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  • Posted by jojootaku · 0 Jpops · 1 hour ago  

    srry for my really late reply, but I had so many tests and exams in every subject, that i just had no time to log in. ほんとにすみません ><

  • Reply by jojootaku  

    How did your exams turned out ? did they went well?

  • Posted by Arashiis1 CREW · 15,160 Jpops · 12 hours ago  

    Yeah, Just hoping I can scrape at least 5's in all of them haha
    Wow, good job! I certainly worried about the finals too late, I should have studied more. But oh well, at least I have a huge break to relax in now and learn some programming. How did you finals go?

    mm well I'm still not sure. I need to really figure out if I'm going to do both Software and Electrical engineering although that limits job opportunities or if I'm going to do Software Engineering with some other degree. If I do decide to do Electrical as well then I'll have no choice and I'll have to take second year Math courses.

    Anyway, how are you?

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 339,554 Jpops · 12 hours ago  

    Yeah that's true~ And I think the biggest reason I noticed the wings right away is because you mentioned that it could use fly :p Yeah they definitely would! Oh I was talking about Brock's gym~ Yeah math that thing :p
    Yeah trust me I learned that a long time ago ;)
    Yeah it's crazy! I can't imagine life without the technology we have! It's scary :o
    Oh that's great! I hope it happens~ 'm always curious who is liking my journals~ Thanks~
    Oh I see~ That sounds like fun~ I think I would do very bad in that since my knowledge of Jpop is very minimal :p Yeah I have :o
    Hey it could happen~ And I'm really not that picky about looks especially if I really connect with a person~ Hey you treat it like it's a bad thing >.< Of course! Yeah I guess not~ Their loss I guess :p Well it's not that bad! I rarely talk about Miko in real life,,, Yeah I bet! I'm sure she really was worth the effort! I'm happy for you~ :) Yeah and I'll help you! I really despise guys like that >.<
    Well you underestimate me~ Whenever I say I'd pass out when I meet her is just an exaggeration to explain how happy I'd be~ :p

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 339,554 Jpops · 19 hours ago  

    Ha ha yeah~ That was one of the first things I noticed but I don't think that's what everyone notices :p Ha ha you should! It can be kind of funny doing that~ In fact I think metal claw is how I beat it :p Well that's pretty good~ :p
    Yeah I can~ I have just over 900 now~ I wonder if I'll ever it the 1000 mark :undecided: Oh that's good to hear~ Ha ha yeah it's true! Considering how dependent we've become on technology :o
    lol well we can't all be perfect now can we? :p
    Yeah it was a long time ago~ Oh well~ Maybe it'll happen maybe it won't :p
    Oh I see~ That's pretty awesome~ What kind of things did you bet on? Ha ha I can imagine :o
    Exactly~ I think it would be so great to be able to share a love for VK with my future girlfriend~ And we'd probably have a mutual understanding of how biased we are if she has a bias :p Oh really? And I bet you're always happy to learn the songs for her ne? lol well it's kind of hard to confuse "nice" and "assertive" :p I am proud of it and I don't care what other people think of it :crazy: Oh that's good! Well the important thing is that you found the balance and you won her over in the end ^_^ Yeah they do! Some guys just have no respect >.<
    Nah I'll be fine! I can't disappoint her by dying when she says yes to me!

  • Posted by kanami1414 · 38,847 Jpops · 1 day ago  

    Mein Tag war gut~
    Was gibt's neues?

  • Posted by MinorinFanboy · 810 Jpops · 1 day ago   now online

    Alright, sure. ^^

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,055,020 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    I'm off to the dentist... oooerrr :confused:
    Be back soon! :D

  • Reply by MissAyumuChan VIP  

    Awwwww guess

  • Reply by weebllikespie VIP  

    I needed to get my wisdom tooth removed... it's been killing me :(

  • Posted by MissAyumuChan VIP · 978 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you did well on them. Have one more week of school but don't doing to well recently lost someone dear to me recently they left me said we couldn't talk anymore or be friends.

  • Posted by MissAyumuChan VIP · 978 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    HI ONII-SAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everything is going well with you!!!

  • Posted by M0rA · 9,393 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    Yeah check the translations cuz when I read them there was a part missing right at the end....

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 10,875 Jpops · 2 days ago  

    Hi Love~
    Did you finish all your exams? I know you did well.
    You are now having a break, right?
    Guess what~

    Tomorrow we will be getting our first measurable snow!! ⛄️❄️Yea!!!!

  • Posted by celid · 13,343 Jpops · 5 days ago  

    Hello Ron ~ How are you?
    Sorry for this late reply, I was having my midterms and been busy with such...
    How were your exams?
    Oh, that sounded as if I'd be more of a busy year rather than a hardworking one. I mean if it's research based, it'd surely be time consuming, but not like studying solely for the exams o.O at least that's what I get :D

    Hehe, the event was pretty simple. It was freezing I saw KurokonoBasukeCosplayers with shorts and shirtless streetfighters and such 0-0 I even saw a BloodElf couple, as Kael'thas and a female elf, to whom I wanted to give my vest as I think she'd be cold :D We were inside the building, though , as she might had been actually cold and ran inside :p
    I'd also been to the event I (must have) mentioned, the one organized by the Japan Embassy. But wait.. have I mentioned that? Can't remember T~T

    Well, they went to Paris, so why not Sydney? (yes I read your 'About Me' :D ) You might have already, but I recommend you check Beni's cover of Evangelion, on her YouTube page.
    And I might have already said (seriously... do tell me if I'm repeating myself, as I tend to do so) I have the 42mins of ParisExpo14, which I snatched from YT before being deleted. They played IrohaUta and Nijiiro no Chouchou as well, so if you haven't seen it , I can send it to you someway. It's awesome, it has Beni's solo in it :D

    Ah, I must ask this, how did you find the ending of Naruto? You can express it anyhow you think, as I can't pick a certain point of it either.

    Here we have a Classy Scandal corner, this week :D

    Hope the links work :moved:
    Hear you soon (P.S. take care for the upcoming colds!)

  • Posted by JinKaoru · 64 Jpops · 5 days ago  

    No but i feel like i need to speak from the heart sometimes..

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 339,554 Jpops · 6 days ago  

    Yeah that's what I thought~ :p lol it does look like a pure grass type dinosaur thing~ Yeah I guess I did! I feel kind of awesome for accomplishing it at any rate! That's so true~ Though the pay out is kind of slow :o
    Ha ha yeah it clearly does! :p Oh I see~ That's interesting~ I'm sure it has a very unique sound ne? Yeah that would be a really useful skill in this day and age~
    Ha ha I always try to be ;)
    Hmm I think it was before my account was even a year old~ Or just shortly after a year had passed~ It was pretty long ago :undecided: Oh really? How did you gamble with Jpops? :p Lol I know you do ;) Yeah I bet! None of you mods are to be fair~
    Well she doesn't have to be~ But since VK is a big part of my life it would be nice if she liked it or was open to it~ I think it would be a nice thing to share as a couple you know? Wow you're so nice *sarcasm* I'm proud of my biasness! :p Oh I see~ So you had to do a little bit of fighting for her ne? Oh that sounds really annoying! Some guys just have no boundaries >.<
    Yeah we shall!
    lol that's true~ Especially if she miraculously likes me back that would be it for me :p

  • Posted by Topazio · 27,266 Jpops · 6 days ago  

    hi ron :) been a while, busy with college, science has destroyed my neurons lol all burnt and crispy lol, how are you?

  • Posted by Zeina · 16,576 Jpops · 6 days ago  

    Why can't we live in a boring one, huh? Too much to ask for?? Don't mention it, and yeah that is reassuring thanks!
    Yep! All I gotta do now is not die, and I'm home free!!!
    Well, not home, really, I'm kinda a drifter. And this isn't like a one-time thing, so not exactly free either...
    I'm still excited though hahahaha

    Uh, okay there's lots of stuff honestly. I like the philosophy and thought processes, Taoism, and Confucianism. Confucius. I gotta say, that man was my role-model. We have the same emphasis on family relations in my culture as well you know? I seriously admired him a lot. I even portrayed him at the time for the presentation. Dressing like him was fun. I had a hat and the robe (just the outer robe, all I could find; it also had a dragon and gold stitching, which would have gotten me killed back then hahaha) and my sister (since men did wear makeup at the time) insisted to do my hair and stuff (why do you people have straight hair? hahaha) so she made this really heavy eye-makeup for me. It was in shades of bronze, gold, brown, and my skin-tone. She curled the ends and everything. Yeah hahaha it was fun. I loved his quotes like: "The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence." "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." It's the same stuff my parents tell me, and honestly I was like eleven at the time but I thought he was right, you know? I try to be moderate and thoughtful and accepting and such. "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." I just read this, but it's something I discovered a couple of years back on my own as well. He inspires me. This one, I didn't understand at the time, but now I do: "By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest." I got all three nowadays, when I used to do the second, then the first.
    Okay enough about that.
    I also love your traditions, your clothing, and your awesome poetry. As well as the zodiac, it is really interesting (I am a rat!) (I do believe that's a good thing!)
    What about you?
    Hahahaha awesome, Grand Master. Revel in your weapon's epic-osity!

    Wait, it's not yours originally? Whoa. Dagger got game.
    I see, I see. Gotcha! Wow, everything's easily accessible around here~ *runs off to get one* Awesome! Like training wheels then.
    Hehe, I like the sound of that! What about the martial artist such as yourself?

    Yeah Kinda did, hahaha. That is wicked awesome.
    Okay then *listens to song and dies over guitar* She is!
    WHOA. I love her. Not many girl bands can pull off this, but these, they are really amazing.
    *listens to song five more times*
    Vocalist, whoa girl. You are melting my brain...

    Okay then! Good luck!! Have you told her yet?
    AWWW She sounds so awesome and epic... You are a lucky man, Grand Master~
    Whoa, really? Go right the hell ahead, and be freaking ecstatic.
    Skip through town, and smell flowers and pet strays and have some ice cream hahaha

    It is a great song! Right?? I love that line, it's my favorite one!
    Yeah you can do that, it sounds like it could work great~

    We owe much to rock hahahaha
    Yes that is a magical way to phrase it! Exactly, you got it~
    You know them? Awesome!! They are, I enjoy them very much.
    I'll have to check them out then! So they are the first ones you ever listened to?
    No I meant the stuff you listed. But both are awesome at any rate!

  • Posted by kanami1414 · 38,847 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Wie war dein Tag heute? :)

  • Posted by MinorinFanboy · 810 Jpops · 1 week ago   now online

    Yeah, I was thinking something like that too, like between 15K and 20K. But yeah, that sounds good. Thanks. ^^

  • Posted by M0rA · 9,393 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Idk lol, I corrected the Romaji on it, but when I checked the translations it wasn't full, there was something missing.....

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 339,554 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Ha ha isn't it part flying? At least it looks like it might be~ Probably~ I actually don't remember it too much~ But that's probably what happened~ Ah so you'd invest it smartly ne? That's a good idea~
    Ha ha yeah~ I think that's how I got a lot of friends on here :p I'm not surprised that much~ You don't hear people saying that very often though :p Yeah probably~ That was my guess~
    lol well I meant I wouldn't willingly delete a journal :p
    Ha ha yeah I know~ I think I suggested it a while ago in the forums but nothing happened~ Oh well :undecided: Yeah they were! It was really fun to be here back then! Not that it isn't fun now but you know what I mean~ Yeah I know I was just teasing :p Oh he sounds like it~
    Yeah I'm sure I will~ When I meet a cute girl who's into VK and likes my sense of humor :p Yeah! Hey! I heard that! >.< Oh I see~ And she played hard to get with you at first ne? So were there guys hitting on her when you guys first started going out?
    Ha ha what's happening to you? :o :p Yeah it really would be!
    Yeah that's a good point... Hmm maybe I should have someone on stand by to revive me so I don't die ;)

  • Posted by weebllikespie VIP CREW · 1,055,020 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Dayum~ the song's stuck in my head... again! Taylor and Ben's vocal delivery is flawless! So seductive and sensual~ and so comforting to hear that old-school, bluesy rock sound! I have a feeling the guitar riff at the end's going to be playing in my head for a VERY long time :moved:

    MV version (w/o outro)

    Full version (with outro)

  • Posted by MinorinFanboy · 810 Jpops · 1 week ago   now online

    That would be the case, yes. ;)

  • Posted by MinorinFanboy · 810 Jpops · 1 week ago   now online

    Indeed. So you said you would give me even more Jpops once I bought back the house, right?

  • Posted by MinorinFanboy · 810 Jpops · 1 week ago   now online

    Alright, bought it now. I honestly doubt anyone would even care to buy that at a moment like this. But yeah, thanks. ^^ And again, sorry for taking so long. I was having issues with my laptop.

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 10,875 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Is Mia done with all her exams? I also wish she does excellent 😄

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 10,875 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    *Hug* Good luck~ like you need it~~
    I just wanted to give you a hug is all lol

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 10,875 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    I hope you got plenty of sleep and I know you do well on your last exam.

  • Posted by MinorinFanboy · 810 Jpops · 1 week ago   now online

    I'm ready any time. ;)

  • Posted by JinKaoru · 64 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Scars can't be hidden for long... But they r something u know will last with u forever..... I guess thats the only thing that it has in common with love... It stays forever.., do u feel the same

  • Posted by MinorinFanboy · 810 Jpops · 1 week ago   now online

    Just wanted to tell you that I finally have enough Jpops to buy back my Minorin house. Sorry for taking so long! ^^

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 339,554 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Yeah I think so too~ It's one of the best strategies because it has that element of surprise~ Ha ha I think I did spam scratch a lot~ It did take me a bunch of tries though :p Ha ha me neither~ That's just the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of someone winning the lottery~ :p
    Ha ha I know right? That's our thing :p Ah I see~ Sounds like your tastes can change quite a bit then :o Yeah it's weird~ I wonder why that is :undecided: Oh really? That's good to hear! Not that ever do that~ :p Now they just need to make it so you can see who likes your journals :p Yeah I miss those days too! I hope those days come back >.< Yeah I think so! It's the best way to eliminate bias! As long as the mods aren't biased :p Well he had a very good idea!
    Yeah that's true~ So I'm happy I have that going for me at the very least~ Yeah I know! Biased people are weird :p I bet! That's great! lol you haven't asked her? That's good to hear! It's good that they respect the fact that she's happily taken~
    Ha ha I guess so~ You must feel like a sophisticated person? Yeah~ They'll learn one day~ Hopefully :p
    Yeah there is~ So I have to meet her!

  • Posted by Zeina · 16,576 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    *facepalms* of course there'd be danger.
    Yeah well, I've got your back okay?
    Huh, pretty convenient. Thanks, Grand Master Doc! *runs off around the corner*

    It is, actually. I did a project on it when I was in the sixth grade ( it was a research a certain country thing and I chose China) By all means, go right ahead.
    Whoa. Mind=Blown. I've never thought of that before. You are right, that's freaking amazing. Colour me impressed hahaha

    I'm sure it will, just like Arnaud! Somehow, I'm thinking that you got it under control pretty quick though. Awesome! Where can I get one?
    And then when I get it under control, I don't need that anymore right?
    Also coup de grace is an awesome way to put it~

    Yes more please!! So that's your rock style huh? It's pretty freakin epic, I must say.
    Yeah they both have a lot of range-better than most other singers I can think of honestly.

    That's, well, that's a given, but still I'm so happy for you! Ah, so better get started on your planning then~
    Hahaha awww she sounds adorable and happy and that's just great, really. I'm glad for her.
    She gets to be!
    You finish your exams and then we'll discuss how you can be appropriately peppy alright? hahaha

    I love Pieces by Red. And either one of those sounds perfectly fitting with a great atmosphere. Lemme know which one you go with okay?

    Hahaha I guess so. At any rate, several years back, I got into rock (because you are very right, it is the best) and it helped buoy me up during really tough times. Now, while I can't stand listening to well, like you said, screaming every single lyric, I do have a few I like. But on the whole, the instruments are what draw me. It's why I like Bump of Chicken so much. They're not only my first Jrock band, their instrumental for Karma is something that I don't think I'll get bored of hearing. When listening to any new band or group, if I can get into the music itself, I enjoy the rest of the song you know?
    But yeah the ones you listed are pretty epic as well.

  • Posted by 1crazy4drama · 10,875 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Hello love ~ *hugs*
    I hope you are not stressing out~ your exams going well?
    You will do fine!! 😄

    Missed you😞

  • Posted by M0rA · 9,393 Jpops · 1 week ago  

    Actually I noticed there was something wrong with 1 lyric, its TEEN TOP's song I'm sorry and the translation isnt full at all lol, theres a part missing at the end, the Korean is correct but translation nope XD

  • Posted by JinKaoru · 64 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Ikr and it could probably help me with my stress right now

  • Posted by kanami1414 · 38,847 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Ha ha~ :p
    Was hast du heute gemacht? :)

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 339,554 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Ha ha well that is a good strategy to have! That way you can hit them with a super effective move without having to worry about them switching out to something resistant since they won't see it coming~ Ha ha yeah it was pretty over leveled but not too much~ It was back when I was a kid and I had like no experience with Pokemon games or RPGs so I had no idea what I was doing :p Ha ha party all night and day? :p
    Yeah~ It must be my Canadian blood :o :p Yeah it is! Usually it's a gradual thing~ But I guess it can happen overnight too :undecided: Yeah it must be! But at least it can be fixed relatively easily~ Actually with my journal that wouldn't post I tried pasting it to my wall and it still wouldn't work it was weird :o Yeah it's fun! I miss the old days though where it felt like my journals had a following it felt awesome~ :p Yeah same~ Some people I talked to were disappointed too~ But at least something is being done to make it more fair~
    Yeah I can and it is a good start~ At least if you can make a girl laugh she gains more interest in you~ Yeah some people are totally weak to biases! Those people are weird :p Oh really? She sounds like quite the catch~ Consider yourself lucky~ I see~ Did that feeling get old? :p
    Ha ha yeah I guess you are~ I wonder how that happened :p
    Yeah and that's quite rude of them >.<

  • Reply by Nightgaze VIP  

    lol I'll do my best to think of something! lol well I hope it's the latter! I want her to at least be flattered >.<

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 339,554 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Ha ha yeah that's true! But there is always that sense of empowerment when you defeat a Pokemon that's strong against you! I remember when I played FireRed I beat Misty's gym with a Charmeleon :p Oh really? That's awesome! It's always great when Pokemon can cover their own weaknesses! Exactly! And that would be awesome! :D
    Ha ha I'll do my best to then :p Yeah I wonder what she would think if she did know :undecided:
    Yeah I guess I'm just too nice :p Oh I see~ Well musical tastes change so maybe you've gone through that in the past year or so~ I bet! Ha ha that's always a good thing :p Oh really? It must be a bug then~ But at least at can be fixed~ It's weird it's like the journals are cursed or something :o Yeah I'm happy! I enjoy writing them :p Yeah it was! I remember being really disappointed when I saw the results! Even some of the nominations weren't even that great! I remember specifically for the Jrock sections I didn't think any of the albums really deserved to be there as much as some that were made by less popular bands it was a shame
    Ha ha really? Well I'm happy to hear I give off that vibe~ :p Oh really? And you're not being biased because you're dating her? Oh wow you must get some sick satisfaction out of that ne?
    Ha ha yeah that's true~ Can't simplify something like that~
    Yeah it is! At least the teachers treat it like that! It's like if you don't get it in by the deadline a nuke will drop on the school >.<

  • Posted by poohbear03 · 576 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Yeah. But on a good note Im about to graduate :)

  • Posted by ToxicDeformity · 3,909 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Hahaha the JPA God XD

    Hahahahaha I know right XD Hahahaha makes you wonder what they were going to call it XD

    Hahahaha he does XD XD

    What's your favorite album by them? :)

  • Posted by ToxicDeformity · 3,909 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Hahaha they should make the list longer :p Can't you make them do it? You're part of the crew aren't you? XD

    Hahahaha yeah, it's unfair to the other artists XD Because who can beat Black Yen Power G-man Spy, Rocking Retaliation Beat the Hell out of You with 3 Chords or Heisei Strawberry Vibe? XD XD
    Hahaha they really have a weird (but awesome) style XD It's really hard to describe that to someone XD

  • Posted by ToxicDeformity · 3,909 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Hahaha it definitely does ;) Hahahaha XD

    They are :)
    Hahahahaha true, but MTH are professionals in the art of weird-but-awesome song titles, so they don't really count ;) XD XD

  • Posted by Zeina · 16,576 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Sure I won't!
    I see... Whoa, sounds bad. Apparently so..
    Right! So I'll just go buy a registry then and get started then! Thanks, Grand Master Doc!

    Nice to meet you~ China is awesome. Uh, sure okay then, but it's still pretty cool! I agree but how can the adept wielder manipulate any element but wind with a fan?

    I see, it has a high critical hit rate! Yeah, figures I'd almost kill myself within the first ten minutes of owning it *facepalms* Okay then! What kind of stuff do you recommend, Grand Master Doc?

    That was so awesome! They are really good. I liked it very much, thank you!

    Right, duh, I'm an idiot sorry. How are your exams going? When will they be over? And most importantly, how is your awesome significant other doing?
    Saw that one coming~ Well, they are good right? Still sounds awesome.

    That's awesome!
    I listen to everything. Seriously, I have music from five different languages (eight if you add this site) and they go from metal to Irish drinking ballads to instrumentals by Sicilenn.
    Something about music resonates with me, I guess. So not much about the genre as it is about the particular single I hear and like.
    So I like all, but my favorite genre would have to be rock in all it's forms.

  • Posted by kanami1414 · 38,847 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Glaubst du an Glück? :p

  • Posted by Nightgaze VIP · 339,554 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Ha ha yeah that's true~ It's the best way to show off your power as well as knowledge of type advantages :crazy: Yeah but it would definitely be awesome to win it~ ;)
    Yeah they did~ It was too easy :p Yeah I would! I'd give her all the love in the world <3
    Me too! That's why whenever I have to say something negative about them I sugar coat it as much as I can and it always feels way more than necessary >.< Yeah it is nice to relax with~ Though I still prefer faster tracks myself~ Ha ha I guess that happens~ Maturity kinda sneaks up on you :p Well it seems like they fixed it! But for some reason it wouldn't let me paste the original version of the journal I had written :undecided: Oh well I rewrote it and it posted just fine so I'm happy about that~ I bet! Didn't the GazettE, ONE OK ROCK, and Scandal win everything last year? Except for the newest artist awards of course~
    Ha ha yeah I'm sure I will though sometimes it seems hopeless >.< But I gotta get past that! Awh that sounds cute~ And I bet you do that a lot ;)
    Ha ha glad I could put it into words properly :p
    Yeah they are! They can be too much pressure sometimes >.<

  • Posted by M0rA · 9,393 Jpops · 2 weeks ago  

    Ahh well like I said I cant really remember but if I do I'll tell u right away XD

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