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Perhaps being vigilant these days is to be paranoid...

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  • Posted by M0rA · 10,386 Jpops · 8 hours ago  

    August 8? Or May 5th?? XD

    Ahh yea I remember you are half Chinese Half Viet, like my other friend your age hahahaha but I guess you're older by a few months ^^
    Oh mine is 20/11 I turned 19 already hehehe

    Hmm I don't know what time I was born, but I think it was at night XD My mom barely remembers hahahaha! If I was her I'd write everything down and I mean EVERYTHING HAHA!
    I don't like riding all those crazy rides like roller coasters and stuff, never been on one but I can tell either I'd faint or either I'd cry hahahaa!

  • Posted by M0rA · 10,386 Jpops · 24 hours ago  

    Ohhhh its tomorrow xD I didn't know heheehe
    Happy New Year i guess :)
    Well we don't live in the middle of nowhere but it feels like it lol...
    My Chinese zodiac is Rat hahahah xD I didn't expect mine would be a rat xD but it's interesting really...

    Oooooh sounds fun! I love riding the faris wheel! Idk why but i really like it ^.^ Kinda makes me feel like on top of the world! Chehehehee c:
    When is your birthday of you don't mind telling :)

  • Posted by M0rA · 10,386 Jpops · 1 day ago  

    It's way too depressing here, it doesn't feel like i live in the city or the countryside but more like a desert T.T
    Thats how annoying it is lol!

    Anyways xD anything new happen with you recently? :)

  • Posted by M0rA · 10,386 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    Hahahaha I know exactly how you feel! Before we moved here they did construction on the roof and my Gosh! So noisy I felt as if the roof was gonna fall down ughh!

    I like the country side, but sometimes it gets so quiet I hate it XD

  • Posted by Betteand VIP · 96,142 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    ^_^ I am not going anywhere and I know you write back when you can :)

    I know I try be careful, but not always easy. . I have a cousin which is 23 years old and she already have 2 in her neck, one is colasped and more is coming in her bag :(
    I need 3 more wisdom teeth removed but may take some time, I do not want them near them unless they really have to. . .

    No need worry about a B'Day prestent :) Friendship is more important ;) My parents invited me out to eat tomorrow on my Birthday and saturday some friends and Family is coming :)

    I love snow too :) So beautiful. . . and hate it when everything is wet hahahaha . . . True snow is so pure and make you feel Peaceful.
    I once was addicted to painkillers, so I only take painkillers if I really need it or else I do not. . I also only buy it in small amounts because of that. . it is many years ago. . and luckly nothing was damaged, and my father scroll a teacher for giving me all the painkillers and a trip. . . in 9 days I had eaten 98 painkillers out of the 100 painkillers they brought and I was the only one that had gotten any. . :confused: So my Father was furious.
    True, but I also try take care of myself at Work, because I am not that old and I have many many years back. . .

    Please just stay safe . . . Nature is danger but also beautiful, so please just stay safe!

    Nice . . . I am counting Down for the spyair concert :) Hope you soon can go to a concert!

  • Posted by M0rA · 10,386 Jpops · 4 days ago  

    Ah ah that's okay :)
    For some reason I really like car sounds, however construction sounds I can never get used to especially in the same building I live in...
    Cars make me feel I live in a city, which i actually do live in a city but not like New York, Tokyo, Seoul, and LA, just different..... It distracts me but in a good way ^^

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 106,003 Jpops · 5 days ago  

    Of course you are ;) Yes, they do :D Oh yeah :p That’s right. I wish we could recruit that one Shiny Pokemon xD You’re right, but the hunger bar is still such a hassle. Wow, by the sounds of it, you’re team seems so unstoppable xDDD

    Oh really? That is smart of you then. I just click button and hope it’ll work :p I don’t think about it xD Lol, yeah >.< I guess they really wanted us to raise the Pokemon’s IQ in order to avoid that one visible trap :p Haha, that’s nice xD What does AI mean btw xD? That’s right ;) Yep~challenging is good XD Oh, so that’s how it is. Well, that’s good then that FF has improved :3 Good items are handy in the boss battle ;D Really? I can’t relate to most of the game characters xD There story is so different from mine :3

    Anytime :moved: Yeah~ you are right :) After all, that is what employees are looking for when they hire people :3

    LOL~ right? :p I would have never guessed that they used that xD Is it similar to the Action Replay? Oh wow~ Those Nopons are quite interesting from what I’m hearing now xD Tanks? Goodness me~ XDDDDD They are ;) Oh, that’s cool :3 Maybe I should try that game then :3 Lol, there always new games coming out xD It’s endless, and we just want more xDDD I hope you do ;) You’ll have to be smart about balancing between work and gaming time xD Thanks O:) They are :)

    Wow, that’s quite extreme xD Lol~ nice xD Oh, do you mean we always play the boring characters in epic RPGs? Is that what you meant xD?

  • Posted by M0rA · 10,386 Jpops · 6 days ago  

    Oh gosh, i love the sounds of cars passing by, its how I used to sleep actually...
    We live on the third floor so we good xD no toxic stuff hahaha!!!
    We plan on moving again cuz this neighborhood is like.... dead really, its so damn quiet you can hear all sorts of things....

  • Posted by Betteand VIP · 96,142 Jpops · 6 days ago  

    Do not be sorry. . . I had a feeling something was not as it should be, and u always write back when you can ;)

    My back is much better now, I was lucky it was not so serious. . . But I was told to be more careful when I carry things. . .
    I need have the last 3 wisdom teeth removed too, but they are first allowed when something is wrong with them, because first time was not so lucky...

    Thank you ^^ Cannot wait for my Birthday!

    That is true, that is also what I hate about when it is cold, but the snow is beautiful most of the time :)
    Yeah but sometimes I need take some painkillers to get through a day at work, not always funny. And health is more important than a job, but without work no money :(

    Hope the monsoon soon is gone and the rain stops. . . here it is raining a lot all the time.

    That could not be more true :) and I am sure you one day can go to a concert :)

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 106,003 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Yeah, good point. I’m not sure if there is a whole lot of post-game contents. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed ;) Those JRPGS sure do :o Cool ;) That’s the good part of trying to recruit the legendary Pokemon ;) Thank God there aren’t any shiny Pokemon in the dungeons~ lol :p Oh, that’s right. I forgot about the hunger bar :p That was smart of you to toughen ur Darkrai. I never would have thought of training him after I recruited him. He would have been just another collection with my other legendary Pokemon xD Wow, they have big HP :o Wow~ you’re powerful xDDD

    I hate it when they do that move >.< Nice ;) Yes, they are~ I remember those annoying explosive traps xD Lol~ I would squeal angrily when my teammates step on it so many times >.< Luckily in the Super version, the trap bursts after being used once, but if I step on it and it didn’t activate, then all my teammates after me would avoid the trap. Ofc you chose the Water-type ;) Most guys do :p I love a good challenge too~ I bet you are ;3 That’s right >.< I hate changes, personally o.o So, Final Fantasy changed in a good way then? :3 Yes, you were on a high level. I didn’t do side jobs, and that’s why I was only on lv. 37 or 38 :p lol. Ah, that is good to see in characters :) Haha, you and I both then xDDD

    Oh, I’m betting you’ll do good this year :) I finally got a list of my clinical sites. They gave me 9 to chose from and not I have to pick the top 3. None of them were the ones I wanted, but, oh well :p

    Haha, nice xDDD I guess Mew eludes everyone but those real Pokemon hackers :p Eh, but Nopon sounded like a character’s name xP Awww, they are cute :3 Lol~ yep :p Games are like that xD Yeah, that would be nice :D No problem!~ Oh, yes. You sure do have more games awaiting you ;) Yeah, that’s sad about those old games. My sis and I have been trying to find a good deal on Mario Part 2 :p

    Ah, I see. That's good :D It does sound nice ;)

  • Posted by M0rA · 10,386 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Yup! Its hard since i moved T.T
    Even going to the store is annoying though its near, and barely any cars ughhh

  • Posted by Betteand VIP · 96,142 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    I have only gotten one of my wisdom teeth removed I still have 3 left, and I have told that they are not to remove them unless something is wrong with them. . . . because last time a nerve was crushed and now my left side of my thoung is half asleep all the time and feels really wird. . So no wisdom tooth will be removed unless something is wrong now. .
    Yeah I will celebrate my birthday, I have invited a few to coffee and cake and hope my father get home so we all can go out and eat :) my sister have taken the Whole day off just for me :) It is very kind og her.

    the last few days it has been between -10 and -17 degrees :( could use some warm. . . My body is in a lot of pain.
    Today at Work I was in so much pain, but did not want take any painkillers, and still have not taken any hope I can sleep tonight. . .

    Hope soon it get colder so you can go outside without burning. . .

    yeah it is really funny. . . but unfortunatly time pass really fast. . .
    I really hope you soon can attend a concert, I cannot wait to attend mine. . . :)

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 106,003 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Yeah, that’s right xD You’re like my dad. He also loves a game that lasts forever such as the original Serious Sam games :3 but I hope you do like the game ;) Oh, I hate it when it ends after a really good story as well :o Haha, so that’s how cheap of a move that was. It’s also pretty clever too x’DDD I did learn to go by myself to recruit legendary Pokemon after my other members defeated a legendary Pokemon xD I was so angry when my partner did that. Oh, no fair :o I could never get rid of those Kecleon >.< I can totally imagine you being off the pathway and hitting them without them being able to attack you :p Do you know their HP stat by the way?

    Yeah, it does. That’s a good idea but luckily I haven’t ran into a monster house unless I was in a mission :3 It’s those traps that releases an aroma to attract Pokemon that really gets to me xD Haha, yup. I thought I might just give another type of Pokemon a go. I always choose Fire-type as my starter xD It is odd how they changed it. I’ve lost in the dungeon way more than I have before xD I really have to use my skills in that game. Yeah, I liked how I could really level up and become stronger. The HP stats on those wild Pokemon are almost as high as mine, and they take forever to take down with my weak moves :p It’s true xD It takes me like 3 or 4 Flamethrowers to take down a Pokemon in the beginning, but I did boost the move now. The changes to the game kind of reminded me when they changed the Mario Party series. It was Mario Party 9 when they really changed the basics of the game. Wow, you were strong in Azurill’s Nightmare ;) That is true about games with dark story plots. Oh, that is interesting. Yeah, typical him :p

    That’s awesome!~ Good for you ;)

    That’s understandable ;) It means you really got your money’s worth. Yeah, I gave up on trying to complete the Pokemon game xD Oh~ hohoho, you must really like that character then for him to exist ;3 Sometimes games will do that to us :p Hahaha, okay xDDD :p Wow, really? The DS game chip can hold that much memory :o? Interesting. That’s a nice list of top 5s :) Geez, that is old :o

    Oh my :o How sad though. Lol~ I can totally picture you wanting that :3 ;)

  • Posted by Betteand VIP · 96,142 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Wow I never tried that . . . not even when I visited Brazil.

    Me too I hate the dentist. . . . :(
    My birthday is the 5th February :) so very soon

    Not funny :( hope it cool Down soon outside.
    Yeah Norway can get really Cold. . we have tried -21 degrees in Denmark but some years ago. . . I hate when it is too Cold outside.

    Time passes way to fast. . . . I wish it would slow time sometimes . . . . I believe I will, I think it will be a great going listen to the music and go to the signing session. :)

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 7,249 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    How would you like at least 30cm to over 60cm of snow??
    Predicted for Friday here.

  • Posted by Betteand VIP · 96,142 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Sounds nice ^^ good you had something to do :)

    I only have one week off. . and in that week I will go to the dentist, celebrate my Birthday and Watch some SPYAIR concerts on dvd :) Cannot wait to relax. . . ^^

    you are having a hot weather. . wow. . . here it is freezing. . . this morning it was -10 degrees when I walked to Work. . . That was COLD :)

    Yeah I believe they will, times passes fast :) and I believe it will be amazing :)

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 106,003 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    I'm happy for you :)

    They sure did :p Some of their new mechanics are pretty cool. Sure, go ahead. Give it a try. I have a feeling you can finish the game in less then 2 days because the story really speeds by xD Oh, Piercing Throw does? :p Believe me; I did use the Golden Mask with a lv. 100 Pokemon, but I still was never able to get Darkrai. I was so upset too, and then I gave upl My sister managed to get him because her main hero, Meganium, had an IQ called Fast Friend (I think). Wow, that ability sounds really wicked :crazy:
    I play Fennekin, and no, I can't evolve until after the epilogue story T_T I might start over for fun because I'm going to choose a water type Pokemon instead :3 I'm serous xDDD IN certain dungeons, I can find only one really strong Pokemon that would give me about 80 exp. points, and that's really rare to find >.< Eh, I guess the game balances the exp. in a different kind of way. It doesn't expect us to be on lv. 50 by the end xD I guess it makes it more challenging. Oh, and our moves are not as strong. A Flamethrower would only take down 10 or 12 HP I think. It's really weak xD You would have to take special drinks to power them up. Those Blisseys, they sure gave us a lot of exp. points xD Do you mean you were also on lv. 55 too? XD 35 is pretty low ;) Oh, I see :footinmouth: That's okay xD I do too. My bro just call me me a nerd if I'm too smart about some sort of game :p

    Oh really? :moved: What kind of hospital is it? :3 Yeah, I guess it is XD

    Really? :crazy: I was never able to finish any game 100% XD Yeah, with Pokemon, you can never get 100% done xD There was always just more Pokemon being released and because no one could ever get Mew :p I do like a good game with lovable characters :3 I for sure won't go all night on a game then~ lol :p 40 hours straight!? YIKESSSsss xDDD You better not do it again ;) I don't think I can play the game. I looked it up and I saw it was only for Wii U, and I don't have that console T_T Oh, wow. That must be really good to be in your top 5 ;) What are the other 4 games you enjoy playing? :)

    Golly, that sounds extremely sad then if it was about to make you cry :o That's a lovely song too :) Haha, I thought Satori was a tree xDDD

  • Posted by jsonglyrics · 62,908 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Yes, Weeble... Are you not Weeble? ... Pft XD
    And hey, at least your comp is fixed now :D

    I'm just here... Trying to pass midterms without studying... So sad... Today was the first day and I think I failed my English... So bad ;=;

  • Posted by jsonglyrics · 62,908 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  
  • Posted by JpopKpopLover94 VIP · 207,794 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    I work at a clothing store. :)

  • Posted by JpopKpopLover94 VIP · 207,794 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Well I started working 3 months ago. :) So far so good

  • Posted by Betteand VIP · 96,142 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Sounds awsome, what game did you resive?
    I really needed and in 2 weeks I have a week off Work Again :) going to be awsome. :D

    I will try, I feel like I Work, sleep, Work, sleep so today I will relax on my day off...
    Go ahead it is minus degrees here at the moment so I could use some warm.

    I really hope so too. . . just a Little over 2 month for it, and cannot wait :moved: :moved:
    Promise I will stay safe, I am staying at the hotel right infront of the concert hall with my sister, so should not be a problem. ;)

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 106,003 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    I see. That's good then ;) Oh, yes :D Thank you :)
    Oh, those are some great recommendations, but about that's quite different from the Sky version T_T There is no such thing as gummies to give Pokemon IQs. Instead, the Pokemon already know some IQs like item master, gap prober, and others I can't quite remember. An item called the Emera and Looplets kind of act as our gummies along with some wands to help us out in the journey. Oh, I love the Piercing Throw IQ too :crazy: I've never had Darkrai :o What does Time Tripper do anyways :o? I would definitely bring Pokemon who know the moves Heat Wave and Earth Power, but this dungeon only allows the main hero to go, and I know none of those moves which hit the entire room T_T By the way, the exp. points are so different too. In the entire story and dungeon I have gone through, all the Pokemon I have defeated (weak like Caterpie or strong like Steelix) only gave me 6-80 exp. points xDDD which mean, as I'm already in the epilogue part, I'm only on lv. 25 :p I would be on lv. 55 at the end of the Sky version though xD The new mechanics to the game is kind of weird compared to the older Mystery Dungeon, but it did have a cute story :) Lol~ I don't mind your advice ;)
    Thanks! :) Lucky you xDDD I do hope you can find the right hospital ;) My teachers get to kind of pick my clinic area >.> They'll give me a list of 3 clinics and I get to number them by which one I want the most :p I wanted to choose though >.<

    Lol, nice xD Oh, that's nice. They do seem like pretty great characters :D Wow xD I wouldn't be able to do an all-nighter then :p So, I'm guessing you have gone longer than that, eh? :p That game sounds fun :moved:

    Cool~ that's sounds so peaceful :) It's very good <3

  • Posted by jsonglyrics · 62,908 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    And hey at least it's still January? ;D XD
    How were you???

  • Posted by JpopKpopLover94 VIP · 207,794 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    So far it was good :) Its okay bro, I understand. How are you?

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 106,003 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Oh, no need to worry. I don't mind late replies ;) You're welcome :D O:) ACK! Sorry about your computer :o I'm glad you are back now :) I had a wonderful Christmas with my family down in Florida. I got the Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon game as my present :moved: I finished the game as of now, but I'm stuck on the epilogue story because all the Pokemon in that dungeon are so hard >.< 2016 for me, so far, is going great :D My new teachers are also much nicer to me :)

    Oh, my goodness :o That's a long time of playing. Oh yeah, I saw your new dp right away xD When you mean by all-nighters, do you mean almost 24 hours that day~ because, goodness, that's super long xDDDD That was very thoughtful of your cousin ;) I'm happy you are having fun with your new game xD :moved:

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 7,249 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Hello love~ hugs
    Welcome back!! Miss you!! How have you been? How's the family and Mia?
    How's your summer going? My winter has been mild so far, but by this Friday we are expecting 10/20cm of snow.

    I got two new students since the start of this year and they are behavior problems.

    Another teacher and I started s dance team at our school. They aren't as good as Kpop yet but given some that we only have 1 1/2 hour of practice twice a week they are doing great. They have preformed at two of our basketball games and enjoyed it.

  • Posted by M0rA · 10,386 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    Unfortunately not T_T the place i live in has zero transportation so i can't search for a job...
    Hopefully i find one soon!
    How you been lately ? ^^

  • Posted by Betteand VIP · 96,142 Jpops · 3 weeks ago  

    No need be sorry, as u said your computer broke. :)
    I am happy you had a great xmas and New Year 🎉 I had too ^^ very relaxing ^^

    I am fine working a lot but soon have a holiday again ^^ here in Denmark it is very cold at the moment so wish I could stay home insted going to work ^^

    Then I am also looking forward to march countdown for The concert <3

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,333,188 Jpops · 3 weeks ago   now online

    Sorry I haven't replied to you all~ I FINALLY got my computer fixed! Thanks for all the Xmas and New Year wishes while I was away and I hope 2016 will be a productive year for you all! O:)

  • Posted by Betteand VIP · 96,142 Jpops · 4 weeks ago  

    Hi ^^

    How was Christmas and New Year?

    Are you staying healthy?

  • Posted by jsonglyrics · 62,908 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    Happy New Year!

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 7,249 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    I hope y
    Everything is going well~ hugs my friend- miss you lots

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 7,249 Jpops · 1 month ago  

  • Posted by JpopKpopLover94 VIP · 207,794 Jpops · 1 month ago  

  • Posted by M0rA · 10,386 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    So sooo sorry for the late reply but still no wifi ughh, yes i have got two job offers but i didnt like them, so still looking unfortunately T.T ill be on here for a bit now at last lol xD

  • Posted by mairilavinia668 · 238 Jpops · 1 month ago  

  • Posted by mairilavinia668 · 238 Jpops · 1 month ago  
  • Posted by mairilavinia668 · 238 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    HAI!! Im fine, how about you? sorry iwasnt been to jpa for a month.

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 7,249 Jpops · 1 month ago  
    I hope your holiday was great🎅🏻🎄☃❄️🎁


  • Posted by jsonglyrics · 62,908 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    Merry Christmas!

  • Posted by Japanimenya · 106,003 Jpops · 1 month ago  

    I hope you were a good boy this year ;) and I hope you are doing well :D :moved:

  • Reply by Japanimenya  

    Oh, I messed up on ur wall T_T

  • Posted by YukiAzamaki · 11,698 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    Merry Christmas!!ヾ(。≧∇≦。)ノ゙✧*。★☆

    I hope you have a warm Christmas next to the ones you love the most :)
    I strongly wish for your happiness in this special day, may all your wishes become reality today ^^
    Have an awesome Christmas! ^^

  • Posted by Betteand VIP · 96,142 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    So Happy to hear :)
    I will find one, I just need to look a Little more :) I have faith :) I really want to go home.

    Yeah there are some attackts around the World, it is very sad. . . I am looking forward to seeing everyone at home. . I can finally have a Xmas holliday with my Family :) That is joy .)
    Here it is raining, do not think it will be a White Xmas this year. . . But maybe my birthday will be White!

    I will, I think I will have a time in january for a check up, I think it should be checked as well.
    I have not taken painkillers the last few days. . but it still Hurts. . .

    My week has been awsome, I went to see Star Wars in the movie :) It was awsome and I cannot wait for the NeXT one. . .
    This weekend I will get ready for the 23th when I will go home right after Work. . .

    If I do not talk with you before Christmas I wish you a Merry Christmas with a lot of love and happiness. . .

  • Posted by YukiAzamaki · 11,698 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    Sorry for the late reply :( how are you doing? :)
    No worries, reminisce all you want :p
    Sometimes I get lost on flashbacks as well :p

    Hahaha indeed, glad I never actually saw that xD
    Whaaaaaaaat? :o I did nothing O:)
    Oooooh xD that was a good one xP

    Wait! What? :confused:
    What's strine?? :confused: :confused:

  • Posted by NomsZKitten · 736 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    I don't watch all that much Harem unless it has a really good story to it, but i prefer more horror, tragedy, and psychological anime. And Harem anime seems to describe what men are exactly like where i live... I sadly know from personal experience...

  • Posted by JYChii · 2,418 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    Just like DIV and Ganglion's genre... Little heavier. :)

  • Posted by JYChii · 2,418 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    Hahahaha, yeah you're right... XD she's really damn cute and cool. <3
    By the way, can you suggest me some cool Visual Kei band? :)

  • Posted by JYChii · 2,418 Jpops · 2 months ago  

    Hi.. How are you? :)

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