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  • I was hooked

    The fact that it was ad free and I was really happy to pay for the VIP account cos I'd have the chance to find more people who have the same interests as me!! Not many people in PA (that I know of) enjoy Gackt, Miyavi, L'Arc, Due le'Quartz, Kiyoharu, etc. Le sigh. But then I found JpopAsia and I was hooked!!
    NeonCrucifixion US, 29 years

    Upgraded to support the site

    Just found out about this site 15 minutes ago and thought it was a nice concept, something a little different than the other forums. Upgraded to support the site. Good luck.
    takumaSpin US, 20 years

    i enjoy my VIP

    i decided to upgrade to a VIP account because a friend of mine suggested it...even though i did want a VIP account..he help me realize how cool it is and gave me one!!!! now i have more fun than ever!! hehehe i think havong a VIP os fun..and u get access to do more..even though i am still finding out how to do everything..hehehe i enjoy my VIP....
    princessakira01 US, 22 years

  • I feel it's something I want to support

    I only recently found this site and was incredibly impressed. I've never seen a forum anywhere on the internet that doesn't have a hardcore of posters whose only goal is to cause arguments and to upset and insult as many people as possible. Forums are battlegrounds for insecure teenagers... but not here. In my very short time here I've got the distinct impression that people want to be nice to each other and to make each other happy, not to tear each other down.

    It's a very sad truth that this type of community is a very rare thing indeed. I feel it's something I want to support.
    Caradoc UK, 30 years

    my appreciation to you guys

    I use the site daily, and I think its a great idea to have this resource readily available. I'd happily donate to it, so its my contribution, mostly as a token of my appreciation to you guys and the community members for making this a great up to date site.
    BitCrusherr UK, 28 years

    I will gladly donate per month

    The lack of trolls/spammers/negative people in general is what attracted me to this forum. I was using the site pretty regularly before this to check the Oricon charts, but after I saw the forums I was truly impressed. Also a fairly active community/extensive features on the site were a huge plus. Looking forward to being a regular here. I will gladly donate per month[via extra jpops or whatever] to support this site.
    LovelessHero US, 21 years

  • You can find anything you want here very quickly

    I love this site, because it is one and only=) You can find anything you want here very quickly, I have loads to things to share with as well and I will be happy to do so. Long live JpopAsia! And for this price why not to upgrade?
    Miki UK

    Account bought!

    Just stumbled over this site by accident and I thought that an archive with videos combined with lyrics and profile info on Asian artists is a really cool thing to have out there in the www - and then I noted the possibility of claiming houses This just had to happen. Account bought! :D
    rockindonburi Germany, 23 years

    I'm glad I got bored one day

    It is amazing isn't it? I don't find it to be as active and sometimes engaging (just in terms of back and forth conversation) as what I'm used to, but the quality of the people here impresses me. I never even introduced myself until months after I joined because I was only interested in the other options and never bothered to check it out (also I'm too used to crappy Jmusic forums littered with anti-fans). I'm glad I got bored one day XD.
    Linalin US, 23 years

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  • Is it secure to place an order on JpopAsia?

    Your Papyal or credit card payment is handled by PayPal. Paypal supports Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Your credit card information is not sent to us or seen by us. Paypal uses a 128-bit SSL encryption (the highest level commercially available).

    How long does it take to upgrade my account?

    That depends how much time you need on Payal to make your payment but it can be as fast as 20 seconds if you already have a Paypal account.

    Is being VIP, one time, monthly or yearly?

    This depends on your plan. You can choose between 3, 6 or 12 months plan. The longer the plan the more you save!

    Is a refund possible?

    We want you to be satisfied with anything on JpopAsia. We are working hard for this. We can offer you a refund if you are unsatisfied within two weeks of VIP membership. Or you can let us know about what you are unsatisfied about and we'll try to do our best for you.

    If you are not sure about the features, then we encourage you to try the 30-day trial before upgrading your status. That way you can decide yourself if you would like to become VIP or not. We want every VIP to be completely satisfied and happy here :)

    More questions?

    Send us an email to and we'll make sure you get an answer quickly!

  • What payment options are available?

    We use Paypal, a global credit processing company owned by Ebay. You can pay with either a credit card or with your paypal account if you have one. Paypal will handle our credit card payments and you don't need a Paypal account if you don't have one.

    Do I need a Paypal account to join?

    No you don't. When you click to purchase, you are forwarded to the Paypal payment portal. If you have a Paypal account you can choose to log in at that screen. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can pay with a credit card without setting up a Paypal account by clicking the "continue" button at the bottom right hand side of the screen. Click here for an example.

    I'm not old enough to have a credit card, how can I upgrade?

    A number of our younger members discuss this with their parents. Show this site to your parents. If they see what you are buying and that transactions go through Paypal, they may allow you to use their credit card to have more fun in your life. You can also send us concealed cash in an envelope. You can find more information on the upgrading page.

    What happens after payment?

    An overwhelming feeling of J-Pop happiness will suprise you! After a succesful payment at Paypal, you will be redirected to our site again and your account will be instantly upgraded VIP. It's easy as that.

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