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Two words: The shortest sentence you could possibly make

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  • Posted by Tailgunner · 582 Jpops · 18 hours ago  

    Yeah :) It's just some art work, so I enjoy it, but work is work :p

    Awesome :D What did you guys play? We used to play board games on Fridays but these days my family are boring :p

    I've been helping my mom and aunt with their new business, I'm making logos for them and stuff :)

  • Posted by SaberRider · 1,428 Jpops · 19 hours ago  

    I've actually seen some of AttackingTucans'/Tyler Sederwell's LPs. His off-color jokes are through the roof... he even built a stripclub in Minecraft :p He sounded really high in that video too X'D

    You know... if people are smart enough to realize that if something like that worked, 30 foot giants would be roaming all over the place by now :p

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 1 day ago  

    Don't worry, I understand what you meant now... I won't go into too much detail, but I was woken up by some frightening words today, and now, my life has to change, somewhat. I think I'm pretty good at adapting to situations, but I don't like change too much. I'd rather not live under the circumstances I have to now, but like you said, there's always the unexpected to account for :p and before you ask, nobody died, so don't worry too much :p and you're right, it's always best to know about potential risks. He who knows nothing doubts nothing, and he who doubts nothing fears nothing, and he who fears nothing is the first to be struck down.
    You always struck me as a very tolerant person, so I guess I didn't really expect you in particular to say that introversion is a bad thing... but I've had so many people say that to me, so I guess that, in a strange sort of way, it actually caught me off-guard when you didn't say anything :/ and I love Beavis And Butthead so much XD but it's been about three years since I've seen it... they need to bring that show back!
    I just looked up haemetemesis, and it sounds horrifying :/ I feel bad for you for having to witness something like that...
    Maybe it was four litres... I don't remember :p and I never actually knew that. I thought that the first thing you'd give a castaway would be lots and lots of water :p
    20kg of chocolate in a short time span... I could probably do that XD I ate a box of 200 Tic-Tacs in one go a few months ago... but I regret that. One of my teeth kinda rotted as a result, and it chipped away :/ I really need to stop eating Tic-Tacs in one go... but I find them so addictive! It's no wonder they come in pill form :/ but you know what? In relation to what you said about torture chambers, if I had someone chained up in a torture chamber, I wouldn't be feeding them chocolate. I'd be making them eat nasty bugs.
    I think I'm pretty good at physical self-defence (not that I'm professionally trained, or anything), but not mental self-defence. I would probably feel my stomach turn if a creepy old man asked me if I liked beverages XD
    Ugh, I've heard so many people tell me that all parents are like that -_- this is one of the many reasons why I do not want children. I don't want to turn into a condescending mother hen... not that all parents are like that, though :p
    I'm actually kind of egoistic at times... I don't do anything for others if I don't feel like I have to :p I can display signs of altruism at times, but only if I want to. I help people because I want to... so I guess you could say that my altruistic acts are fuelled by my egoism :p so you're right, I don't go out of my way to please others at all... but if I do try to do something for someone, I usually worry about whether or not I actually helped... but again, you're absolutely right. I should just try to stop thinking like that and know that I tried my best. Thank you ^_^
    I really do look like her :3 I kinda act like her as well, sometimes XD

  • Posted by Tailgunner · 582 Jpops · 1 day ago  

    I'm great :D No better feeling than completing all your work for the day and knowing you can just do whatever you want XD :3

    What have you been up to recently? :)

  • Posted by honey316 · 41,200 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    Yup, And also they don't kill each other just for gaining power >.< They kill each other just when they are hungry and that's by instinct (_ _)

    Euuuuum :undecided: So I should use subconscious?! But unconsciously is right too :undecided: : "Not deliberate or controlled" :undecided:

    Really?!?! :D :crazy: It's really great to think that you're great :crazy:

    No, I don't have any T-T I like to have one but i don't >.< There're some part-time jobs but I haven't had a job before, so it's hard for me to go for them or to go and search for some other jobs. Beside this, I like to be free on summer :crazy: :moved:

    Ohhh i didn't mean to boggle your mind :crazy: :D I like to use this paradoxical phrases :crazy: even in my own language I use it :crazy: It's like making sth big looks small, for example: "It's a little too much" :crazy: (Hope it's not too weird :crazy: )

    Ahhhha.. So everyone is like that :crazy: But it really helps the family to speak language of the country that they're living in. they'll learn it so quickly, but we usually don't do it cause it's So hard :D :D

    Yup yup <3 Traveling to any country with your favorite season :crazy: I really like to travel the world, It's so excitiiiiiiing <3

  • Posted by Tailgunner · 582 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    Hey :3 How are you?

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 3 days ago  

    Doesn't that apply to pretty much everything, though? Isn't there always the unexpected to account for? Call me flippant, but I don't think I have anything to fear when it comes to my ambitions :p yes, I have things to consider, but I don't think that the risks I have to take in Japan would be any different to the ones I have to take here in England. Don't get me wrong, I understand that there can be risks... for example, if you want to be a doctor, there will be many risks and lots of pressure (sorry if it sounds like I'm demotivating you :/ I'm just trying to be realistic, I guess), but I don't think that applies to everyone in every situation.
    I'm so glad you didn't say something like "But isn't that unhealthy?". You have no idea how many people think it's bad that I'm an introvert... they instantly assume that I'm severely depressed or something like that, even though I'm not -_- so I'm glad you didn't say anything like that! That really rustles my jimmies -_- and I don't think I have the energy to be an extrovert. Besides, all my stuff's at my house, so I'd rather just stay at home :3
    I love to be snarky, but I get startled easily :/ I don't have many direct phobias, but if someone I knew was gonna pull their trousers down in front of me, I'd be too way, WAY creeped out to stay and make a snarky comment!
    Don't worry about it, that was a long time ago... of course, I still remember what it was like to see the corpse, and it'll always be with me, but it doesn't really traumatise me anymore.
    Thanks ^_^ if I'm not mistaken, the lethal dose of water is six litres... I heard it gives you something called water intoxication :/ sounds ghastly.
    I'm not sure how I want to die... maybe death by chocolate when I'm really old... well, that's not really a serious answer, but I think I'm a little too young to start planning out my death :/
    I think I'd just be creeped out if someone said that to me... amused, but thoroughly creeped out :/ something tells me you're a lot more relaxed than I am. You don't seem to get creeped out by quite as many things as I do :p
    I hate it when people condescend to people for being young -_- I get the impression that my mum does that to me a lot... but I can always tell when she's doing it, so she's the one who ends up looking stupid. She's not stupid, and neither am I, but I think sometimes, she treats me like I am -_- I don't know whether or not it's intentional, but it still hurts :/ and yeah, "babyface" sounds so patronising! I would hate to be called that too -_-
    Thank you ^_^ and I'm not hoping to please everyone, nor am I trying to, because I've always known that's impossible... but sometimes, I feel like I'm letting more people down than I am making happy, which makes me feel bad :/ to be honest, I'm not trying to please anyone in particular, but I'd be disappointed if I found out that I was generally disliked. I'm not very confident, so I guess I'll never think particularly highly of myself, anyways... but how do I know if it's them being judgemental or me being bad?
    Maybe you really are his clone o.O and I don't think I've ever been told I resemble anyone... well, anyone other than Margo from Despicable Me, that is XD before I dyed my hair black, it was brown, and I wear glasses, so I looked pretty much exactly like her XD
    I can't even remember what TV show she was on... I didn't actually watch it, I just saw her on an advert, so unfortunately, I can't find you a link :/ sorry 'bout that!

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 3 days ago  

    You're welcome ^_^ I always like to be a motivator, so I'm happy to give you confidence. And when I say "playing it safe", I don't mean sticking to something boring and menial. I just meant doing whatever would be considered best :p I can't say that I want to have a life filled with mundanity, because you know how ambitious I am. For example, if I had to choose between either staying in England and living the life people expect me to lead or going to Japan, I would obviously choose the latter. The former could be considered the safest option for most people, but to me, going to Japan would be safer because I know that it would make me happier :p I don't actually expect there to be many risks involved in a long-term ambition like that, because almost one-hundred percent of the time, people have planned out these ambitions, so they're more aware (or, at least, expectant) of what the outcome(s) may be.
    I don't think I've ever been grounded in my entire life... but I'm an introvert, so that wouldn't work out anyways XD I don't have to be told to sit in my bedroom all day! That is my passion.
    I think I'd just avert my eyes and shriek in horror if one of my friends ever attempted to pee in front of me... that is, if I didn't run away by the time they'd pulled their trousers down :/ and I have seen a corpse before, but I looked away as soon as I saw it. I knew I was going to see it, and I thought I'd be OK, but it was actually slightly traumatic :/
    All I can do is wish those people luck in getting the help they need... and I know that video games aren't bad; it's the addiction and the lack of control that's bad. It's just like my brother said to me; everything is poisonous, it just depends on the dose.
    Hey, chillax ^_^ you know I was only being half-serious when I said I wanted to see people exploding upon death, right? And besides, logically speaking, I wouldn't find that funny, anyways :p see, if everyone died like that, we'd all be used to it, ergo it would be normal, ergo it would not be funny.
    Haha, that's brilliant XD speaking of breaking into people's houses and talking to NPCs, for some reason, you reminded me of that creepy old guy from FFVIII who says "You like beverages, don't you?" to Squall... I don't know why, but that guy creeps me the hell out :/ no-one says that to people who have a glass of tap water.
    I've heard there's a lot of condescension in the workplace :/ and I sure hope short people age better than taller people... if that's the case, I'm gonna look so young when I'm older ^_^ but hopefully, I'll still look like an adult -_- as long as I look over the age of 18, I'll be fine.
    I'm always self-conscious about what others think of me, though :( I always wonder what I look like to other people... and what my voice sounds like :p I know it's high and sometimes it sounds inexplicably posh :p and what do you mean by "talk is cheap"? I never quite understood that saying :/
    My cousin turned 26 earlier this month :p if you are his Asian clone, I don't think it'd surprise me very much.
    I love the rain, as long as it's not really heavy. If it's light rain, I adore it :3 and yes, I heard a woman speak on TV a few weeks ago, and she had one of the most horrifyingly masculine voices I have ever heard :/

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    I hope you pass the test ^_^ and what are these very big decisions of which you speak? Normally, when I have to make a big decision, I get to think about it a lot first... ain't that usually the way with big decisions? I don't think it ever hurts to play it safe, but it can hurt to take risks, so I would imagine that whatever these big decisions are, I would get to cogitate about them first. (Sorry, I love the word "cogitate" so much XD I know I could just as easily have said "think", but whatever, man -_-)
    I guess the biggest fear for most children is getting into trouble :p children tend to be a lot more paranoid than other people... still, I'm not really sure what I'd find more terrifying at the age of five; getting into trouble or seeing someone pee right in front of me. I've never seen someone pee in front of me to this day, so I'm not really sure just how uncomfortable I'd feel in that situation :/
    At least twenty people? That's horrible -_- I hope they can all get the help they need for their addiction.
    Did the guy even notice he'd soiled himself? Obviously, most people would notice that, but for some reason, I get the impression that he didn't even notice... which is strangely horrifying :/ and I just looked up the story about that Chinese man who died playing League Of Legends... it makes me worry a little, because I know now that something I see as simple, enjoyable and normal is killing people and getting in the way of their lives. I didn't even know it was possible before :/
    I would love it if everyone exploded like the HOW pigs when they died XD that probably sounds slightly dark, but I didn't mean it like that... I just think that'd look strangely entertaining XD and I would've loved to see your list of funny RPG logic :3
    It is very annoying being mistaken for a kid :( I absolutely hate being condescended to; it's one of my least favourite things... so it really annoys me. I don't actually mind that I'm short, and I don't mind if people point out that I'm short, because it's not an opinion; it's a fact. I just don't like that people think I look like a twelve-year-old :/ and yes, she did age naturally ^_^ but she's only 4'10", so she'll always look quite young... still, even if she was taller, she'd still look very young! I'm pretty impressed by how well she's aged.
    I understand that, but sometimes, I wonder whether or not people mean what they say... so I feel the need to keep on apologising in case the other person just says it's OK to shut me up :/
    You're reminding me even more of my cousin now, because he loves to make puns... based on what I know about you so far, the resemblance in personality/mannerisms between you two is actually kinda spooky o.O
    40°C? Yikes! That sounds terrible! Luckily for me, it rained a little yesterday, so it's a little cooler over here in England today ^_^ still, I feel bad for you, having to put up with 40°C :/
    Since hearing his voice, I wonder if I'll find it any easier to get my head around the face that Hizaki is, indeed, a guy...

  • Posted by honey316 · 41,200 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    :D :D :D Ahhaa... I got it wrong :crazy: Yup~ they are always there for you T_T why are they so GOOD?! T_T <3 When I look at the world and some people, I Can believe that animals are better than humans in some cases (_ _)
    Nooooo :D I looked at his empty place unconsciously, as an habit, Cause he was always there and my eyes used to search for him there. :crazy:

    Exactly~ When you're great and a lot of people admire you, you'll be proud of yourself too <3 T_T

    Really?!! You get your salary on Fridays?! People usually get their salaries at the end of each month here, even those who have part time jobs :D Getting salary is more lovely than weekends :crazy:
    You are right :crazy: It's a little very deep :crazy: when it comes to strange similarity between two things, metaphysical poetry comes to my mind :D :crazy:

    So that's the reason, you spoke Vietnamese at home and it has some influences on your accent. Do you still speak Vietnamese at home?! :undecided: Cause I think if I and my family go to other country we'll speak Persian at home :undecided: :crazy:

    I knowwwww :| :| :D I meant the season is called winter, not your country :crazy: :D
    Yuup~ I believe the world is piece of art, Which we're ruining :crazy: And it's somehow lovely that we are passing our summer time when you are passing your winter days:crazy:

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    That doesn't sound boring... in fact, I think that sounds pretty awesome. It takes a lot to be a doctor, and I've always said that doctors deserve more respect for what they do. Not that they're not respected anyway :3 I like an adventure as long as it's not too risky. If I do something big, I have to plan it out first to make sure nothing goes wrong because I don't like taking risks :p
    I imagine that you were almost as scared as he was. It takes guts to stand by and watch your friend piss in a fridge... not that I would know how that feels XD
    Wow, that's terrible! I had no idea people could actually become so absorbed into a video game that they don't even want to eat or drink... I'm not exactly one to talk because I'm pretty sure I'm slightly underweight, but I'm getting that under control. If it ever got too bad - say, for example, my ribs were showing - then I'd definitely have to start putting on weight, but it hasn't come to that yet and I won't let it. And just thinking about that guy dead in the same posture as when he was playing LoL... well, that's probably one of the most horrifying mental images I've ever had the displeasure of picturing. It sounds nightmarish.
    Hogs Of War is hilarious XD whenever you kill a pig, it falls over and blows up for some reason, leaving only a pair of smoking black boots where it was standing XD I love video game logic. My favourite video game logic is probably in Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time... because as long as your clothes are blue, you can breathe underwater XD
    I understand that they want to be careful, but I was right there next to her... it made me question whether or not I looked like a baby when I was eleven :/ still, it wouldn't surprise me if I did. I look like a twelve-year-old now, but I'm older than that. I guess it's easy to assume that maybe I look mature for my age by looking at my profile picture because I have strong facial features, but I'm only 4'11 1/2" (or 149cm, if you'd prefer), so I often get mistaken for a twelve-year-old :/ it's actually kinda annoying, sometimes.
    Also, I have an aunt who could pass for about 30 even though she's nearing 60 o.O
    I have a bit of a guilt complex, so once I start apologising for things like that, it's difficult to get me to stop... for example, I'm sure you remember not long ago when I solemnly pledged to stop fangirling XD and yes, I share your opinions on video game remakes :p
    Nice gun pun about Barret XD
    Over here, it's about 30°C in the hottest of times... I find it rather unbearable :/
    Hizaki's voice is so unexpectedly masculine, I think o.O

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    Do you mind if I ask what your lifelong dream is? It sounds pretty interesting ^_^ and your uncle gets to travel the world? That sounds exciting, but I think that'd be a bit too much for me. I have lots of ambitions, but I'm not the sort of person who always seeks adventure and change... in fact, I don't actually like too much change if I'm not prepared for it :p I'm the sort of person who wants to fulfil a lot of things and then live a perfect, happy, peaceful life once I've fulfilled them ^_^
    But didn't he notice there was something amiss when he opened the door and found... fridgey things like food and drink inside? Hmm... I'm just going to assume that he was too deluded by fear to notice or care :p and I wouldn't call video game addiction a lifelong consequence... more of a blessing, or a passion, if you ask me ^_^
    I love game glitches :3 I remember when I was about four or five, I was playing Hogs Of War (brilliant game, I need to find it again at some point), and the sound glitched, so the flamethrower sounded like a pig squealing, and the pigs sounded like gunshots XD also, not really a glitch, but my brother maxed out his pickpocket skill on Skyrim, so as long as he's crouching, he can strip people down to their undies and they don't even notice XD now, I've never actually played Skyrim, but a friend of mine has it, and he said that all the children have the same face for some reason. Just thought I'd say that XD
    Don't worry, I know you're not forcing your opinions on me. You seem much more tolerant and respectful than someone who would do that. I know you weren't saying they're total crap, and I apologise as well if I seemed a little forceful with my opinions... I respect the fact that some people don't like the GazettE, and I know what it's like to have people shove uninformed opinions down my throat, so I can completely empathise with what you're saying. Now, I say we stop talking about the GazettE; not because I sense and impending argument or anything like that, but because I - just like you - think that it's ridiculous for people to get into long-winded conversations about how "this band is good" and "that band is bad". Different people have different opinions, and we need to respect that.
    Looking young runs in my family as well ^_^ when I was eleven (my mum was about thirty-nine at the time), she got asked for her ID when trying to buy a can of beer... and I was with her at the time! The cashier couldn't tell that my mum was over the age of twenty-one even though she had her eleven-year-old daughter with her -_- and I look like her, so most people can tell I'm her daughter.
    I had no idea people could be so sensitive... I guess it kinda makes me worry a little. I worry a lot about offending people enough as it is :/ and when it comes to remastering games, the thing I get most apprehensive about is how many changes will be made... I'm kinda worried that the FFVII remake will be drastically different from the original... but I often get told that I worry too much -_-
    I don't mean to boast or anything, but I don't think I need to be reminded of how young I am... in fact, I kinda wish I was older :/
    Barret is a chump, but he's an awesome chump XD I laughed so hard when he said "I AM the man!" in Advent Children XD he didn't even need to say it, but I'm so glad he did XD and yes, that is a compliment :3 you would probably get on great with my cousin ^_^
    I much prefer colder weather as well :p and I don't really care if I can't swim, to be entirely honest with you -_- I want to live in Japan, not the ocean.
    It usually is cold in England, but not in Summer. It becomes unbearably hot and humid in Summer :(
    OK, here's the interview with Hizaki! [youtube][/youtube]

  • Posted by honey316 · 41,200 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    You gathered most preferred cats?! you mean you had a lot of cats?!! :o Maybe :D :D cat's are haughty and disloyal and don't like it really >.< But dogs <3 beside being loyal, they are kind, beautiful and love you without expecting anything T_T T_T <3

    Yeahhh, they don't have owners~ thank you T_T it was so sad, I looked at his empty place every time i was passing the yard unconsciously. :)

    Yup~ Beside being skillful in soccer, they are more in love with his personality and all the good things that he had done and always do :undecided: and from what I've heard I think he is a great human but at the same time he looks like a narcissistic person too :undecided:

    Weekend are greatest part of the week , unless you enjoy every minute of your work days :crazy: <3 and I really want to be that kind of person who enjoy everyday of weeks :crazy:

    It's kind of strange metaphor :crazy: But it can be part of metaphysical poetry :crazy: where 2 completely different things resemble each other :crazy:

    Ahhaaa... I thought you were in Vietnam and then you came to Australia :D cause you said you have Vietnamese accent :D So your country is Australia.

    Woaaaw I didn't really know (or maybe I knew and right now I don't remember :crazy: ) about it~ It's amazing..... Woaaaaaaaw Cooooool... So in you country now is called winter :undecided: :crazy: That's work of art <3 God is amazing :crazy: I dodnnu why~ but I thought maybe now is called summer in your country but it feels like winter :| I think I confused :D

    Ohh so you have a job, So having some hard times worth it cause you are earning money for it :crazy:

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 5 days ago  

    Of course, people always have a lot to lose when they're going to live in a new country, and I acknowledge that... but I'm going to try to keep a lot of memories and things with me when I go ^_^ it's the biggest ambition of my life, so nothing is going to deter me.
    Yuck! So he was more afraid of going to the toilet than risking getting in trouble and stinking out the fridge with pee-pee? That's disgusting, vile and absolutely hilarious XD and I guess people like to assert their dominance in video games because we know it's not real, so there are no real-life consequences to fear. Besides, it's a great boredom-buster to go around murdering video game characters :3
    I know that the GazettE aren't the best band ever, but I don't think they're overrated. Even if they're not the best, they're up there, and they deserve all their praise and popularity. I shan't vivisect you because I try not to be petty (and because it's morally wrong), but I still think it's a little unfair to say they're overrated -_- and how do you know that we Sixth Guns aren't really black mages? Fufufu >:) (rubs hands together maliciously)
    I'm not going to try desperately to look young, either :3 still, it would be nice to look as young as Kamijo at the age of 41... but I don't have to worry about that for a long time :3
    I don't see how the word "holy" is offensive to anyone -_- if I was religious, I wouldn't get offended by that... and fufufu again! I wonder if that bath scene will get cut out. It probably will... if Advent Children is anything to go by, I imagine that the HD remake will be a little more serious with not as much comic relief as the older games... which is actually kinda sad, I think :/ not that I want to see Cloud getting touched up in a brothel, but you get the point XD
    Haha, you're welcome! Usually when I say that, it's to people who are older than me XD
    A tree committed suicide... I wonder what that'd look like XD one of my cousins said that when he first played FFVII, he named Barret "Chump". When I asked him why, he said it's because he thought he looked like a chump XD speaking of my cousin, you actually kinda remind me of him ^_^ he loves FF as well, and he speaks similarly to you.
    When it gets hot, I just freeze water bottles... I can't be bothered to go out swimming or anything like that because the heat asnd humidity tires me out too much -_- besides, I can't swim. I hate it when people tell me that everyone can swim/float, because I sure as hell don't -_- you're lucky to have snow where you live. Whenever it snows here in England, it lasts for about five minutes before melting away... that is, if it snows at all.

  • Reply by GutterChurl  

    BTW, I just watched a bit of an interview with Hizaki (I didn't watch it all because it wasn't subtitled, so I couldn't understand it)... you were right, he really does sound masculine! But someone commented "She's hot." and that cracked me up XD

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 5 days ago  

    I think the prospect of living in Japan will always be appealing to me... but maybe that's just because I'm a naturally ambitious person :3 I'm always thinking that I want to do something amazing with my life, and I guess that's just one of the things I want to do. I guess you could argue that I could just visit Japan for a holiday, but I don't like goodbyes, so I'd rather live there instead of going there once and having to leave... even if that means saying goodbye to England. So I guess I just contradicted myself XD
    I'm not paranoid of ghosts, but I'll admit that I used to be... but that was when I was about nine or ten years old -_- and don't worry, I don't just laugh at violence for the hell of it. I only find it amusing if I randomly kill a person in a video game because it makes me feel oddly triumphant and powerful... but I find stuff like that horrible in real life, so don't worry too much ^_^ I think I have Soldier Of Fortune somewhere... I don't think I've ever played it, though :p my uncle gave it to me a while ago, but I think it was broken without him knowing about it :/
    It's probably good you stopped talking about how the GazettE are "overrated" when you did... they're not my favourite visual kei band either, but there are reasons why they're so popular. They make awesome music and they've been around since 2002, so they've had a lot of time to earn their popularity. I'd say that their longevity (that's probably the right word) is the main reason for their success... I guess it just goes to show that you can never give up ^_^ also, I like how you used the word "vivisected". It made me think of Vivi Ornitier! ^_^
    I can't believe Kamijo is 41 years old, either. I sure hope I age that well :3
    They couldn't even use the words "dead" and "holy" in IV? That's a bit uptight! Surely if someone was going to play a fantasy game, they'd expect to hear words like that? I usually say that you can never be too careful, but I take that back now -_- I'm just wondering what that weird homoerotic bath scene in the Honey Bee Inn will look like in the FFVII HD remake... clearly, censorship rules have become a lot more lenient, so one can only guess what that'll look like... unless, of course, they cut that scene out :p it was optional, after all.
    Yes, I did look that up on TV Tropes X3 perceptive you are, young Skywalker! (I don't know why j just said that :/)
    "The Flaming A-hole"... I'm not gonna be able to stop thinking about alternative names for Amarant that'd sound funny with "The Flaming" in front of it now XD I think when he told Zidane not to screw up, that's when I gained lots of respect for him XD
    I have pretty bad hayfever as well... sometimes, I find myself breathing really heavily because of the pollen in my lungs :/ but I still love Spring, purely for the breezy, rainy weather. It's always so perfect for me in Spring ^_^ so I'll never quite understand why so many people love the humidity of Summer so much...
    I like snow as well, but I haven't seen a full blanket of snow in about five and a half years. It never snows anymore in England :(

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 6 days ago  

    When I'm older and living alone, I'll have to avoid being frivolous if I'm going to live in Japan :3 and I guess 3000 isn't that much... but I'm impatient, so I'll probably get frustrated easily :/ still, I'm not giving up on my dreams!
    Don't worry, I was never afraid of Care Bears ^_^ hmm... should I change my JPA status to that? XD
    I do love scary games... but when they start giving me nightmares/setting off my paranoia, that's where I draw the line :/ and I guess I've always had a weird sadistic streak... especially in video games. I guess if I see people get hurt in real life, I feel really bad, but if I see someone hurt in a video game, I usually start laughing... which is a tad dark, maybe, but whatever -_- Saints Row is a good game for killing people :3
    I don't know why it was twelve, either... I guess they had to draw the line somewhere :p GTA certainly is a classic. San Andreas will always be my favourite ^_^
    Popular things tend to die out quickly, so they can be disappointing... maybe that's why I'm into Japan? Most people are into things like Katy Perry and One Direction (yuck), but they're slowly losing their popularity... but Japanese things tend to be remembered for a long time. Who needs Katy Perry and One Direction when you can have the GazettE and Versailles? Speaking of Versailles, it's Kamijo's birthday today ^_^ he's 41... he has not aged a bit. And yeah, I don't like things just because everyone else does, either. I don't succumb to peer pressure like that.
    Eiko is pretty awesome ^_^ I didn't use her much in battle, but she was still a very valuable character.
    There was a lot of censorship in FFVII, particularly in the Honey Bee Inn. I read a few days ago that one of the makers of the game wanted to put in so many more edgy, dirty things, but most of them got cut out for being too risky :/
    Vivi is just so awesome. He has the perfect balance of cool/cute and jaunty/tragic :3
    I looked it up, and apparently, I'm what they call a tsundere type-B.
    I love FFIX. Definitely my second favourite in the series! I love all the characters in that game so much... even Amarant. I don't like it when people bash him -_- he was awesome. I love it when you're about to fight Necron and he just says "...Don't screw up." ^_^
    Thanks ^_^ I got this headband ages ago, but I never really wore it before... but it's so useful in Summer! The only season I dislike... I don't get why people say that if you're born in Summer, you like the heat, because I was born in Summer, and I hate it -_- I much prefer Spring.

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 6 days ago  

    I try not to be too frivolous when I'm shopping because I'm always under the impression that I can find something more worth my money :p and 3000 characters just to be relatively fluent... ouch :/ still, I told you that nothing can break my spirit! I have pretty good memory, so I should be able to memorise 3000 if I put my mind to it ^_^
    I know that MG isn't meant to be scary now, but I used to be a bit of a wuss when I was younger, so I found pretty much everything scary... I'm so glad I'm not a little kid anymore -_- and yeah, I loved highjacking tanks in GTA! I also loved stealing planes/helicopters and parachuting into the middle of a random place and killing everyone I found. I considered it a bonus if the aircraft landed on someone XD also, I loved how on San Andreas, if you ate eleven meals at a time, you'd gain weight, but if you ate twelve, you'd vomit at the counter XD
    I don't think I ever used the Fight Fight Fight cheat in Vice City, but it sounds awesome XD
    It's been too long since I've played GTA :3
    So you dislike popular/mainstream things because you always expect it to be overrated? I guess I'm fairly similar, even if I don't like admitting to it... but I'll always admit if I do like something that lots of other people are into :3
    Eiko's letter was one of those FF moments that cracked me up. I kinda miss when FF games had more comic relief... I think that the comical moments were some of the many aspects that made the older games more special. For God's sake, in FFVII, you had to crossdress and sneak into a creepy, ugly guy's mansion in a weird attempt to nearly seduce him. And then you threatened to castrate him... that was one of my favourite moments in FFVII XD I hated Don Corneo so much! He got what he deserved -_-
    Vivi deserved so much better -_- he'll always be my favourite FF character :3
    Now you've made me wonder whether or not Hizaki is actually a man... I'm not gonna be able to stop wondering now XD
    Don't worry, I can control myself when I try hard enough ^_^ *takes your hand and raises my free hand* I solemnly pledge not to fangirl and to take it easy lest I irritate you ^_^
    I didn't mean "bad" as in "evil" or anything like that, I just meant kinda cold/rebellious... I always thought I'd be into guys like that, but it turns out I much prefer the sweeter, kinder ones. I guess I can be cold sometimes (believe it or not... I'm kinda like a reverse-tsundere, I guess), and I tend to be quite rebellious, and they say that opposites attract, which is something I agree with :p so I really don't know why I like Squall's scar as much as I do :p and yeah, I found Zidane to be a refreshing change from the colder, more brooding main characters. He was very relatable ^_^

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Don't worry, you haven't burst my bubble ^_^ I know that Japan will be a very expensive place to live... fortunately, I don't want children, and I'm an introvert, so I don't have to worry about paying for kids or going out and buying lots of frivolous things. With a bit of luck, Japan should be easy enough to get to if I save up for a while ^_^ and I know that katakana is the easiest to learn. Kanji will be very difficult, though... I don't know how many kanji symbols there are, but it's probably a slightly discouraging amount :/ still, nothing can break my spirit! I'm sure I'll live there someday ^_^
    Metal Gear is pretty damn cool ^_^ I haven't played it in years, though... I probably wouldn't find it that scary now. The only things that scare me are nasty bugs and people yelling "boo" when I walk into a room XD and GTA is awesome. There are very few things that are more entertaining than killing a load of people and getting cops to chase you whilst speeding away in a stolen car... in a video game, that is XD
    You can't go wrong with FF music! Oriental music is pretty good, but I think I prefer the more classical pieces. One-Winged Angel is probably my favourite FF song, and the piano version is awesome. I actually prefer it to the Advent Children version :3
    I can't believe Beatrix fell for Steiner, either... still, I can't say I disliked him or misunderstood him in any way. I actually sympathised with him a little when he made it clear that he disliked Zidane. Not that I disliked Zidane at all, but I could completely understand Steiner's motives :3 and yeah, Vivi is such a tragic character. He was so endearing, too... I remember when he saw those black mages fall from the airship really early on in the game, I just wanted to hug him! His story arc just made me want to cry :(
    Hizaki is way too convincing. He's one of those crossdressers that makes real women feel ugly :/ still, he's awesome. Can't deny that ^_^
    Well, I can't promise anything, but I will try not to fangirl so much anymore :3 I can sort of imagine that it might get a little irritating after a while...
    Junctionless until disc 3? Sounds challenging! But I've heard of people completing XII using the NLBLLG (no license board, low-level game) method... that just sounds like torture -_- I'm never attempting that.
    I think I prefer him with the scar... which is strange. No, I don't think it makes him look more attractive in particular, and no, I don't like bad boys (I much prefer sweet boys with nice smiles... and Squall smiles once in the entire game), so I don't know why... I think it just makes him look cooler and more iconic, somehow. Maybe I prefer it because it defines him, somehow :/ and I guess Zidane seems pretty cool and very down-to-earth, so he'd be pretty fun to be around ^_^
    I just got this image in my head of someone chasing someone else around a shop with a sledgehammer while the Benny Hill theme plays in the background XD

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama VIP · 10,156 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Hey love😜,
    How are things?
    It's been awhile since I was here. I've been very busy.

  • Posted by honey316 · 41,200 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Ohh... RIP T_T I didn't have a dog or cat, I just had some hamsters <3 Girls usually like cats, they are cute and sometimes they act like a boss :D But Dogs are amazing in every aspects :crazy: It wasn't a pet, emmm... what do we call them?! City cat?! road cat?! I donnu~ we couldn't let him/her in, cause he may had diseases but I made him some space in yard and gave him food and... . But one day he left and never came back :(

    So it was a great gift for him^^ He is my friends bias :D :crazy: and they always say that he is a great man^^

    Congratulations~ O:) Weekends always are the best <3 :crazy:

    Yeaahh :D It's great to be him :D :crazy: :D

    Ahhhaaa :undecided: So they are different. It's great that they speak two language at the same time, but it would be greater if they speak it like their mother tongue :undecided: Really?!! I thought Vietnam is your country :crazy: :D

    It's some how amazing that all over the world it's summer and then in Australia it's winter :crazy: Yeah~ but we have holidays :p :crazy:

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    I've wanted to live in Japan for ages ^_^ it's one of my top ambitions! I've always believed that people can do anything they put their mind to, so if I put in enough effort, so I'm sure I'll learn Japanese at some point... but why does it have to have three alphabets? -_-
    I'm kinda jealous that you have so many gaming relatives. I have one gaming relative over the age of thirty who I can think of (he's in his forties), and that's it... still, I'm pretty grateful to him for giving me Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ^_^ I was seven when he gave them to me, so I will never have any idea why people say GTA gives young children bad ideas. I've never been tempted to do anything in GTA... Metal Gear scared me back then, though :/ when I saw Pete's corpse floating in the water, I had nightmares for about two weeks!
    I love Suteki Da Me ^_^ I have it on my tablet, and I love the violin in it as well! I'm actually interested in learning how to play the violin myself, as well as the piano ^_^ I think FF music influenced my interest in those two instruments.
    I hated the fact that Beatrix was temporary as well! She was definitely my second favourite IX character after Vivi :3 and yeah, I would say so too... though I STILL struggle to get my head around the fact that Hizaki is a guy. I don't think I'll ever get my head around it, to be honest. He makes a very pretty woman! XD
    To be honest, I talk about guys kind of a lot with my friends... it drives most of them slightly insane XD but that's only because most of my friends are straight guys. It's not that I never ever shut up about them, but when I do talk about them, I can get slightly fangirly XD
    I guess I never really considered making rules for how I junction things... but that's easier said than done. If I get something that I know will increase my stats a lot, I have to junction it immediately XD
    I can see why Gilgamesh is so popular. He really deserves all the praise he gets ^_^
    I don't know if it's the facial scar or not, but Squall sure is a cutie ^_^ and nah, my status says that because I say "whatever" a lot XD and before you ask, I don't say that because of Squall XD
    I think I'd like to be friends with Reyn as well :3 sometimes, I wish that video game characters were real just so I could hang out with them. Personally, I think I'd get on great with Nanaki. He seems like someone I could have lots of deep, intelligent conversations with ^_^
    Well, it's like I always say; if it doesn't work, hit it with a hammer. Yes, I do actually say that sometimes XD

  • Posted by honey316 · 41,200 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Yeah I think back then It really was the first thing that came to my mind but now I'm a little VERY into dogs :crazy: <3 Ohhh... I remember a cat which lived in our yard T_T (my cat if we can call it) She/he really loved me T_T and on rainy days she would be just like :moved: but i couldn't let her come in to our house T_T <3

    Yeah~ I heard about that. Ronaldo was injured and it was really beautiful to see (although i didn't see and I just heard about it :crazy: ) that all the members tried their best to make him proud T_T T_T

    Yeahh^^Keep calm and Focus on your on it O:) :moved: Fightiiing^^ at these moments we need some peace and just not thinking about anything else :moved:

    No one does :crazy: Being young is great and amazing and wonderful~ Be like Young :crazy:

    All the literature devices are sweet and lovely <3
    Eumm... Vietnamese is different form Chinese?!! Cause I think that I've heard somewhere that they both speak Chinese :undecided: Vietnam or Australia, Which one is considered your country?? :crazy:

    Ahh... it's summer over here and of course it's holiday :crazy: but i think over there it's not holiday time, So fightiiiing^^

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 118,977 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Argh, been busy again >.< I hope you had a good month ;)

    Anytime :p Lol, although, I wouldn’t dare to mess with you if I met you in person. I’m way too shy than being online xD It is creepy :p I could just go to his town and pretend it was a mere coincidence xDDD Actually, that does help :o It makes a lot of since, but it’s so hard to act like myself. I tend to act super weird around guys -.- No prob!~ Wow, that’s amazing!!! That’s why many of your friends on JPA call you “Doc” xD I kept thinking is was another term for you being smart ;) Ah, so you want to be a research doctor? Sounds fun! :)

    Nice ;) Sounds good to me!~ :3

    Do you now? XD Thanks :p OH :p That’s nice too ;) I just show my childish side with my sis :3 I’m either too shy around others or I try to be mature even though I just want to be goofy. I don’t like it when people look at me weirdly >.< So I try to play it cool. Okay, you do that :p hehe

    If you didn’t add those parenthesis, I would be laughing so hard right now xD lol (no insult intended) Like anybody you like, regardless of the gender ;)

    Copy that :p :p Okay, maybe then :p Where can I find it?

    That’s for sure :p Haha, everyone thinks so then xD but yea, that sounds like me :p My, my xDDD That did sound like fun ;)

    Awww, that’s cool ;) Haha, okie dokie :moved:

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Japan is, by far, my favourite country. I really want to live there when I'm older! The only thing demotivating me slightly is having to learn Japanese... notoriously difficult language to learn -_- but it'll be worth it! Also, I didn't know that the average age for gamers is in the 30s. I honestly expected it to be about 16!
    I love To Zanarkand ^_^ definitely one of my favourites! But if I had to pick a favourite piano song, I'd probably have to go for One-Winged Angel ^_^ I also like Kefka's theme, Tifa's theme, J-E-N-O-V-A, Eternal Harvest, Rose Of May, Via Purifico, Suteki Da Ne...
    Fran was my favourite playable FFXII character, with Balthier as a very close second ^_^ my favourite overall was probably Larsa, though ^_^ I hated the fact that he was just a guest character and not a permanent party member -_- his hi-potions sure came in handy. Also, I feel like I'm the only person who could tell straight away that he was a guy XD
    Haha, well, if we're choosing characters based on looks alone, Irvine, Vincent and Squall would probably be my top three, fufufu... I have to stop saying "fufufu" when I'm talking about guys I like -_-
    I guess that's the only real problem with the junction system... if you don't know how to use it, the game is way too difficult, but if you do know how to use it, the game is way too easy. I remember watching a short video of someone playing a bit of FFVIII. The gamer didn't speak, but they fought one battle, then just showed off their junctions and how they'd abused the hell out of the junction system XD
    Too right, Gilgamesh will kick anyone's tail.
    Yeah, Rinoa did get kinda annoying at times... but she was a good party member, so I kept her in my party :3 but, you know what? Not to get too fangirly or anything here, and don't think I'm weird or anything (even though I totally am XD), but if I had the opportunity to get clingy around Squall, I would probably take it XD fufufu!
    Haha, I watched the video ^_^ and I looked up Reyn. He seems pretty damn awesome ^_^
    Unfortunately, a lot of people nowadays only have half a brain, so we just have to hope he doesn't win -_- and I could've sworn cricket bats were more lethal than baseball bats. Trust me, I saw this on Brainiac: Science Abuse. I'm pretty sure they proved it somehow...
    I was pretty annoyed at Yuffie for stealing my materia (and giving it back to me all jumbled up), but she was strangely endearing. Maybe I found her relatable. I'm just as loud and annoying as she is, I guess :p

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    I felt so special when I got Iwata ^_^ I'm grateful that there are/were people like him in this world. Gaming is and always has been pretty special to me. It's definitely one of my favourite passions in life! I know lots of people who would find that pathetic, but I don't think video games will ever become obsolete or insignificant, and they'll always have a special place in my life ^_^
    Somehow, I know I'll get Rudolf the cockatiel. Maybe not for my birthday this year, but at some point, I just know it ^_^ never giving up!
    Honestly, I've listened to lots of FF piano collections songs, but I haven't heard the piano version of You're Not Alone... I love Eternal Harvest and J-E-N-O-V-A, they're definitely two of my favourites... but they're so difficult -_-
    You don't have to apologise for not hating Vaan XD to be entirely honest with you, I don't actually know why I hate him as much as I do... I just plain don't like him. I know that's not really a sufficient reason, but Fran, Balthier and Larsa were just so much cooler :3
    I think that my favourite female FF character is probably either Celes, General Beatrix or Fran. I do love tough characters ^_^ and yeah, I kinda hated having to keep my party members on low HP for their limit breaks in VIII, but I guess it's not so bad if you have lots and lots of Aura stones ^_^ I saved all mine up for the fight with Sorceress Adel. I think I killed her in one limit break with Irvine's AP ammo.
    Seifer was kind of an a-hole... though I'd be lying if I told you I didn't want him as a permanent party member -_- my party consisted of Squall (duh), Rinoa and Irvine. I will never understand why people say that Rinoa was useless, because I actually found her pretty useful ^_^
    I hate to be a pain in the butt, but do you mind sending me a link to that video? Sorry, it's just that sometimes, videos don't load correctly on my tablet for some reason, so I just need the link so I can see it on YouTube -_- sorry about that!
    I really hope that grarghgragh doesn't win. Like you, I don't think he will, but it is strangely terrifying :p and yeah, I've never even met the guy, but I want to hit him with a bat as well! Maybe a cricket bat... I've heard they're actually the most lethal kind of bat.
    I think that Nanaki is underappreciated. He was very wise and quite endearing, in a way ^_^ I also really liked Cait Sith and Yuffie... even if lots of other people hate them -_-

  • Posted by honey316 · 41,200 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    It's like puss in boots too <3 I didn't realize that :crazy:

    Yeah maybe I'm wrong cause I didn't watch that match and I don't know anything about football :undecided:
    OK I Won't :) ;)

    Ahaa.. Greaat~ Let's forget it :)
    Yuup Now everything is great and we don't need to fight~ :D

    Emmm... there is differences between being young and being childish and it's great that you don't like to be childish O:) ^-^

    I like these kind of sentences~ they are true in an interesting way :crazy:
    Ahaa so you speak Vietnamese too :undecided: Greaaat^^

  • Reply by honey316  

    Btw Sorry for all that typos and missing words in my last post~ I was so sleepy and didn't realize them :crazy:

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    I remember a while ago, I actually got Iwata through SpotPass on my 3DS! I was talking about it the next day to a friend of mine who had him in his plaza as well ^_^ RIP, Satoru :( and I am proud to be a gamer as well! I hate it when people give video games and the people who play them hate. They say we have no life because we choose to have many :p and I have heard a lot of good things about Xenogears, but I haven't seen a copy of it anywhere :(
    I won't give up on Rudolf the cockatiel ^_^ I did the washing-up today, and that always makes my mum feel extremely grateful, so I'm sure I'm still in with a chance ^_^ just gotta stay optimistic!
    I love the Piano Collections versions of FF songs. I've always wished I could play the piano that well ^_^
    I actually really liked XII. It was very long, and I like long games... the two things I will fault about it are the tedious levelling-up, and, of course, Vaan. I just hate him so much, and I don't know why. His face looked like that of a mouse and his stomach didn't even look real, and his clothes were dumb, and he was so tactless, and... *continuous ranting*
    Quistis was a pretty cool character, I think. Sure, she was bossy at times, but I think her sense of logic and levelheadedness counteracted the perhaps more energetic, foolish characters (I'm looking at you, Zell... didn't really like him that much, either).
    I'm not sure what's more motivating: getting to hear the Turks theme, getting to cosplay as Laguna, or getting to kill Donald Trump... I really hope that ugly doo-doo head doesn't win. If he does, WWIII is imminent :( and yeah, his boss/manager/whatever is apparently a really gross old pervert who hires young, incompetent blonde bimbos because he wants a bit of eye candy... but my brother said that if he starts creeping you out, he leaves you alone if you visibly shudder XD and I hadn't thought about it like that... RIP, Reuben, and RIP, Seto :(
    Don't worry about the late reply ^_^ sorry to hear you've been so busy, though :/

  • Posted by honey316 · 41,200 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Whyy?!! I'm so faaaaair :D :D :crazy: Temperance?! emmm.. I think I have it :crazy: :moved:

    Kekekeke.. :D It's a little like a puppy and I Love Puppies and Dogs <3 <3

    Really?!! :D :D I was on their side that's why they won :crazy: Don't seek for reasons when you couldn't won :p :D anyways it's a game~ Sometimes you win and sometimes your enemy :undecided:

    Of course you can :crazy: But I was kidding :crazy: I Don't want even 1jpop :crazy: Don't be angry T_T I don't want to still all your jpops that's why I offered sth that you cannot afford :crazy: :p
    Simple :D What's the name of this animal?!! :undecided:

    Sorry T_T You know... after those news about Hyun joong, a lot of people hated him... and a lot of people believed sth that wasn't real (cause according to what i know~ what the news organisations said was sth pretty different from what the police and court said and they translated all the news in a way that they wanted other people to believe >.<)... So I'm a little sensitive about this issue. I Really hate it when people judge each other >.< Even in other cases which don't relate to HJ >.< and I can't understand those people >.< Sorry I didn't want to bother you (_ _) So let's forget it :)
    About my share I was kidding too :D You said you'll take my shares from that reach crew and that's why i said that I'll give my shares to him, If he promise me not to give them to you... so i was joking too :crazy:

    Yeah and I'm not really suspicious :crazy: I just pretended to be :D
    Now that are talking in a serious way about your jpops, I need to be serious too :) I don't want jpops REALLY :crazy: I have enough jpops and maybe more than enough, but i was just kidding :crazy: :D

    I'm proud of you too Ron :moved: O:) :D I think you want to stay young too, yes?! :D

    Ohh... it's beautiful <3 Cause everyone is unique <3

    Strine :undecided: Woaw I didn't about it... That's great that you don't have accent :crazy: :D

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    I like games that teach you things too, because it makes the gameplay feel more rewarding... plus, I can tell interesting facts to my mum and tell her I heard it in a video game to prove to her that video games aren't just a waste of time XD and I have Candy Crush Soda, but I don't think I've ever matched a colouring candy with a colour bomb... something tells me it's an interesting result ^_^
    Also, I don't think I'll be getting that cockatiel for quite a while. I won't go into too much detail, but I had an argument with my mum last night, and let's just say that I won't be doing extra housework and chores for a cockatiel... I'll be doing them because, apparently, I'm too lazy :/ and yeah, you told me a few days ago that you're learning how to play Those Who Fight on the piano ^_^
    If I could sum up FFX-2 in one word, I would say "embarrassing". It was just awful, and I'm glad Spoony spoke out against it. Tidus' laugh was super cringy in FFX, and he was kinda annoying and whiny, and the back of his hair looked an awful lot like a pinecone... but I think I found myself appreciating him a lot more at the end ^_^ Vaan from XII was the worst, in my humble. I don't know why, but I just really don't like him.
    If that's the case - if the makers of FFX-2 really did get drunk - then I think that gave the game one good feature... a moral. And that moral is not to drink too much XD
    I can sort of imagine how annoying it must've been for Quistis to deal with a brooding emo like Squall. At least she had her Trepies to help her out, though ^_^ but I actually find it kind of weird that she had a fan club. There used to be a teacher at my school that all the girls liked (except me. He didn't look enough like Kamijo for my liking XD), but I'm pretty sure he never had a fan club...
    I'm half-tempted to go to America dressed as Laguna just so I can shoot Donald Trump repeatedly XD I already have long dark hair, so he shouldn't be too hard for me to cosplay... though I don't really know if his clothes would really suit me :/
    I always compile lists of my favourite songs ^_^ I dunno why, though... I think it's kind of subconscious, like I don't even know I'm doing it until I'm actually writing a top five XD and I don't know a single person who doesn't like at least one Queen song. My brother says his boss doesn't like Queen, but based on what he's told me, his boss is an awful person whom everyone hates.
    I do love Ascension To Cosmo Canyon. I didn't know Reuben Kee had died, though... I just looked him up, and apparently he was only 23. That's no age to die :(

  • Posted by honey316 · 41,200 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    So I should imagine that you did too?! :D :D Greaaat :D

    Be like :moved: . :D :crazy: Now I got it :crazy: And yeah we get the wrong meaning :| :crazy:

    If they are average so why Germany deserve it?? :o So I'm on France side :p :crazy: I will always say it because I like him^^ :crazy:

    "No" "No" "No" No Mercyyyy~ Yeah we're BAP~~ (you should listen to No Mercy- BAP so you'll got what I've said :D :D ) It's not hard :crazy: but sometimes and in some situations you can't say "No" :D :D Children?! :D :D I meant going out of JPA, If it's for the younger ones :crazy: :D

    OK Your apologize is accepted for not being rich enough :cool: :crazy: Nope Nopeeee~ I said he'll promise me not to give my shares to anybody and he "a crew" should keep his promises and then you can take them from me :crazy: :D O:) Emmm.. you changed it and that's why i changed it too :p

    You don't know him, you've just read some news over here, and there are million of news out there that are more real. Don't judge him cause you don't know all the story and you can't always trust News organizations cause they just want to show sth to attract more people and Jpa really wasn't fair when it came to news about Hyun joong >.< anyways I want to be fair with my shares >.< not with anything else >.< >.< >.< T_T

    I just gave an offer for your Jpops, you can just refuse T_T and about my name I'm still suspicious :p :D You can be suspicious too :p :D

    Because I'm happy~ Yeah cause I like the song :D :crazy:
    You knew what?! that I want to be young?!! :D It was obvious :p :crazy: :crazy: :D

    OF COURSE when it comes to us it Always work :cool: Cause it's so real^^ We're right, even when we are not^^ O:) and you should accept it ^-^

    Ahaa, so people in Australia speak Australian English :undecided: O:) Cool^^ I thought maybe you've some specific language but when you speak English, you've an Australian accent :D

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    I am quite interested in Japanese mythology, but I don't really know much about it, to be honest... but I heard that in Japanese mythology, foxes are revered as gods of fertility and rice... but I don't really know if that's entirely true :p and I love creating colour bombs! I love matching them with the stripy candies ^_^
    Good to hear that cockatiels aren't high maintenance ^_^ I am, and that's bad enough XD something tells me that if I do get one, I'll just keep taking pictures of it wearing tiny hats I made out of paper and filming it singing songs I taught it XD
    I just watched part one of Spoony's FFX-2 review! That guy is hilarious XD and he was so right! Though I disagree with his opinions on the first FFX game... I mean, yeah, the voice acting was absolutely abysmal, but I cut 'em some slack because it was the first voice-acted game in the series. And besides, I liked FFX :p and oh, God, the FFX-2 fanservice -_- that was just cringy and it made me feel deeply uncomfortable. Like, if my mum walked into my room during the short amount of time I tolerated that poor excuse for a game and looked at the screen and asked what the hell I was doing... *shudder*
    Also, I liked how that FFVIII player named Squall "Emo Git" XD
    I would love to see Laguna kill Donald Trump... he totally could ^_^ and so could Irvine, who was actually my favourite character in VIII ^_^
    I heard A Life Without Parole ^_^ that's definitely my fourth favourite (number one being Prancing Dad, number two being Holding Hands, and number three being Make Who React Her). I love piano music, so I have a soft spot for A Life Without Parole ^_^

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    I have never played Okami, but I will have to look out for it ^_^ I love games with a sense of urgency. It makes it feel that much more worth playing, because you feel like you have some sort of personal duty... well, that's how I get, anyways. Even when I'm boredom-busting, just playing little match-three games on my tablet, I feel like some sort of secret agent trying to figure out which colour wire to cut... but that's probably just me XD
    That's not such a bad idea, but my mum will probably say "No, the dog won't like it and your bedroom's too messy!"... our dog is fine with other animals, though -_- and my chores do not extend to tidying my bedroom. That's just too much. And besides, I have room for a cockatiel in my room! I guess I'll just have to convince her to let me have one. I doubt they're that expensive to look after... of course, now, I'll have to start thinking up cockatiel names. I guess I want a male named " Rudolf", because whenever I breed a male gold chocobo, that's what I always call it. I would spell it "Rudolph" like the reindeer, but there's a six character limit. Besides, I think "Rudolf" is cooler, anyways ^_^
    I actually compiled a list of everything wrong with FFX-2, but it's on my laptop... and that broke :/
    Oh, wow, how much would you love to see a fight between Laguna Loire and that grarghgragh Donald Trump? And I say "grarghgragh" because it's a lot nicer than the word I wanted to use to describe him XD
    Hizaki will always be the most convincing cross-dresser ever :3
    You think it's difficult saying "wigwam" repeatedly? Try "Google". That's even harder ^_^
    Also, I looked up some more OCReMix stuff! I listened to some of their covers of FFVII songs, and I like that they did the more obscure ones that not everyone would think to cover. They're so awesome, and very varied, which I quite like, because that way, there's something for everyone ^_^ my favourite song that I listened to (apart from Prancing Mad, something tells me that'll always be number one) has to be Holding Hands. I love the vocals/lyrics; they were so clear, and they painted such a picture! I honestly thought I was the only one to listen to VGM and associate lyrics with the music ^_^
    Whew, that was a looong post :/ sorry 'bout that!

  • Posted by honey316 · 41,200 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Yup Yup ^_^

    I thought you know about it :D Really you can?! :crazy: :D

    Yeaa each day we learn sth new^^ Emmm... so :moved: is kanji for what?!! :undecided:
    :D :D :D :D I thought my language is confusing because you got my words a little wrong :crazy: :D So you can use smileys :moved: I love them<3 (that's why i use them A LOT)

    Emm... I like France but i don't know if their football is great or no :undecided: So I hope the one who deserve the cup win it :crazy: My friend still think that Italy is the best :D :D But for me Hyun joong is the best :crazy: <3

    Ahhh... I do believe in privacy^^ I don't like to say much about myself to other but If they ask, I can't say no -_- But yeah They're younger than us >.< >.< Do we have to go?!! :thinking:

    :D :D Emm... so i should be friend with him?!! :undecided: but IF he accept all these things then I'll ask him not to give them to anybody and a crew member should keep his promises you know?! :crazy: :moved: :D So do you want to change your mind?!! :D O:)

    Yeah it is :D :D O:)
    Very long, because Being fair is really important matter when it comes to Hyun joong :D :D :D :D :crazy:

    Eumm.... :suspicious: I donnu :suspicious: Sherlock Asal is suspicious about this subject :undecided: :thinking: :D :D Where did you go when i said you don't know my name?!! :suspicious: Have you been in google??!! :cool: :D :D

    Noooo :D :D I want to be young but I didn't want to mention that i want to be young... emmm... I just wanted to sing a song related to the "being young: because we were talking about it... :undecided: :D :D

    Yeaaah I want to remain young T_T and I'll want it in the future too :crazy: Who don't want to be young??!! Nobody :crazy:

    Yes Ron :crazy: (I Thought you want to say "Ron is right, even when he is wrong" :D :D )

    BTW I was curious about sth... that you speak Australian or English in Australia?!! :crazy:

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    I love VGM! I've found myself playing games and staying in the exact same spot just so I can listen to a particular song for hours on end ^_^
    That cockatiel did sing the chocobo theme XD they're an underrated animal. They're so cute, they always look like they're blushing XD I might have to ask for one for my birthday this year... but I'll probably get a "no". Every year, I ask for a ridiculous animal for my birthday, and every year, I get the same negative response ;-;
    I think FFX-2 was actually really, really bad :/ I got through about eight percent of it before I decided to stop playing once and for all. Final Fantasy may be my favourite game series of all time, but they've released over ninety titles (I think) including spinoffs, so one of them was bound to be disappointing, I guess.
    Laguna gives me hope... if he can become the president of an awesome place like Esthar, then I can do pretty much anything XD
    Kamijo is the sort of guy I could never imagine wearing a T-shirt and jeans... even though I'm pretty sure I have, somewhere XD and yeah, I was really, really surprised to find out that Hizaki was a guy. I've never actually heard his voice, but I've always wondered if it sounds really, really masculine, or really, really feminine. For some reason, I don't think it'll be anywhere in between.
    My favourite word is "wigwam", but I think loquacious is up there in the top five XD

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    "Musical insanity"... something tells me I'm gonna be saying that a lot more from now on :3 and it's great to hear that OCRemix are so dedicated to what they do, because what they do is awesome ^_^
    That cockatiel is the coolest cockatiel I have ever seen. I mean, cockatiels are pretty damn cool anyways (I like their mohawks), but that one is by far the coolest ^_^
    Haha, oh, God XD if I ever sit through that scene again without cringing to death, I'll never not be able to associate it with that song XD
    Laguna was underrated, I think ^_^ he kicked tail and I think more people need to realise that. I mean, hey, he will be appearing on Jeremy Kyle pretty soon for abandoning his son twice and for sending him on a suicidal mission at the age of seventeen, but all is forgiven XD nah, but seriously, he was awesome.
    I've never fancied a girl but I can appreciate a woman's beauty, just like you can appreciate Kamijo's ^_^ it's like staring at as beautiful waterfall. Just because you think it's beautiful doesn't mean you really fancy it ^_^
    "Loquacious" is kind of a sassy-sounding word, dontcha think? XD

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    I feel like Prancing Mad kinda blows away the cover I sent you. I mean, yeah, it was pretty good, but Prancing Mad was so much better, and so much more inventive, I think. I'm gonna have to look up more OCRemix songs at some point ^_^
    I love love love love love it when someone recognises something like that ^_^ usually, when I feel triumphant, I hum the FF victory fanfare, and barely anyone gets it... it kinda annoys me. There are three people I know who would get it, and that's pretty much it.
    The HD remake will be awesome, but you're right about the pain of having to reexperience such tragic moments. Not to mention this.
    Oops, I just mentioned it XD but I digress...
    I loved that song too! I couldn't help but dance the first time I heard it... actually, I think I dance reflexively whenever I hear it XD and I loved Laguna's limit break, Desperado. That has got to be the coolest-looking FF limit break of all time.
    Kamijo really is talented ^_^ his voice is just so beautiful (just like his face, fufufu... but you can just pretend I never said that XD), and he really does put so much power and emotion into every song he sings. He's one of the most talented J-rockers ever, I think ^_^ and yeah, I never was scared of clowns... but I know someone who literally suffers from full-blown panic attacks because of her clownophobia. I don't know what the actual term for fear of clowns is, but I don't want to look it up because I know it won't be as funny as clownophobia XD
    Also, is it bad that I had to look up the definition of the word "loquacious"? XD

  • Posted by honey316 · 41,200 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Really??!! After all you're his crew :crazy:

    No No... I didn't mean it... emmm.. there are many pics like that.. for example: "Ron is a good boy. Ron is kind. Ron respect his parent. Ron knows how to be great. Ron is amazing. Be like Ron" See.. you can create these for everything, so I created one for Snow :crazy: :undecided:

    Yup you were wrong :crazy: but they say we are a real 4season because we have specific kind of feeling and weather for each season :crazy: It's not always hot O:) :moved:
    Noo :D :D :D I meant Yuki :crazy: I thought Yuki is a Japenese word and then it really was :crazy: Emm kanji for Yuki is :moved:??!! Because it's eyes are like 2 big snow??!! :crazy: ^^
    I think I speak some how confusing, right?! T_T

    Kekekekekekee :D :D I don't watch football but 1of my friends is fan of Italy and the other ones are fan of Germany :crazy: Congratulations <3 :moved:

    Pour quoi??!! We are in a beautiful age :crazy: So we should not really worry about it :crazy: :D I'm not interested too but I like to know the average age :crazy:

    Yaaaaaaaaaa :o How could you?!?!! >.< But Hyun joong's share are really precious :blush: :blush: so I can give them to you IF you give me 1.501.000 jpops + VIP + Promise to give them back without wanting any money + Be kind to me + Buy more share for me :crazy: = REALLY FAIR :crazy: :crazy: O:) :moved: :D
    So don't use your bot :undecided: Fair Ron :blush: (That's a true crew member^^ Always be like that^^ :moved: )

    I really want to be fair :blush: You can agree with What I've said and we can be fair :crazy: :D :D Cause I'm a Really fair person O:) :crazy:

    Yeaaaaaaah That's my energy that have got you :crazy: :D
    But i think you've googled it because maybe you still remember that "honey" is the meaning of my real name "asal" :ThinkingDeeply:

    OoOohhh :D :D I didn't want to be young :crazy: We were talking about "Being young" and that's why i wanted to sing a song about it :crazy: I like to sing a song which is related to conversation :crazy: :D :D
    But it was a Beautiful song T_T T_T I LIKE it T_T <3 <3

    Yup Sir (^-^)\ :D :D

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    I just listened to the songs ^_^ Prancing Mad is incredible. About five minutes in, during the One-Winged Angel part, I literally got goosebumps. I wonder why we get goosebumps when listening to exceptionally good music? Anyways, I loved it ^_^ the beat was awesome.
    A Fistful Of Nickels was also great ^_^ I probably would've walked around the house whistling it obnoxiously loudly if my brother wasn't watching The Simpsons in the living room XD
    I love Maybe I'm A Lion ^_^ the guy's voice is just perfect for that song. It's so deep, and it just works so well ^_^
    Aerith's death was iconic and just so tragic. I've seen so many fan arts that just give me so many feels ;-; and I actually really liked the junction system, once I got the hang of it ^_^ but on my first FFVIII file, when I couldn't quite grasp it, I suffered from FTFFEPS (First Time Final Fantasy Eight Player Syndrome), which basically meant I relied on the GF for everything, which really came back to bite me later on :/
    I always think of Jasmine You when I listen to Serenade! Makes me sad... whenever I see a picture of him, the first words to come to mind are always "I can't believe he's dead" ;-; and that advert guy hate hate hate hate hates what his daughter did XD

    P.S: Don't worry about the long post. I actually like reading longer posts because I like to hear/read what people have to say ^_^ in fact, I think I should be the one apologising for using this (^_^) emoticon thingy too much XD

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    I loved Dancing Mad! Also, I love this metal cover ^_^ [youtube][/youtube]
    Still, I don't think it can beat The Black Mages. They rock ^_^ my favourite song by them is Premonition, then Bombing Mission (hurr hurr, that rhymed :3).
    Nobuo Uematsu always amazes me. I have no idea how one man is capable of composing so many perfect songs, and it actually makes me somewhat envious to some extent. Sometimes, when I get bored, I just practice playing piano chords to Final Fantasy songs... I know quite a few, but I'm not brilliant at the piano, so I can only play basic chords :/ still, I'm pretty proud of myself for self-teaching Vamo Alla Flamenco from IX in five minutes... but I digress, I don't want to sound too boastful :3
    I think VI and VII were about equal. VI was more emotional, but VII had more intensity, I think. Both were great games, but VIII is still my favourite in the series ^_^
    If memory serves me, Serenade was the first Versailles song I ever listened to. I love that song so much ^_^
    The POTF guy does look a lot like Kefka, but I think if the advert guy tied his hair/wig back, he'd look more like Kefka X3

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Celes' theme is one of the best songs in the series, I think. She was probably my second favourite character in VI, because she was strong but caring, and because she had such a massive impact on the story, the other characters, and my emotions. Also, my favourite moment in the game was probably when she had to pose as Maria... there was just something so special about that scene!
    And yeah, I agree. Why couldn't Relm use Interceptor :/ and WHY, SQUARESOFT, WHY!? Though I can't say I don't appreciate all the emotional moments. They're what made the game so special, I think ^_^
    And Masquerade is an awesome song ^_^ I also love Ascended Master! That one's probably my second favourite after Zombie ^_^

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    I do love emotional feel-trip games ^_^ and I loved Interceptor as well! I remember when he first attacked, the damage was insane, and it really shocked/delighted me ^_^ and I know, Locke's backstory got me all emotional. I hated it when Rachel and her parents told him to leave Kohlingen... also, Rachel's last words before she was killed were such a kick in the teeth to Locke. Like, they were sweet, but he didn't get to hear them until it was too late, which made me want to burst into tears and yell "WHY!?" at my screen. I really do feel for him! ;-;
    And Versailles are awesome! They're coming back, and I cannot wait ^_^ my fave song from them is Zombie ^_^

  • Reply by GutterChurl  

    Also, I need you to watch this advert and tell me this guy's daughter doesn't make him look like Kefka Palazzo.

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    I'll have to look out for IV and V ^_^ and Shadow was awesome. Very underrated, I think, and very useful in battle! My favourite in VI was Locke, though ^_^ there were so many main characters, and I thought he stood out the most. BTW, is it just me, or does Vivi look a lot like Orko from He-Man? I know that can't just be me seeing that.
    Well, I am looking forward to the update, and to talking to you again ^_^ see you around, and take care!

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,396,170 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    YES! YES! Germany won and Italy lost at penalties! How'd you like that? How'd you like that???? Take that, Italy fans at my workplace, I WAS RIGHT! I won the bet, so show me the money!!! >:3


  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Hello ^_^ sorry for the late reply. JPA has been unbearably slow for me recently; so slow, in fact, that it wouldn't load the reply tab, so I have to post on your wall instead of replying to your post on my wall. Anywoozles, how are you? Today's my one month JPA anniversary, so I guess I'm pretty good, apart from the slowness of the site for me. BTW, I absolutely love FF ^_^ but I have never played V. Vivi Ornitier from IX is my favourite video game character of all time, so I will leave you with this GIF. Toodlepip for now! I hope the site speeds up for me soon so we can talk more ^_^ and thank you once again for replying to my forum post!

  • Reply by GutterChurl  

    Sorry for double-posting! I didn't mean to ^_^ anyways, I got my browser working quickly again ^_^

  • Posted by GutterChurl · 1,146 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Hello ^_^ sorry for the late reply. JPA has been unbearably slow for me recently; so slow, in fact, that it wouldn't load the reply tab, so I have to post on your wall instead of replying to your post on my wall. Anywoozles, how are you? Today's my one month JPA anniversary, so I guess I'm pretty good, apart from the slowness of the site for me. BTW, I absolutely love FF ^_^ but I have never played V. Vivi Ornitier from IX is my favourite video game character of all time, so I will leave you with this GIF. Toodlepip for now! I hope the site speeds up for me soon so we can talk more ^_^ and thank you once again for replying to my forum post!

  • Posted by honey316 · 41,200 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    o... you know him??!! :undecided:

    Noooooo :crazy: have you seen this:

    What i meant was sth like this, but I think maybe the word "creature" was not the good one :crazy:

    There are many cities in my country that have a lot of snow, and some times school will be closed because of it.. and they are not on mountain too :undecided: but my city is not one of them T_T T_T
    Ohh really??!! I thought it was like a Japanese words :crazy: but i didn't know it really is a Japanese word :crazy: It's beautiful <3

    Yeaah :angry:

    Yup yup ^^ Cause we are the champion~ no time for loser~ dan da dan dan~~~

    But you how can you know their ages but I cant???!!! >.< I think there are 2 ways: 1. No one knows other's ages 2.All the member know each other's ages :blush: O:)

    OoOohhh you want to buy my shares to keep them safe??!! :o No No No I won't give Hyun joong's <3 shares to anyone :p :crazy:
    See... Now you can realize how fair I am :blush: O:) but 10 years is not much :undecided: :D :D Or you can use the help of your bot to make money :D :crazy:

    You can make them but I can't buy them :crazy: As you can see I'm not rich anymore T_T But you can give me your money so I can buy your JPA Tshirts :crazy: :moved:

    Fightiiiiiiiiing^^ you can do ittttt i(^-^)i

    You are not, Yuki (Ron, weeb :crazy: ) But I think you've googled it :thinking.very.deeply: :crazy:

    Emmm... I don't remember any song about being young to sing it now :crazy: :D

    Maybe you are right T_T I donnu T_T :moved:

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