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Over the Distance by Hitomi Yaida +lyrics

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  • Title
    Over the Distance
  • Artist
    Hitomi Yaida
  • Runtime
  • Views
  • Genre
  • Release date
    27 July, 2004
  • Rating (16)

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Lyrics: Yaida Hitomi Music: Yaida Hitomi

Saigen naku tsuduite iku konpeki na hitotsu no nami ni notte

Souzou wa fukurande iku kankyou no henka wo nikun demo hakanai

Arayuru kaigan wo aruitekita anata no mune ni

Nani ga dekiru darou

Aitai toki ni ae nai

Nani nimo ira nai anata ni furetai

Machi de surechigau kaze ga mune ni shimiru

Omoidasu tabi shinpai shite mitari

Namida ga hitotsubu dakedo anata ni wa todoka nai

Isso aimai de ii ya

Koudou ni riyuu wo sagasu you ni naru no nara

Tsugi ni au hi ni wa kitto tsuyoku naru

Nani ni mo ira nai anata ni furetai

Ikiba wo nakushita uta ga mune ni hibiku

Umaku oyoge nai ano toki no mirai

Doushitemo tooi dakedo anata ja nakya imi nai

Kigadukeba mata koko ni iru hajimari no basho nukumori no koe

Omotte itayori amaku wa nai mitai

Isso ima goto topparatte kite hoshii

Sora de utae nai kotori no koe mitai

Konna ni kurushii dakedo anata ja nakya...

Tonde yuki tai ima sugu aitai

Jibun no mimi de aishiteru tte kikitai no

Shinjite itai mamotte yukitai

Tsunagatte itai...

作詞: 矢井田瞳 作曲: 矢井田瞳

際限なく続いて行く 紺碧な一つの波に乗って

想像は膨らんで行く 環境の変化を憎んでもはかない




何にもいらない あなたに触れたい


思い出す度 心配してみたり

涙が一粒 だけどあなたには届かない




何にもいらない あなたに触れたい



どうしても遠い だけどあなたじゃなきゃ意味ない

気が付けばまたここにいる 始まりの場所 ぬくもりの声

思っていたより 甘くはないみたい

いっそ今ごと とっぱらって来て欲しい


こんなに苦しい だけどあなたじゃなきゃ…

飛んで行きたい 今すぐ会いたい




I continue along without end, riding on a single deep blue wave
My imagination expands, even though I hate my changing circumstances, they're fleeting

In your heart, you've walked along every beach
What can I do?
I can't see you when I want to

I don't need anything, I want to be touched by you
The wind that passes by me in the city pierces my heart
When I remember, I worry
It's one tear drop, but it won't reach you

I might as well be vague
When I reach the point of searching for a reason for my actions
On the next day that we meet, I'll definitely be stronger

I don't need anything, I want to be touched by you
A song that has lost its destination sounds out in my heart
I can't swim very well, the future back then
Is far away no matter what, but without you, it has no meaning
Before I know it, I'm here again, the place where it all began, a warm voice

It looks like I'm not as naive as I thought I was
Right about now, I want you to come breaking through
Like the voice of a young bird in the sky that can't sing
It's just that difficult, but without you...

I want to fly, and I want to see you right now
I want to hear "I love you" with my own ears
I want to believe, I want to protect you
I want to be connected to you...
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