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weebllikespie VIP CREW

"You fascinate me." © - weebllikespie '15

weebllikespie is a grandpa who signed up 3 years ago. He is member of the Millionaires Jpops Club with 1,266,437 Jpops

weebllikespie is part of the JpopAsia crew.

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  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 3 hours ago  

    Oh yes I do :D I plan to just graduate by May of 2016 :) I'm so excited!

    It's still pretty warm for us though :p I don't feel like fall has even arrived yet xD
    LOL yep ;) She has strong hands. Eh I don't think so :p She is not much into the whole social media stuff xD She thinks it's a waste of precious time :p

    Yeah, I'm only crazy around my closest friend :D

    'Kiss of Death'? Really xD That sounds funny :p lol And the fact that you don't want to be kissed by an older person just cracks me up xDD

    Oh wow xp that stinks for the weaker ones :p I also had no idea Australia was having tax problems too :p

    *high fives back* Lemon Meringue Pie pwease :moved:

    Thank you :3 and yours too ;)

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,266,437 Jpops · 13 hours ago  

    This wonderfully composed piece is now on my 'To Learn' list! Whenever I hear it, I think about how precious true friendship is. It fully evokes all the sadness and joy I felt this week and this piece captures the essence of it all very nicely!

    It's a bit of a homage to KH fans~ my favorite version of 'Dearly Beloved' by far! :moved:

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    It's a good plan ;)!

    I know right xD I can't wait for winter to come :moved: haha
    My sister is a massage therapist :) Her name is Emily I love her dearly xD She listens to a small handful of Asian pop songs, but she is not on this site ;D

    I know xD I just act funny and crazy because I wish I could really be brave enough to do that in public :) lol

    LOL xD You guys must have a lot of fun back then :p

    Eh, a lot of my college classmates, not my friends though; they are nice, are very lazy. They just wanna be on their cell phones all day and not listen to the teacher talk xD and lol :p good for you ;)

    That's what I like about most foreigners :D They don't hide their true selves :) I met this Romanian boy who was not afraid to like the color pink and bunnies. He was proud to tell me that *///* :moved:

    Haha that's cute :3 I love pie too xD

    Mine is a combo of Japan, Anime, and a cat's meow in Japanese
    Japan (the 'an' is the first two letters of anime as well, so it combines nicely)
    Read like Japan-ni-me-nya :moved:

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    Aww man, that's is awesome for you :D

    Just like you said, it can get above 100F :)
    And yeah xD she teases me all the time :p so I do it back ;) mwahahaha

    Yeah :moved: good point :D

    It sure does relieve stress :moved: and haha thanks xD I love being funny on this site :p hehe but really I'm a shy person *////* I can't even do a presentation properly x.x
    Ah, I see. So they got bored of pulling pranks huh? :p

    Lol, I can imagine it already; her slapping you :p xDD at least virtual slaps don't hurt ;)

    Yeeeep~ xp You must have good uni friends then :moved:
    Yeah, they don't know what they are missing at school :p lol

    All the guys, well not all xD, are to manly to not wear scarves here. They think it will bring down their many hood :p Them Americans are to proud to do something like that xD so I'm happy to see you show our true colors :moved: good for you ;)!

    Ahaha, that's the one line that I just love! Whenever I say it, my friends would be like 'Typical you.' xDD
    LOL :p nice ;D haha :crazy:
    BTW, what is weebllikespie stand for? o.o

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    Wow :D You're an honor student?

    Haha good point xD but it does get so hot for me in the summer :p
    My sis puts on her own music as well xD I just love teasing her :crazy:

    Yeah~ You're right ;D There are a lot of fish in this world after all xD

    Lol :p nice xD I joked around you because I saw all your comments in the "Forum Game' posts xD and I realized you were a funny guy ;) hehe
    I had no idea Ms. Wong could joke around with a whippersnapper like you xD haha :3

    Maybe older women are smarter to them xD and that they are more nurturing as well.
    LOL xD I'm surprised she didn't jump out of your computer and give you a good smack for calling her a 'granny' xDD
    Yeah, you do seem more mature than a 21 year old would be xD At my place all the 21 years olds are not like you; they just want to party and have fun xD Most of them are still trying to find their way around in life xD and they don't want to start college until they are 30 or something :p

    Oh I see xD I must have not really known about classy as I though I would have :p
    And I bet you looked great in that scarf ;) hihihi

    "You fascinate me." © - weebllikespie '15
    Oh :o there is the copyright symbol xD I am blind~! :crazy: lol

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 3 days ago  

    *giggles* :moved yea they should xD

    Aww~That's so nice 'n I hope you do great as well :D

    Yeah, really? ;) lol. Sadly my hair is so thick ._. and it's so hard to dye my hair. It's even hard to just put it up in a ponytail xDD
    lol xD 'Baby' is so funny sounding now that I think about it xDD I used to sing it to my sis all the time because she hated it so much :naughty: lol

    Nuuuuu x( he is totally in the different program as me :/ He is in the police program and I'm in the medical program xD I'm not anywhere close to him :p I used to see him in the cafeteria room, but that's as close as I got xDD I don't see him very often anymore more T_T

    Haha I see xD she must only play jokes with you cuz you are a guy :p She talked very formally to me ;)
    Lol, yeah. Sometimes even the hottest person will go for older women ;D I guess they find it hot or something. I know Hugh Jackman married an old lady xDD lol Sorry to his wife ;)
    Wow o.o no way xD I had no idea how many older people were on this xDD It's so funny ;P
    I called you 'old' :p cuz you are a gramps ;D mwahahaha

    LOL I'm pretty sure he's pretty classy~ if classy guys is what you're after ;)
    Hmmm...he does wear scarves xDD that could be classy maybe :moved: and nah x) classy is okay for a guy, but I want to be the fashionable one in the relationship :p lol

  • Reply by Japanimenya  

    Re-do: *giggles* :moved: yea they should xD
    I always forget my other colon mark xP ooops

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 3 days ago  

    Haha yeah xD Don't worry, I say "bestie" all the time too ;) hehehe

    LOL thanks ;D and thanks :D

    Wow for reals xD? I should see if Kame is classy then :p

    Aww~ thanks :) I bet you will find lots of nice people out there too ;D

    Ooo~ I do love the color purple x) maybe that is a good choice xD
    Yeah, JB won't leave this world yet xD He is still getting the fangirls to drool for him ;) lol xD But I won't talk about JB that way then ;D You have to keep up your good rep :3 hehehe

    Sadly no T_T I tried get the courage to talk to him, but he is always hanging out with his buddies, and I don't want to interrupt them xD I'm too shy :o I just look from afar

    I didn't know she played games xD
    And yeah, I would make a better fit ;D lol xD Although~ I did hear Kame had this quick relationship with this older woman back then :p it was all rumors though xD I hope it was not real x3 lol :D

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 3 days ago  

    Hehe, I like how you say "bestie" :3 It's so cute sounding :moved: hehe

    LOL XD Then I shouldn't listen to it anymore. I need to be smart for my upcoming tests ;) hahaha

    Oh don't say that ;) I think we should all be even in the way we look :moved: No one is out of your league ;D hihihi

    I had my glasses on :crazy: I did look as hard as possible :p hehehe

    Oh really~? :moved: That's good to hear about my collegues :D

    LOL, really xD? Oh wow xD I forgot about their colorful hair :p I want that too then xD Better yet, just let me be an anime all together xDD hahaha~ *joke joke*
    Thanks ;3 and 5'9 sounds good to me :p At least you are taller then Justin Beaver xDD bwahaha
    I like a guy who is about that height <3 The guy I like at my school is about that tall too :)

    OH yeah~! XD I remember her :D I chatted with her when she first signed on JPA :3 but then I took 2 years off JPA to focus on my school :) I wonder is she remembers me :p? I love her profile picture x) I'm jelly :p hihihi
    I can see her posts on Kame's main forum post xD She is the only one posting there. I use her to get updates about my precious Kame~ <3 lol xDD

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 3 days ago  

    Haha ok xDD

    Lol, we (girls) will take that as a compliment ;)

    I know right? Asian pop have a much better beat than American pop. I get sleepy when I listen to that kind of pop xD

    Hehe as long as we just admire them, that's good enough;) just don't go too far to get your GF friend wonderingxDD

    Hihihi thanks xD Copyright? What copyright :naughty:? I don't see the copyright sign :p bwahahaha

    Oh yes~ That is true. I do get help from my classmates :) I'm lucky they are all happy to help out ^.^

    Hmm, I'm kind of happy of how I turned out xD I wish I had anime eyes xD :moved: lol
    Me too :p I wish I were taller as well :3 I'm 5'3, how about you?

    It sure is :moved: you're welcome O:)

    Lemme just tell you that you have some HUUUUUGGGEEEEE competition ;) :3
    WAAAaaah~ T_T where xD? I'll hunt them down :naughty: mwahahaha xDDD

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    Oh yes :) sure thing :D I, too, need to save up money xD lol

    Yeah xD We'll keep our boy/girl thoughts to ourselves ;) lol

    Yeah o.o Ruby must be busy with school and all :) Nope xD My place don't really know much about Asian pop x3 They like American pop more xD haha

    I guess even though you have someone you are with, we all still like to admire celebrities :3 lol

    Ooo~ I guess it's my line now ;) bwahahaha

    Yeah~I try getting good grades too, but it's just so hard xD

    Aww~ I'm glad you think natural beauty is great ;) We have to love ourselves once in a while even though sometimes the grass is greener on the other side xDDD

    JPA is very nice :D I was shocked when I first signed up, and then I get this post welcoming me so warmly :) O:)
    You are very nice too ^.^

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    Hahaha that's very much normal! Who's your bias may I ask? ;)

    Ooo~ Sorry xD I didn't see this part of the comment x)
    My bias is Kamenashi Kazuya <3 lol :moved:

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    I wish to go to a lot of places, but now I should add Australia to my list :moved:

    Hihihi, it's okay if you don't understand (us) girls ;) I don't get boys either xD

    Not IRL :) I've only know her through the internet. We have known each other for more than 5 years now :D I didn't know you were her friend :3

    Lol, your special other shouldn't mind you meeting a celebrity ;D hehe I hope my future bf would let me meet hot celebrities xD

    Haha~ you are too kind ;D and I bet you are smart too :3

    You look way Asian to me ;) They do say Vietnamese people are likely to have double eyelids than Chinese, Korean, and Japanese people ^^ and a lot of K-Pop idols get double eyelid surgery because they hate their monolids xD Everyone one wants to look more Western with white skin, thinner nose, and double eyelids ;) You are lucky :3

    Hehe~ then that's good to hear from this site to have nice people :D I'm glad to have met you then ;D

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    Haha okay xD nice point
    I'm glad you are happy in Australia now ^^

    You're welcome :moved:~

    LOL that would be so sneaky of you to enter the girls' world ;) but I highly doubt you'll understand what girls like to talk about xDD

    Yeah~ so far I know jsonlyrics and rubymewyumi are from Japan. Ruby is a friend of mine actually :3

    WOW :moved: Yuko is gorgeous <3

    lol xD everyone do assume we (Asians) are so smart :p hehe I'm not smart though x)

    I like your picture. It looks good ;D thanks for showing me :moved:

    Lol, that's good you guys aren't always cranky then xD haha :3

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    Haha! Hugh must be that hot if guys even fall for him ;) Wow, I see :) I've never heard about the Vietnam War very much, but it sounds awful.

    Oh thanks :D and good luck with your languages ;D

    Haha okay xD I bet some people would even put the opposite gender as well because they wanted a little laugh too ;)

    LOL xD I like pretty boys and hot boys :crazy: hehe~

    Oh yes, I get excited to know when there are more people from around the word *.* It's cool~

    Yeah~those "Yamato Nadeshiko" girls are so pretty :moved: They look so pure O:)

    Haha xD I can't believe you saw my post on that forum :blush: hehe
    I do look deep into thought ;) I was studying at the time :3
    You need to show me what you look like :D I'm not familiar with the faces of a Vietnamese person especially if you are part Chinese as well ;D

    (´・ω・) (・ω・`) (ω・` ) *̡͌l̡*̡̡ ̴̡ı̴̴̡ ̡̡͡|̲̲̲͡ ̲▫̲͡ ̲̲̲͡͡ω̲̲͡ ̲̲͡▫̲̲͡͡ ̲|̡̡̡ ̡ \(^o^)/ \(^ω^\)( /^ω^)

    And no, you are not that laid back xD You are super friendly and a goof ball xDD :D hehe I was afraid most of you would be serious because you all have to keep the other jpa users in control all the time xD
    Oh wow that's cool they all have different backgrounds :3

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,266,437 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    Whenever I hear this song, I can't help but smile at its transcendental beauty but at the same time I feel saddened from the poignant lyrics and the emotional vocals...

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 5 days ago  

    I can't believe you are a crew member ;D
    Are all the other crew members also Vietnamese as well? :moved:

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 5 days ago  

    Yeah~I loved him as Wolverine from X-men :D By the way, why did your family move to Australia anyways? :D

    I love learning other languages too :D I'm trying to learn Italian and Romanian as well :3 hehe

    Haha~ >:3 I'm older than you xD bwahaha ;D but since I see you as a 'grandpa' I thought you would be 40 or something xDD

    It's a good thing we think alike ;D hehe
    Lol xD you read about me? xDD Not much really about me :p It just has tons of hot guys on it more xDD I like to show everyone who my fav idols/actors are <3

    I am quite shocked there aren't a lot of Asians on this site as well :p But it's cool to know a lot of other countries are interested in the Asian culture :moved: hahaha x) It makes me proud xD haha

    I used to not like being Asian when I was younger because there were a lot of white people with blue eyes around me, and I always did wish I could fit in xD but now I'm happy to be Asian. A lot of people who see me in public would think to themselves, "Wow what an exotic beauty" xD They all want my skin color and hair color :3 hehe I feel proud now to be who I am now :D

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 5 days ago  

    Your "About me" quote

    On a side note~ I'm beginning to think that nobody ever reads our 'About Me's :p
    Haha xD you're right :p Ooops~ So all the question I just asked were in there xDD
    I had no idea you were Asian as well ;D When I hear Australia, I instantly though of a white person xDD lol. That's cool you are Vietnamese and Chinese :moved:

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 5 days ago  

    Lol, that is long xD Cool! You have it worse x3 lol I want to ride a train :3 hehehe

    I feel like the medical field is really growing big @.@

    Oh~That's cool :3 I only know Australia is home to the Opera House and Hugh Jackman <3 lol

    Oh my xD You know quite a bit ;) Knowing lots of languages can really help you get hired in the hospital or clinic ;3 It'll look good on your resume :) And I can't believe you want to learn even more languages xD That sound hard!~

    Cool~Are there many Chinese people living in Australia then? :moved:
    I actually consider myself all American now xD since I live in America now ;)

  • Reply by Japanimenya  

    Oh yeah~ *hive fives back* :moved: We are both from 1994 :D haha

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,266,437 Jpops · 5 days ago  

    Currently learning this beautiful gem of a piano piece~ I really hope I can pin it down real soon! :moved:

  • Reply by Japanimenya  

    Wow~ :moved: Good luck with that :) Sounds so pretty O:)

  • Reply by weebllikespie VIP  

    Ahhh... the feels! I've been learning so many pieces lately because there's a piano on campus and I just love playing whenever I have the time :moved:

    As far as I know, nobody has tried to play this piece before so hopefully I'll be first :)

  • Reply by Japanimenya  

    Cool :) I used to play the piano, but I stopped xD I got caught up on the internet :3 haha
    I bet you'll do well ;)

  • Reply by weebllikespie VIP  

    Aw... you should play again sometime! The piano is such a beautiful instrument to play... it would be a waste to abandon that gift.

  • Reply by Japanimenya  

    Yeah, I should xD I tried practicing just a while ago ;D hihihihi~ :moved:

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 6 days ago  

    Ooo~ If I may I ask as well :moved:
    Where are you from?
    How old are you?
    Do you know more languages besides English? I like to hear how many other languages a person can speak :) hehe~

    I'm from China
    Only English xD but some Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese as well :)

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 6 days ago  

    It's 4 hours of class, but I also spend 2 hours driving to school and back home xD so it's like 6 hours. It's not as bad as what most people would do xp I'm just lazy lol

    WOW~! That's sounds like a lot of stuff to do xD haha. It sounds tough xp lol

  • Posted by M0rA · 10,489 Jpops · 6 days ago  

    Heyy so sorry for the late reply, that's first and second lovvvve the display pic!
    And third yeah i know she is immature but it's fine xD
    So how have u been? Again sorry i don't have internet and Facebook is the only thing i can open once or twice using credit on my othr phone :/

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 6 days ago  

    That's sweet xDD I don't have any breaks. My classes are back to back :p

    *high fives back* :moved: Well which ever you pick, I hope you do good with it ;)

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 13,922 Jpops · 7 days ago  

    Hi Ron~~
    It's been awhile!
    How are you? What's have you been doing?

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Wow, that's a long presentation x.x Mine is only 10 minutes long xD and it's not due until November :3
    I'm studying to become a medical assistant :moved:
    How about you? :D

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    I'm doing good :) I started my first week back at college again :D It went pretty well O:)
    How about you :moved: ?

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 18,487 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Hello~ You're welcome :moved:
    I'm happy you accepted :)

  • Posted by YukiAzamaki · 10,369 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Hey, you're welcome :)
    Sorry for taking some time to reply, but this last days I've been enjoying the beach :cool:
    So, how are you?

  • Reply by YukiAzamaki  

    Oh god Dx grammar fail Dx I meant *these last days* :p

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,266,437 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Oh my gosh... I have exactly 50,000 profile views! WOOH! Achievement unlocked! xDD

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,266,437 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    This really hits me in the feels. Playing KH again just brings back all those memories... :moved:

  • Reply by Rukako  

    Kingdom Hearts is my favorite game ever.

  • Posted by Rubymewyumi · 2,050 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Me too :D I have always wanted to see big cats in person or go to South America <3
    I'm a cat person (^..^) hehe but I really do love all animals no matter what :D <3

  • Posted by Rubymewyumi · 2,050 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Wow~ That's cool :D! I'm still in the 9th grade; not doing much yet. I want to become a veterinarian someday though ^^ I love animals a lot O:)

  • Posted by Rubymewyumi · 2,050 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Oh nice~ What are you aiming for at the university? ^^

  • Posted by Rubymewyumi · 2,050 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Lol xD can't blame you ;D
    And oh I see. ^.^ good luck with that :D
    I have been well ^.^ Still in school though :D
    How about you?

  • Posted by M0rA · 10,489 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    If you knew the full story you would understand but ill summarize it for u, shes way too soft and sensitive she doesn't know how to talk back or deal with this, and that mutual friend is the one talking behind my back actually... She caused way too much problems over a guy she likes, always sobbing over nothing and that's causing my friend to get annoyed and tell what's happening...
    On the other part with the advice I have no idea why they would ask me, it's not like I've ever been in love or in a relationship so I don't know anything i tried to help but idk if i did... They don't really come to me when they need help just! Gosh! I know fake when i see it im not dumb, they ask for help cuz they trust me....
    And the thing that pissed me off was all 4 of them jumped in at once i got pressured, and about the first friend, you're wrong, she can't just delete her cuz this isn't an online friendship ya know, they live near each other...
    But I don't think you have the time to sit and listen to whatever else i gotta say so yeahh

  • Posted by M0rA · 10,489 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Ughh gosh! 4 of my friends came to me yesterday for help and each one at the same time! Asking for advice and relationship stuff and another ranted on about our mutual friend being a pain and it got me stressed out cuz I couldn't keep up!!

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,266,437 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    I HAVE to learn the piano for this but I can't find the piano sheet anywhere! I don't wanna have to transpose it. >.< T_T

  • Reply by Rubymewyumi  

    Hi! Long time no chat :D
    I wonder if you remember me xD I was scrolling through my wall and I saw you there ^.^
    BTW, I recently just watched this show :D

  • Posted by M0rA · 10,489 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    All ive got is drama drama drammaaaaa today.... I dont even wanna continue this...whatever it is..... change the subject before i burst....

  • Posted by M0rA · 10,489 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Well I never said anything about Horoscopes XD
    I don't read them....I simply stated zodiac facts, zodiac traits...nothing else, and those are true in ones personality as far as i know they are in mine.....

    I don't like Horoscopes nor do I bother to read misunderstood what I said and there you zodiac is always misunderstood by others, when we say something others read or hear or even it the wrong way when we mean something completely different.... Just a fact.... lol

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