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RagdollAlice23 VIP

"Do you ever feel this quietness inside? That is where you'll find me" <3

RagdollAlice23 is a girl who signed up 4 years ago. She is member of the Rich Jpops Club with 307,322 Jpops

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About me

Hello! I am RagdollAlice23, You may call me "Alice", "Dolly" or "Raggy" which ever is good for you most ppl call me "Alice" and "Dolly" but mostly my jpa kids call me "Dolly" lol I made this account before but I didnt like my name so I made a new one.

Let's see "about me" I am a young adult, but at times I tend to act like a kid (kid at heart) I go to school College is very hard those who are in high school stay in as long as you can and ENJOY it! I miss high school lol. I am the youngest in my family. I have three brothers, two are died (plz not pity) and on older sister. I was indeed a twin, but my mom had a miscarriage. I live with my dad since my parent split when I was in 7th grade. I have curly hair (natural). I am shy so it will take a while to break my shell (in person ofc). I am sweet, nice, caring, I give advice when wanted. I at times tend to be anti-social. If you don't talk to me then I wont really talk to you.

What brought me to JPA was KAT-TUN I had seen Kame in a drama and I thought he was very cute. So I saw more of his stuff, he is a very good actor if you ask me. Then later I found out that he was in a Japanese Boy Band "KAT-TUN" so I looked up a New MV that had come out in 2010 "No More Pain" and I FELL in LOVE with them. I wanted more songs then I heard "RESCUE", "Your Side", "Love Yourself" etc. I dont have ALL of their stuff but I know they are great!. When ever I wanted the lyrics I typed it in google and somehow every song I ended up bring me to jpopasia so I finally one day I made an account. OFC me being new here I didnt know anyone and I was scared to talk to others. But as soon as I got on chat I made tons of friends!! It's nice to know that they welcomed me and made me feel not so scared and to have fun here! O:)

I think if it wasnt for them I wouldnt have come back here and learned so much music. TBH, I only like KAT-TUN as my jpop artist I have tried liking others but it doesnt catch my attention. So then I stayed with KAT-TUN and moved over to kpop which I never thought I would love so much!! I have a gokpop account as well. Same name as I do here. I am still learning about kpop and artists like I just found out that 2AM & 2PM are ONE group that is One Day lol.. I am an ELF, BU2TY, f(x), KISS ME, NAME TAGS, BBC, Baby, and.......... I can't remember the others. But for sure I am all ELF~

I hope this is enough about me lol Oh! one last thing! I wont really add ppl unless I get to know them more. Like lets say, newbs add me, I know they are just making friends but at least get to know more about the person before you add them. So if someone adds me I need to know them first and if it goes well they add me or I might add them O:) It all depends..

My favorite artists and albums

Well I am very picky with music so I only like a few artists...

Super Junior
Super Junior M
Super Junior Happy
Super Junior T
Super Junior K.R.Y
Block B

I hope later I can get into other artists too O:)

How do I spend my free time

I like to be on Facebook so if you'd like you can add me let me know
I like Reading
I like Writing Stories (hope to become a writer someday)
I like Coloring
I like hanging with friends
I like making bracelets
I like being myself (which can be weird/random..) lol

My favorite movies

I have to many favorite Movies to pick from but I must say

A Werewolf Boy
Spirited Away
Nasicca the valley of the Wind
Howel's Moving Castle
Princess Mononoke

I like watching Anime movies lol

My favorite series

Hana Yori Dango (J-Drama)
Smiling Pasta (T- Drama)
Devil Beside You (T-Drama)
Why Why Love (T-Drama)
Perfect Girl Evolution (J-Drama)
Gokusen Season 1, 2, & 3 (J-Drama)
Just One Love (J-Drama)
MARS (T-Drama)
Coffee Prince (K-Drama)
1 Litre of Tears (J-Drama)
RESCUE (J-Drama)

Oh! My Lady (K-Drama)
It's Okay Daddy's Girl (K-Drama)
You're Beautiful (K-Drama)
Mary Stayed Out All Night (K-Drama)
ToGetHer (T-Drama)
Heartstrings (K-Drama)
Can Your Hear My Heart/Listen To My Heart (K-Drama)
City Hunter (K-Drama)
49 Days (K-Drama)

Spring Waltz (K-Drama)

Creating Destiny( K-Drama)

Things I like

Usually its the things on my free time lol O:)

Things I dislike

Certain things I dislike but I learn just to let people have their way because;
that's who they are.. They like things done their way.. lol

But if ppl piss me off I wont be nice!!
Thats a promise!!

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