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Miracles by Ken Hirai +lyrics

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  • Title
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    Ken Hirai
  • Runtime
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  • Genre
  • Release date
    13 February, 2001
  • Rating (17)

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Lyrics: Hirai Ken Music: Hirai Ken

Sasayaku koe ga suki mimimoto de mmmmh...

Kasaneru kuchibiru ni ima kimi wa mahou wo fuki kaketa

Hajimari wa itsumo yume no naka

Hikari sasu toki wo osoreteta

Mezamereba kimi ga inaku naru you de

*Dakishimereba dakishimeru hodo

Kono kokoro wa chigirete shimai sou

Dakishimetai dakishimete yo*

Motto kono itami ga kieru made

Karameru kotoba sae tokedashite mmmmh ...

Mitsume tsudukete itai

Nemuru kimi wa kimi wa boku no mono

Sono yubi mo kami mo kuchibiru mo

Suki touru hada mo hohoemi mo

Itsuno hi ka narete yuku no ga kowakute

Koibito tachi wa kawaranu mono wo

Tsukami kakete samayoi kurikaesu

Yami ni madou boku no mirai wa

Kimi ni deatta ima hikari hanatsu


Tsuyoku kono kiseki ga tsuduku you

作詞: 平井堅 作曲: 平井堅

ささやく声が好き 耳元でmmmmh…





※抱きしめれば 抱きしめるほど


抱きしめたい 抱きしめてよ※

もっと この痛みが消えるまで

からめる言葉さえ 溶けだしてmmmmh…


眠る君は 君は 僕のもの

その指も 髪も 唇も

透き通る肌も 微笑みも


恋人たちは 変わらぬものを

掴みかけて 彷徨(さまよ)い繰り返す


君に出会ったいま 光放つ


強く この奇跡が続くよう

I love your voice when you whisper in my ear mmmmh...
Our lips come together
And now you've cast a spell
It always begins in a dream
I feared the light
I felt you'd disappear if I opened my eyes

The more I hold you, the more my heart feels
As if it will be torn to pieces
I want to hold you; hold me tighter
Until this pain disappears

Even the tangled words have started to melt mmmmh...
I just want to keep watching you as you sleep
You are mine
Your fingers, your hair, your lips
Your clear skin, and your smile
I'm afraid one day I'll get used to all this
Lovers grasp at something unchanging
Almost catching hold, and continue their wandering
Meeting you has shined a light
Into the darkness that was my future

The more I hold you, the more my heart feels
As if it will be torn to pieces
I want to hold you; hold me tighter
So that this miracle continues[edit]Last edit by conan on Saturday 17 Apr, 2010 at 03:40 +100%[/edit]
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