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Mr. Suicide by 9mm Parabellum Bullet +lyrics

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  • Title
    Mr. Suicide
  • Artist
    9mm Parabellum Bullet
  • Runtime
  • Views
  • Genre
  • Release date
    15 May, 2007
  • Rating (15)

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nan demo sugu wasureru
omoidasezu ni warau
shiranai kizu ga fueru
mitsukete namida nagasu

shizuku ga koboreru oto
dare ni mo kikoenai yo

te ni shita bakari na no ni
nakusu koto wo kowagaru
mayoi wa hibi no naka ni
kakusu koto de gomakasu

dare ka ga yondeiru kedo
dare mo kizutsutenai yo

boku ni wa nani mo
iranai kore kara mo zutto
doko ka ni wasuretekita
omoide no migawari wo

me ni suru nani kara nani made
kawaritsuzukeru mono bakari sa
owaru koto nai rin'ne no hate
yakume wo oeta hoshi no umi ga

ryuuseigun no ame ni natte
yozora wo arainagashiteitta

boku ni wa nani mo
iranai kore kara mo zutto
doko ka ni wasuretekita
omoide no migawari ni
karappo no te no naka ni nokoritsuzukeru netsu ga

boku dake no mono
何でもすぐ忘れる 思い出せずに笑う
知らない傷が増える 見つけてなみだ流す


手にしたばかりなのに 失くすことを怖がる
迷いは日々の中に 隠すことで誤魔化す



ぼくには何もいらない これからもずっと

目にする何から何まで 変わり続けるものばかりさ
終わることない輪廻の果て 役目を終えた星の海が

流星群の雨になって 夜空を洗い流していった


ぼくには何もいらない これからもずっと

I’ll forget everything soon
Unable to remember, I’ll smile
These strange wounds increase
I find them and shed tears

The sound of water droplets falling
Can’t be heard by anybody

Though I just held it in my hands
I’m scared I’ll lose it
Bewilderment deceives me
By hiding inside every day

Someone’s calling out, but
Nobody is noticing


I don’t need anything
From here on, I’ll keep searching for
A substitute for the memories I forgot somewhere

The whole of what I’ve witnessed
Is simply something that will continue to change
At the edge of the unending cycle of rebirth
The ocean of stars that completed their duty

Became a rain of meteors, and started to wash away the night sky


I don’t need anything
From here on, the warmth that continues to be left behind in these empty hands
As a substitute for the memories I forgot somewhere

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