really wishing for it to go back as it used to be xD
    Who knows, maybe one day it'll go back to how it was before (?)-

    Haha yeah, I can understand them, I'm pretty lazy as well xD Ohhh yes, I think my parents told me about them! There are so many things to visit, and if I'm not wrong there should be that special air-underground or something in Sydney right? ;; (?)
    Oh well I'd like to go in the near future, we'll see what I can do ;^;
    Same for you if you're considering coming to Italy xD
    Oh that's cool, I'm glad there are at least some, they seems so precious, I think I haven't met any until now but I'd love to xD

    Okay so I'll recommend you my favourite band actually, then if you like it I can recommend you more bands, or even if you don't xD
    The songs I'm about to tell you about are either from the first CD or the 2nd, because after those the line completely changed and the band became so different, still good, but it's completely another band, though with the same name xD
    So as you can see, my favorite band is actually the former line band of Escape the Fate~
    I'd recommend you all, cause they were absolutely awesome, but some of the songs I love the most are The Day I Left the Womb (which was the first song I listened to), Situations, Friends and Alibis, The Webs We Weave, My Apocalypse, Cellar Door, Reverse This Curse, Not Good Enough For Truth In Clichè~
    Actually I've almost told you all of the songs, but I can't help it, I'd talk about them forever ;;
    Though I pretty much left out the songs where they scream the most xD
    Let me know~
    And yes, absolutely,, recommend me some ^^

    Haha I know, but actually when school finishes we have 3 whole months of holidays here in Italy xD
    Yeah I hope to be able to play some one day, I'd really have to work hard c.c

    Oh wow those are great songs! ;^;
    Do you have a YouTube channel or something? ^^
    Haha I feel you, but hey, you can play the drums and the piano very well, that's awesome ;^;

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 492,692 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    Ha ha yeah that would be a lot better! A world without spammers would be nice :p Yeah it really isn't! It should be a bit more~ Depending if it was intentional or not :undecided: Are you saying I'm not special? :p lol well as long as it's a good enough quality I'm happy~ I'm just happy that exist†trace's picture is one where Miko is front and center ;)
    Yeah I bet~ I see so as long as it has a good beat it's fun for you ne? Oh I see~ Yeah I guess it is with fast rock songs~ Ah 140 bpm doesn't sound nearly as high though :p Oh I see so that's you meant by syncropation it does sound like it would be somewhat difficult to get the hang of something like that~ Yeah that's exactly what I thought when he told me~ I have lots of time in the future to learn how to do slap bass~ I should focus on the basics first since they're most important~ Yeah that's why dreams exist ;) Oh I see~ They aren't very popular~ But I still think they're cool~ Yeah his voice is something else entirely :o Yeah I guess you're right~ Nagoya Kei is full of really good screamers :p Ha ha you think so? I don't think they're the most feminine band out there but they're definitely up there! And Hiyori would make a super cute girl! But he can also really look manly when he tries it's crazy :o Ah yes it is~ You should get on that :p Yes he is! Yeah which is probably why that's an impossible goal especially with how difficult it can be to earn Jpops at times~ lol exactly! Surprisingly not this time! I'm just stupid XD lol well considering how she continues to one up herself that's kind of true :p Nah I guess that's true~ They didn't make mount Olympus a democracy after all~ I guess that's a good point~ And of course a heavenly light would be useful in hell~ >.< Well they don't have my friendship starting skills :p

  • Posted by JrockIsForever · 1,665 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    How many years is your primary school? Well, the good thing is that you got through it. That is 100% true. I'm learning things much different from middle school. Kind of like math, for me at least xD. I guess I should start looking for some then, even though I still have a few years. It's better to start early. It really is stupid. I'm going to have a problem since I'm going to South Korea, and their semester starts in March I think. It seems Australia is the only country with a normal system. I don't want to wait a long time to go, but I don't know how things work if I enroll for the next semester, since I'll be behind. I get it. My sister is only on her second semester of her first year, and she had to go to urgent care yesterday because she was feeling unwell from stress. That's true. Competing against others defeats the real purpose.

    Alright :D Hehe, of course

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 2,561 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    Three years here already ... Wow... It seems like yesterday 😜😘

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 2,561 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    Hello Ron~ it's been awhile... How are things with you?

  • Posted by JrockIsForever · 1,665 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    True, but they should do a better job at preparing us for high school. High school was not what I expected, and you get to use calculators. Like what is this middle school math teacher mentality that you can't use calculators. They were made for a reason, and they don't make us any more stupid (Done with my mini calculator rant). Ohh, I see. That really sucks then, I wouldn't want to waste my time taking a class that won't benefit me. Haha yeah...I'm hoping to get a job soon, and hopefully there will be some scholarships out there for me. Mmm, that makes more sense. Our second semester starts in January, but it would make more sense if the first semester did. It gets confusing going into another year, especially when you have to date your papers and you end up writing "4/3/14, instead of 4/3/15". Well as long as you've been doing well so far. Just make sure to not stress yourself too much. I wouldn't consider it immature, as long as you don't go about making others feel like they are less. It's good to have goals and to want to achieve them.

    Yay!! I can't wait to see 'em :) Don't forget you still owe me the baby pic :p

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,197,270 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    Oh man... it's been exactly 3 years since I first created this account. It certainly didn't feel like 3 years. Holy craaappppp...

    All I can wonder now is how much longer I'll still be here. 5 years? 10? Until I die? I really don't know!

  • Reply by JrockIsForever  

    Well your account is already prepared since you have it set as "grandpa"

  • Reply by weebllikespie VIP  

    I actually started as a 'boy' when I first created this acc. I changed it to 'grandpa' as a joke. :p

  • Reply by JrockIsForever  

    Haha, I figured :)

  • Posted by auroracristate · 7,903 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    Hmm I see, I'll think about it and decide ^^ Each of those seems very appealing and cool, but yeah, I have to decide about what to spend my first jpops on xD But I think I'll wait until I reach some little more jpops to buy stuff ;;

    Ohhh wow, that's so cool, I didn't know that the crew received a salary! ;^;
    Awww woah, you're so kind, I kinda feel honored >//<
    Of course I'd really appreciate them, but I mean, why would you give me jpops for free ;;;; I'd feel in debt---

    Wow that's amazing, I'm learning lots of new things about this place thanks to you! c:
    How does the news team decide about who to interview? ;^;

    Hahaha I feel you, it must have been very creepy c.c

    Oh I see, well it'd have been great to have those old functions as they seemed to be very great as you said, but oh well ;;
    Yeah of course your friends wanted you back! c:

    Well I'd really love to see the city, my parents have been there when I wasn't even born and they're in love with it, also I'd like to see the wonderful Ocean and the Great Barrier Reef and all the cute animals like koalas and kangaroos ;^;
    Oh yes, it'd be very great to have you as tour guide xD
    Hahaha oh really? Well actually when I signed up I was hoping to meet some Japanese people too but I don't think I've met any yet ._.

    Haha I see, but well there are many songs where they scream a looot, but there also songs where they don't scream ;; I can suggest you some of my favorite if you'd like ^^
    Oh haha I see, well that must be good too, I'm not really into it, not because I don't like it, I mean I don't know, cause I never really listened to it much cx

    Yeaaah I can't wait for holidays to come so I'll finally have some time to relax and do stuff I want to do-
    Yup it'b really good to be able to play it, but it's not that easy, at least not for me, we'll see ;;
    Oh well, let's say about each? ;; You can play the guitar too? :o

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,197,270 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    For some reason it made perfect sense that a song with parts in Latin should be used in some RPG final boss theme... aside from the fact that it's borderline symphonic death metal also :undecided:

  • Posted by JrockIsForever · 1,665 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    Even in middle my old school we only had things like arts, business, and phys.ed. Ahh I see, so wouldn't you forget a lot of it by then? Haha if you consider out of the country far. Ohhhhh, I knew that... I guess the school system is a bit different there. Wow, congrats, then ^.^ I'm sure you'll do great! True. Especially if you are like me and you don't like to disappoint people.

    Can I see some? :D

  • Posted by auroracristate · 7,903 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    Hmm yeah, it seems so cool :D
    As I'm new to all of this, which one would you suggest to spend my jpops on first? Houses, shares or true fans? ;;

    Ohh wow haha, that's like, a lot of jpops :o And how would I give them back to you? :o
    And wouldn't that be like cheating? ;;

    Hmmm I see, okay, this is a stupid question, but still, are there any groups who are really in control of their page? :o
    And I have another question ;; How does JPA interviews bands? :o

    Haha don't worry xD Hahaha oh, I can bet it creeped you out xD
    Ohh wow, it'd be so awesome if we could still do it ;; Why isn't it possible to do such things anymore? xc

    Haha that's cool, I'd love to go to Australia one day ^^ Oh yeah, it has its own advantages and disadvantages c.c

    Yeah it's just not for me, too aggressive.. Hmmm well, that sounds better, but I'd say more post-harcore loud xD
    Hahaha well actually it happens to me too you know, but that's not a weakness, it's a good thing I guess xD

    Ohh that's a lot of time uvu
    Hahaha hmmm it'd be my dream, but yeah, I'm not that good c.c I wished I head more time to practice xc
    Well there are sooo many songs I'd like to learn, even though they're mostly too difficult for me haha xD But one song I've been wanting to play for a long time and still haven't (because I don't have time and I don't really know how to do it-) is Filth in the Beauty by the GazettE! I love the song, but the guitar part is just amazing ;^;
    What about you? c:

    Aww you're welcome ^u^

  • Posted by JrockIsForever · 1,665 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    That seems like a waste of a class? I think we have forensics as one of our special sciences. I think so, since they are meant to help you figure out a career path so you an get an idea of the type of university or college you will go to. I plan on going to an arts university for film. Yeah, I guess. This year has gone by pretty fast, I mean we only have around 4-5 weeks left. Are you finishing your second year? Same..but I tend to get held up to standards since I do well in school, but it's nothing extreme.

    Awe, that sucks. It rained a bit here. That's great, then ^.^ Take some pictures for me

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 492,692 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    Yeah I think so too~ Which is definitely a good thing! Oh I see~ So your max is like 100 then? At least it's something :undecided: Ha ha well I can be very impressive XD Oh so things only a trained person would notice? Honestly I think as long as the band members don't look blurry or pixelated it should be good enough for the profiles :p
    Oh I see~ So it's right in the middle? Just enough of a challenge to be fun ne? ;) Yeah I bet! I think you mentioned that to me at one point! That's insane! I wonder if he can still keep those speeds at his age now :undecided: I know right? And it really doesn't sound that fast when you listen to it! Maybe because your focus isn't really on the drums in that song :undecided: Oh wow that's really fast! What part is that at? :o Like I wonder how one can even keep speeds like that going :o Ha ha and I bet you don't mind that at all ;) Oh I see~ And that's the speed you feel comfortable at ne? That's good! Yeah that makes sense! I guess you kind of had to look for patterns even when there weren't really patterns to get it down ne? Yeah it is! My teacher said to master it I'd have to put in like 6-8 hour days for three weeks to get it down~ So I'm going to save that for when I got the basics down~ But it's definitely something I'm gonna learn! I want to be as diverse of a bass player as I can be! :D Ha ha that would be nice! I'd love to be in a band that makes it big! Even though I know the chances of that are slim >.< Yeah they definitely do! Maybe that's part of Hazuki being their first vocalist so they wanted to keep their sound consistent :undecided: But that type of vocals fits the genre very well! Another Nagoya Kei vocalist that I really like that probably a lot of people don't is Nigu from Cocklobin~ He has a really cool sounding voice that is probably an acquired taste~ But his screaming is among the best :moved: Ha ha I can tell! I like bands with traditional influences as well~ That's why I have no problem going and listening to bands like Wagakki Band, Kiryu, and Kagrra, every now and then :D Ha ha I see~ Plus you have all your other crewly duties to attend to XD I know~ And he has things at the rate they're at for a reason I'm sure~ Exactly! You could literally do whatever you want with that many Jpops and it would be like pennies to you :o Ha ha well there's no rule saying you can't do that :p Well to be fair I'm not always the most observant person :p No I didn't! I literally had no reason to ask that question yet I did anyways like a dumbass :p Exactly! And it still won't feel like enough :crazy: Yeah he doesn't seem like the type to get into politics :o lol I don't need the pitchfork to do magic stabbing should do just fine~ And I'll be sure to befriend Satan so he'll let me borrow it ;)

  • Posted by auroracristate · 7,903 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    Ohhh , okay I see, I mean, it'd have been to difficult to afford them otherwise xD
    500 jpops it's not that much, even I can afford that! But I just don't know where to start buying houses, there are so many ;^;
    Awww so kind ;;;; You'd really lend some of your jpops? ;;

    Okay I see! But the shares are actually sold by people right? c.c

    Aww you're really making me regret having lost such times ;-;
    Oh why not in a good way? xD
    And I know you said you can't describe it with words, but what does JPA lack now? :o
    Yes, I'm from Italy and you're from Australia right? ;;

    No well not that loud, I don't like death metal haha xD But pretty loud :D
    Yeah haha I get distracted sometimes because I start singing or headbanging or air-guitar riffing yeah, but most of the times I manage to find concentration xD

    Haha oh well, that'd be pretty creepy xD

    Oh that's nice, how long have you been playing them for? c:
    I can play the guitar/electric guitar, but unluckily I haven't had much time to exercise lately, but I can't wait for holidays to come so I'll finally be able to learn something new and to get better at it xD

    I looked at it and it seems very cool, and yeah it kinda looks more sophisticated :D

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,197,270 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    HIIIIYYAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! What I totally want to do right now! :moved:

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 492,692 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    Yeah~ And scaring people away is probably the last thing you'd want as a mod! :o Ha ha I see~ But is there a limit to how much you can deduct from someone? Ha ha maybe! I'll try it and see how that goes! XD lol seriously!? Like what kind of things does he notice that we don't? The dude must have superhuman eyes :o
    Oh I see~ That sounds like fun! Are they easy or hard to learn? Wow 800 bpm is insane! I didn't even think getting that high was possible! Though now that I'm learning bass I'm coming to understand more about how bpm actually works~ Like for example me and my bass teacher figured out that Shadow VI II I by the GazettE is 282 bpm or something like that I never would've guessed it was that fast :o Ah I see~ Do you remember how many bpms it is? It must've given you a good workout though! You could skip some gym days because of that ;) :p Yeah that's true~ Which is why I'd never be able to play drums~ I can tap a beat but I can't keep it going for a long period of time >.< Oh I see~ So did you give up on learning that song on piano then? Thanks! After listening to their songs more I've noticed how cool their bass lines are :moved: And meN-meN is really good at slap bass so I'll have to work on that before covering their songs :o Ha ha maybe I will once I become good enough and want to show off to the internet XD Yeah now that I think about it he kind of did! All the other Nagoya Kei bands I can think of have a similar thing going on with their voices~ They don't sound exactly like Hazuki but you can tell their doing a similar technique which is kind of cool :D lol you can't not listen to them! They're too good to ignore! Yeah and adding that many lyrics isn't as easy as it sounds! :o There's quite a bit of competition in the lyrics scene >.< Ha ha that's true! And that'll delay my inevitable entry into the maganats list :p Probably! But what would one do with a billion Jpops? You could probably be on the top of every true fan list with that! :p Exactly! And really you don't have to watch the video because if it already has a rating you can just rate it whatever other people rated it :p Oh well now you tell me! I've missed out on so many Jpops! T_T Ah that's what I thought! I don't know why I even asked :p That's true~ That's the thing with the English language~ You can use as many adjectives as you want in the same sentence to describe something :p lol Who said they'd be bad things? ;) Yeah I guess you will! You'll have to let me know how they do it granted you make it through ;) Yeah I bet he would be! But he probably doesn't have aspirations like that~ I bet! So there were rule changes because of that? lol true but what's he gonna do about it without his magic pitchfork? XD

  • Posted by JYChii · 3,346 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    Hello again? How to add a Houses? Please add Secret night and Point of view to DIV. :)

  • Posted by JrockIsForever · 1,665 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    What type of electives did you have? Some of our electives are fillers, and some are career tech ones. I'm taking film and healthcare this semester. Hopefully...But I guess it is just a temporary burden, so there's no need to give up now. Yeah..I think it's because they feel like if something isn't completely perfect, then it's completely wrong.

    Has it been rainy over there lately?

  • Posted by poohbear03 · 3,464 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    My cat just had her Kittens :) I haven't seen them yet, apparently she liked underneath my bed and had them there so it's hard to see them...I'm not sure what they ill be named yet.

  • Posted by Asia1 VIP · 196,564 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    This pic made me want and watch an episode of Simpsons. xD

    There, there Ron. <.< It's a topic I wanted to ask girls of, and thus it is in the Girls forum. :p There isn't anything super spectacular though but you look as if you're ready to make a girl account here just to see the topic. :crazy: Maybe this is your plan.

  • Posted by auroracristate · 7,903 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    Oh so it's like a whole house agency (?)
    Wow, so many Jpops ;;
    Okay, I got it, I'll think about buying houses when I'll have more Jpops! ;^;

    Ohh okay but, sorry about my several questions, what are practically the shares? Like the houses are like real houses on the street of each song of a certain band, but what about the shares? ;;

    Haha well yeah, I should have c.c Unluckily I can't go back in time though xD
    No don't worry, that's cute, so it seems like it was fun? ^_^
    Well I don't know how it works, but if it's something fun why not? c:

    Yeah that's true, but actually most of the time I manage to study while listening to very loud music, I don't even know how though xD
    It just helps me isolate myself from the surroundings you know ;;

    Oh haha I see, well yeah, maybe double personality would have been too much xD
    That's cool, you really have different likings!

    So you can play both the piano and the drums? ^^

    I'll look at it again when you update it then! c:
    Yeah haha unluckily there are not so many ;;

  • Posted by JYChii · 3,346 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    How many jpop will I get if I request an artist?

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,197,270 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    I'll demand for this song to be played should I be at a uni ballroom event x3

  • Posted by JrockIsForever · 1,665 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    Exactly. We have electives, so those specialize in a certain area, but they still aren't focused on as much as the core classes. I'm only almost done with my freshman year, and I have no idea how I'm going to last three more years. I'm glad someone agrees..parents and older generations wonder why so many kids are depressed, yet they don't realize that one of the main causes is school.

    That's good then.
    Oh, fun ^.^ I hope you have a great time!

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 492,692 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    Ha ha yeah that's definitely true! Well that's good~ At least you aren't serious all the time :p Yeah but that's totally fair~ Jpops are easy enough to earn that you shouldn't have to cheat for them~ I know~ I still do anyways most of the time~ Maybe but a lot of the pictures in that forum look good enough I guess he's super picky :undecided: Oh really? Like which ones? Probably~ That's the only way that makes sense~ Unless he's some sort of super human :p Oh really? And that's not even their fastest song :o It's hard to get your speed up on drums ne? Yeah they do! And with Naked Love I'm learning a few more techniques which is awesome :D I want to learn GINGER and a bunch of other exist†trace songs, Ugly Duck's Will and Raison D'etre by Nightmare, Gloster Image by vistlip, and I want to learn some Codomo Dragon songs as well because they have some pretty cool bass lines :moved: Yeah same~ He has a super unique voice which is what I love about him :D Same! lynch.'s music is super addictive and you always have those random urges to listen to them :o It's true~ There are so many guitar solos I'd want to learn on guitar if I could play~ Yeah and nowadays it's a lot harder to earn them~ And getting to 6 digits is even harder! :o Yeah that's why there's only 3 people with over a million Jpops and they're all crew members :p I don't think we'll ever see anyone hit 8 digits considering how long it takes to earn a million~ But you never know I suppose :undecided: Me too! It's super easy :moved: Really? Because I've replaced so many videos and got nothing for it >.< lol yeah that would be pretty funny~ Really? Then what happens if a crew member breaks a bunch of rules and needs to be banned? :o lol just enough of a difference to justify using all three of them? :p Ha ha I can tell~ Yeah I feel like I have~ There's lots that I haven't shared on here :p I bet! I wonder how they survive it! I know I certainly couldn't handle a workload like that >.< No~ But maybe he'd create some sort of utopia~ Really? Did you all need to reply to it? Welp looks like I'll need to steal Satan's pitchfork XD

  • Posted by auroracristate · 7,903 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    That sounds so cool, so one buys a house in the street of the song they like the most right? And the most famous song must have more expensive houses I guess! (?)

    Hmm so shares are about bands too? Like one buys a share of their favourite group? ;-;

    Oh I see, I got it, yeah, I haven't had the opportunity to use JPA chats yet xD

    That's interesting, I'm not really into classical music but I listen to it sometimes because it calms me and it's relaxing ;;
    Oh haha I guess everyone has a double personality (?), that's cool though c:
    Oh yes, I wish so too! I can't stand listening to the songs on the radio, they're just so commercial, and the thing is that most people are sadly into that kind of music c.c

    I see, still, you've got many interesting things on it! ;^;
    Aww thank you! I guess we have lots of bands in common! ^_^

    Aww so kind, thank you again! cvc

  • Posted by JrockIsForever · 1,665 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    Exactly...I plan on going to an arts university and majoring in film, so I don't see why I need to know more than just basic math. Very true, I guess it does pay off then. School is practically shoved down our throats, which ends up causing people who may not be the best school wise to think they are no good, when in fact they may be brilliant at something other than math, science, history, or literature.

    Ah, so I guess I'm not alone then ^.^
    Awe, that sucks :( Will you have any time to yourself to do stuff?

  • Posted by JrockIsForever · 1,665 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    Very true. I don't understand why I'm being forced to learn useless information, though. I'd rather not argue with my teachers, I don't really care enough. But it does take some guts to argue with them.
    Nah, just chillin at home. I went to a friend's house today, and I'm trying to get one of my older friends to take me with him to H-Mart on Sunday. But other than that, no plans.
    Do you have any breaks?

  • Posted by auroracristate · 7,903 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    Hmm okay so the houses are like something you can buy or sell using Jpops and there are different houses for different bands right?
    Like there's a house for each group? ;;
    Oh I'm not so sure about what are the shares-
    I thought it was when you share something on your profile but now I think I got it wrong ;~;

    You can request songs that are not on the site? ;;

    Oh thank you, I got it! c: But there are actually so many videos already ;^;

    That's nice! c: It's always good to listen to more genres and yeah, I can't stand what's on the radio either c.c
    And I gave a look at your bands list and I have to say you listen to many awesome bands (Japanese and not) and you also like very cool stuff! ;^;

    Oh don't be, thank you for explaining me, it was very kind of you ^_^

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