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Bu Yue Er Yu by Claire Kuo +lyrics

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  • Title
    Bu Yue Er Yu
  • Artist
    Claire Kuo
  • Runtime
  • Views
  • Genre
  • Release date
    8 July, 2008
  • Rating (8)

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Guo Jing - Bu Yao Er Yu

deng ni deng dao le dong ji
xue piao jin le wo yan li
wo shi tu qu xun zhao ai qing
he wo men zhi jian de guan xi

tao shang le ni de mao yi
xin geng jia dong jie cheng bing
ru guo wo xian fang qi ai qing
wo de tong hui bu hui bian de bu yao er yu

kan shang xin bu neng quan yu
wo shi zhong xiang xing ai ni de yong qi
ming ming shuo hao shi liang ge ren yi qi qu de lu xing
zen me sheng xia wo yi ge ren xin shang gu ji

kan shang xin
man man quan yu
wo hui hao hao di an wei wo zi ji
ning yuan xiang xing ni zhi shi tu ran gai bian le jue ding
qu le ling yi ge mei li cheng shi
ye deng zhao wo ru jing[edit]Last edit by sweetxmelodee on Friday 09 Apr, 2010 at 20:31 +6.1%[/edit]
郭靜 不藥而癒

等你等到了冬季 雪飄進了我眼裡
我試圖去尋找愛情 和我們之間的關係

套上了你的毛衣 心更加凍結成冰
如果我先放棄愛情 我的痛會不會變得不藥而癒

看傷心 不能痊癒 我始終相信愛你的勇氣
看傷心 慢慢痊癒 我會好好的安慰我自己
去了另一個美麗城市 也等著我入鏡

REPEAT # * *
Claire Guo - Bu Yao Er Yu

I waited for you till the winter season
Snowflakes went into my eyes
I tried to look for our romance and our relationship

Putting on your fur coat
My heart froze further
If I gave up on this love first
Will my heartache heal?

Looking at the sadness that could never be healed
I believed in my love for you till the end

We said that the two of us would go on a holiday together
But why am I the only one left to feel the loneliness?

Looking at the sadness heal gradually
I will comfort myself
I would rather believe you changed your mind suddenly
And went to another beautiful town
Waiting for me to join you
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