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anytime by Koda Kumi +lyrics

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  • Title
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    Kumi Koda
  • Runtime
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  • Release date
    21 January, 2008
  • Rating (104)

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Mune no naka de
Itsumo omou
Negaigoto ga
Aru anata no
Hidari ni watashi
Ude wo kunde
Hoho wo somete
Aruite yuku
Takanatta kodou wo kakushite

Anyday anytime itsudemo
Anata omou kimochi
Tomaranai Tomerarenai
Anyday anytime negai wo
Kanaete Hoshii no yo
Anata no mainichi ga hoshii

Mata me ga samete aah
Mabushii taiyou

Anata Kara no
Denwa wo matsu
Sonna toki no
Terebi ya zasshi wa
Anata to sugosu
Hibi ga attari
Omoi ukabete miteiruyo

PINKiro hirogatteyuku

One day one time 1 byou
1 byou zutsuga futari
Tokeini kizamarete yuku
One day one time itsudemo
Soba ni iru to itte
Jyuwaki no mukougawa de

Itsumo mitaini aah
Yasashiku shite ne
Watashi dake ni

Amenohi mo hikari sashikomu

Anyday anytime aisuru
Kimochi no taisetsu sa
Oshiete kureta no ooh
Anyday anytime yasashii
Tenshi ga niji kakete
Futari wo michibiki dasu no

Tereyasan tte aah
Amanojaku dakedo aishiteru

胸の中で いつも想う願い事がある
あなたの左に私 腕を組んで
頬を染めて 歩いてゆく

高鳴った 鼓動隠して

any day any time
いつでも あなた想う気持ち
止まらない 止められない
any day any time
また目がさめて ahh
眩しい太陽 浴びて


ピンク色 広がってゆく

one day one time
一秒一秒ずつが ふたり
時計に 刻まれてゆく
one day one time
いつもみたいに aah 優しくしてね


any day any time
教えてくれたの ooh
any day any time
ふたりを 導き出すの
照れ屋さんで aah
Translated By: Toxic Princess☆/Ningyou Hime♥

In my heart I hold one wish to always love you
Walking with your arm wrapped in mine
I start to blush
I tried to hide how much my heart was beating

Anyday, anytime, I'll always
Feel the same about you
This love will never stop, can't be stopped
Anyday, anytime
I want you to make my wish come true
I want to be with you everyday

Again I woke up
Under the radiant sun

Whilst waiting for you to call
I watch TV & read magazines
Looking back on the days we spent together
The colour pink is starting to spread

One day, One time
Together we will engrave each second
One by one into this clock
One day, one time
Tell me you'll always be there for me
You're just a phone call away

Like you always have been
Stay gentle, Just for me

Even on rainy days the light shines through

Anyday, Anytime
You taught me how precious love is
Anyday, Anytime
A sweet angel sent down a rainbow to guide us

This goes against my shy nature but
I just want to say "I Love you"[edit]Last edit by NingyouxHime on Saturday 06 Feb, 2010 at 13:38 +12.2%[/edit][edit]Last edit by jipiket on Tuesday 12 May, 2009 at 14:48 +6.6%[/edit][edit]Last edit by Tenshi1989 on Monday 21 Apr, 2008 at 10:41 +3.6%[/edit]
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