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Stage of the Ground by Bump Of Chicken +lyrics

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  • Title
    Stage of the Ground
  • Artist
    Bump of Chicken
  • Runtime
  • Views
  • Genre
  • Release date
    13 April, 2002
  • Rating (16)

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tobou to shita tte hane nanka nai tte
shitteshimatta natsu no hi
furui yume wo hitotsu gisei ni shite
daichi ni tatteiru tte kizuita hi

miraieigou ni todoki ha shinai
ano tsuki mo ano hoshi mo
todokanai basho ni aru kara
jibun no ichi ga yoku wakaru

tobenai kimi ha aruiteikou
zetsubou to deaetara te wo tsunagou
kanashii yoru wo koete waraou to suru nara
utatteyaru yo rurara

mayoinagara machigainagara
aruiteiku sono sugata ga tadashiin da
kimi ga tatsu jimen ha hora
360 (sanbyakurokujyuu) do subete michi nanda

Stage of the ground

kodoku no hate ni tachidomaru toki ha
suitou no futa wo hirakereba
deai to wakare wo kasaneta
jibun no kao ga chanto utsuru

surechigau dareka ga otoshiteitta
namida wo kazoeru sono tabi ni
'yasashiku naritai' to negau
kimi ha dare yori mo
yasashii hito rurara

sono ashi ni takusareta
ikutsu mono inori no kakeratachi to
sakendeyare shibotta koe de
kokomade kitan da yo tte mune hatte

Stage of the ground

tsumazuita koishi wo atsumete aruketara
kimi no me ha kanarazu futatabi hikaru darou

nayuta ni hirogaru uchuu
sono chuushin ha chiisana kimi

kimi wo kabatte chitta yume ha
yozora no ouenseki de miteru
tsuyosa wo motomerareru kimi ga yowakute mo
utattekureru yo rurara

ano tsuki mo ano hoshi mo
subete kimi no tame no butaishoumei
sakendeyare shibotta koe de
soko ni kimi ga iru tte koto

mayotta hi mo machigatta hi mo
raito ha kimi terashiteitan da
kimi ga tatsu jimen ha hora
365(sanbyakujyuuroku) hi itsudatte

Stage of the ground
飛ぼうとしたって 羽根なんか 無いって
知ってしまった 夏の日
古い夢を一つ 犠牲にして
大地に立っているって 気付いた日

未来永劫に 届きはしない
あの月も あの星も
自分の位置が よく解る

飛べない君は 歩いていこう
絶望と出会えたら 手をつなごう
哀しい夜を越えて 笑おうとするなら
唄ってやるよ ルララ

迷いながら 間違いながら
歩いていく その姿が正しいんだ
君が立つ地面は ホラ
360度 全て 道なんだ

Stage of the ground

孤独の果てに 立ち止まる時は
水筒のフタを 開ければ
自分の顔が ちゃんと写る

すれ違う 誰かが 落としていった
涙を数える その度に
君は 誰よりも
優しい人 ルララ

その足に 託された
叫んでやれ 絞った声で
ここまで来たんだよって 胸張って

Stage of the ground

躓いた小石を 集めて歩けたら
君の眼は必ず 再び光るだろう

那由多に広がる宇宙 その中心は小さな君

君をかばって 散った夢は
夜空の応援席で 見てる
強さを求められる君が 弱くても
唄ってくれるよ ルララ

あの月も あの星も
全て君の為の 舞台照明
叫んでやれ 絞った声で

迷った日も 間違った日も
君が立つ 地面は ホラ

Stage of the ground
One summer day,
I learned I didn't have wings when I tried to fly.
The day I realized,
I'd sacrificed an old dream,
to be standing here on the ground now.

never again to reach
that moon or those stars
because they're in a place outside my reach
and I know very well where I stand.

unable to fly, you'll walk.
and if we run into despair
we'll hold hands.
if you're trying to laugh through the miserable nights
I'll sing for you. Loo Lala

It's right that you should go on,
even as you lose your way,
even as you make mistakes.
the ground you stand upon,
don't you see, your path lay in all 360 degrees.

Stage of the Ground

When you come to a standstill,
at the end of loneliness
and remove the cover from your canteen *1
your face will clearly show the sum of
your encounters and partings.

Eveytime you count the tears shed
by someone passing by,
you wish you "were kinder"
but I think you're the kindest of all...
Loo lala

all the fragments of prayer
entrusted to your feet
scream out with a strained voice
that you've made it this far, be proud of it

Stage of the Ground

If you walk as you pick up the pebbles
which cause you to stumble
Your eyes will light up once more.

This tiny you, is the center of a space
that goes on to infinity. *2

The dream that scattered, when it protected you
it's looking down on you
from the stands in the night sky.
even if you're weak, in your pursuit for strength
It'll sing for you Loo lala

that moon, and those stars
they're all lighting your stage
scream out with a strained voice
that you're standing there.

The light shines on you,
on days you lose your way ,
and days you make mistakes
the ground you stand on,
don't you see, anyday of the 365 days a year

Stage of the Ground
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