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Special "ONE" by ELISA +lyrics

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  • Title
    Special "ONE"
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  • Release date
    27 October, 2010
  • Rating (37)

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hitori ja nai
korekara mo We are Special "ONE"

hitomi o tojire ba sotto meguri meguru
hora issho ni sugoshi ta hi
hashai dari tama ni wa chotto surechigattari
sorezore ga daiji na memorii

kitto wasure nai yo egao ni de ae ta kara

hitotsuhitotsu mirai e tsuzuku
reberu koe ta chikara ga kasanari
hitori kiri de wa totemo kanai sou ni nai yume sae
minna ga iru kara aruki daseru yo

sawagashii shisen o sotto furihodoke ba
mie te kuru shinjitsu ga
fuan o kanji te chotto tomadou yori
fumidaso u yuruga nu seorii

kitto kawara nai to itsu demo watashi rashiku

hitotsuhitotsu kako kara tsuzuku
kakegae nai kizuna ga aru kara
kagaku dake de wa totemo kaimei nante deki nai
kiseki mo kanarazu koe te yukeru yo

(We believe in my heart, believe in your heart)
(We are the ONE)
(We feel a feeling)
(We will be so shine forever)

hitotsuhitotsu nori koshi
hitotsuhitotsu norikoe te yuku
watashi tachi no shimei ni mukatte
hitorihitori no kokoro tsuranui te yuku
kibou no hikari ga hitosuji kagayai teru yo
これからもWe are Special“ONE”

瞳を閉じれば そっと めぐりめぐる
ほら 一緒に過ごした日

はしゃいだり たまには ちょっとすれ違ったり
それぞれが 大事なメモリー

きっと忘れないよ 笑顔に出逢えたから

ひとつひとつ 未来へ続く
レベル超えた チカラが重なり
ひとりきりでは とても叶いそうにない夢さえ
みんながいるから 歩き出せるよ

騒がしい視線を そっと ふりほどけば
見えてくる 真実が

不安を感じて ちょっと戸惑うより
踏み出そう 揺るがぬセオリー

きっと変わらないと いつでも私らしく

ひとつひとつ 過去から続く
かけがえない キズナがあるから
科学だけでは とても解明なんて出来ない
奇跡も必ず 越えてゆけるよ

(We believe in my heart, believe in your heart)
(We are the ONE)
(We feel a feeling)
(We will be so shine forever)

ひとつひとつ 乗り越えてゆく
ひとりひとりのココロ 貫いてゆく
希望のヒカリが一筋 輝いてるよ[edit]Last edit by Miki on Friday 29 Oct, 2010 at 08:38 +100%[/edit]
“You’re not alone.”
From now on, we are special “ONE”!

When I close my eyes, they softly come and go -
Look, those days we went through together.

Fooling around, sometimes disagreeing a little -
Each moment is a precious memory.

I’m sure I won’t forget, because I was able to meet your smile.

One by one, they continue into the future,
Adding on power that surpasses level,
Enough for even the dreams that seemed impossible when you were alone.
We’re all here, so we can step forward.

If you quietly shake and untangle the noise-filled set of gazes,
Reality will come into view.

Rather than feeling unease and being a little confused,
Let’s advance with our unwavering theory.

I’m sure this will never change: I’ll always be myself.

One by one, they continue from the past,
Because we have irreplaceable bonds.
Science alone can’t explain it very well.
We can definitely go beyond miracles.

One by one, they ride across,
Going toward our mission.
Each and every heart will make it through.
The light of hope is shining in a single line.[edit]Last edit by Miki on Saturday 06 Nov, 2010 at 01:07 +98.2%[/edit][edit]Last edit by Miki on Friday 29 Oct, 2010 at 13:16 -2.3%[/edit][edit]Last edit by Aziez Masykur on Friday 29 Oct, 2010 at 12:22 +100%[/edit]
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