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School Girl by BENNIE K +lyrics

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  • Title
    School Girl
  • Artist
  • Runtime
  • Views
  • Genre
    J-Pop / J-Rap
  • Release date
    21 May, 2001
  • Rating (12)

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Wake up wake up Yuki
gakkou ni got to go Yuki
Wake up wake up wake up Yo
Get your stuff and go

* Don't wanna
Don't wanna be a nice girl and
Don't wanna
Don't wanna be taught and ruled
What I What I need is a break
juuujitsu shita mainichi nante iranai

gakkou tsuremodosu ittai dare ni itte n' no?
machi e dete ikareta hito ni deatta hou ga mashi
ii ko ni nante narou to omoeba kantan
kyoumi nai kyoushi no hima na jugyou kikinagashite

* repeat 2x

This is a remix remix. Tiny Voice remix
Now walk that walk & talk that talk
BENNIE K Double G Gangsta girl Come on

kyoukasho nante iranai hitsuyou nai life style
seiseki no RANKU nante nakattara
doko made mo free free
mado GARASU warimakuri hijou BERU narashite
tobikoeta takai SAKU no soto dewa jiyuu ni free fly

* repeat 2x

That's right say what?! (Comin'up)
Turn it up! (Lady Checc) Turn it up! (Come on Come on)
Here we go now!

kiritsu rei de chakuseki (Nope that's not for me)
awanai kansei awasu shuusei (Nope that's not for me)
so fuuki kensa DAY for this or everyday uniform
kansui ya negou no TESUTO don't let them rank you (ABC)
them sins cosins
Yo through trying yo' mom's crying
So what now kids, yo take a look
at what you got whose life is this.

* repeat 3x...
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