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Heart-Shaped Gear by 9mm Parabellum Bullet +lyrics

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  • Title
    Heart-Shaped Gear
  • Artist
    9mm Parabellum Bullet
  • Runtime
  • Views
  • Genre
  • Release date
    19 March, 2008
  • Rating (9)

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umarete kara mada mayotta koto nai keisan ni misu wa nai
machigatta koto nai ze machigatta koto shinai kara

hitsuyou ijou ni aisarenai you ni ii kagen ni dakishimeru
datta kizu ga tsuitara kono sakikomaru desho

kitai to ka akogare to ka
mendou na mono wa iranai
datte shou ga nai daro
sonna mono mattete mo

ima anata no shigusa imi ga
wakaranai no wa naze ka na
boku no naka ni wa hitotsu mo
tarinai buhin wa nai no ni

fukanzen na kotoba ya fukanzen na MORAL ni aiso ga tsuki demo
nante koto nai kae de waratte sumaseru ze

RULE to ka MANNER to ka
mamoru kedo imi wa shiranai
dou tte koto mo nai daro
sonna koto shittete mo

imi anata no kotoba no imi ga
wakkaranai no wa naze ka na
boku no naka ni wa hitotsu mo
tarinai buhin wa nai no ni

demo anata no kokoro ga itsu ka
boku ni mo wakaru to ii na
HEART kata shita haguruma
tarinai buhin ga mada arunda
生まれてからまだ迷ったことない 計算にミスはない
間違ったことないぜ 間違ったことしないから

必要以上に愛されないように いい加減に抱きしめる



不完全な言葉や不完全なモラルに 愛想がつきでも



Since being born, I still haven’t lost my way
There aren’t any mistakes in my calculations
I haven’t been wrong
Because I don’t make any errors

So that I won’t be loved any more than necessary
I embrace you perfunctorily
But if I get wounded I’ll be in trouble after this, won’t I

I don’t need troublesome things
Such as hope or yearning
But it can’t be helped, I suppose
Even if I’m carrying such things

I wonder why it is that now
I can’t understand the meaning of your actions
Though there’s not a single unnecessary part inside me

Civility is guaranteed in stuff
Like imperfect words and imperfect morals
But I smile in full with a face free of all that

I defend rules, manners, and so forth
But don’t know their meanings
They’re probably not even anything special
Even if I did know such things

I wonder why it is that now
I can’t understand the meaning of your words
Though there’s not a single unnecessary part in me

But someday, I hope that I too
Will be able to understand your heart
A heart-shaped gear
I still have that unnecessary part[edit]Last edit by Miki on Tuesday 02 Nov, 2010 at 10:38 +100%[/edit]
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