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Water Me by BONNIE PINK +lyrics

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  • Title
    Water Me
  • Artist
  • Runtime
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  • Genre
  • Release date
    5 June, 2007
  • Rating (29)

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chiisana uso de sekai ga furimukuno nara
Usotsuki ni narou
Anata ni kaita tegami de naitekureru nara
Nanmantsuu mo kakou
arukotonaikoto kakou
tsukiakaride demo kakou

kawaita sabakuni rin to tatsu hana wa
karasanaide to sakebu no
“Water, Water me!”
kizumo itamimo ieteyukunonara zubunurede iito
dakara “Water me!”

nazedarou naze konnanimo aisuru kimochiga
tokiniwa ayamachide
tokiniwa minikukute
tokiniwa nasakenakute

shiroi kemurini sekikonda hanawa
watashi wo miteto sakebuno
“Water, Water me!”
sorede subetega kireini narunara hitoshizuku dakede ii
“Water, Water me!”

dareshimo jiyuuni ueteita, mohan nado nai kyoushitsuno sumi
akirame gao de naiteita tomoyo, hohoende
kono mizu wo ageyou
kono pen wo ageyou
hitotsuno hontou wo ageyou[edit]Last edit by HelloHaruka on Saturday 28 Jun, 2008 at 09:13 +3%[/edit]

“Water, Water me!”
傷も痛みも癒えてゆくのなら ずぶ濡れでいいと
だから“Water me!”

なぜだろう なぜこんなにも愛する気持ちが

“Water, Water me!”
“Water, Water me!”

誰しも自由に飢えていた 模範などない教室の隅
あきらめ顔で泣いていた友よ 微笑んで
Should the world turn back around because of a small lie
I’d become a liar
Should the letters I write you make you cry
I’d write ten thousands of letters
I’d write of anything and nothing
I’d write even by moonlight

A flower standing valiantly amidst a parched desert
cries out not to be let dry out:
“Water, Water me!”
Should both my wounds and aches go on healing, I’d like to be soaking wet
So “Water me!”

Why is it, why are such feelings of love
sometimes in error?
sometimes ugly?
sometimes shameful?

A flower coughing violently amidst white smoke
cries out to be looked at:
“Water, Water me!”
Should everything become clean just with that, I’d like just one drop
“Water, Water me!”

Whoever has been thirsting for freedom, in the corner of some far-from-exemplary classroom
Smile, oh friend who’s been crying with a resigned look
I’ll give you this water
I’ll give you this pen
I’ll give you this one truth

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