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Hikari To Yami No Douwa by Sound Horizon +lyrics

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  • Title
    Hikari To Yami No Douwa
  • Artist
    Sound Horizon
  • Runtime
  • Views
  • Genre
  • Release date
    16 June, 2010
  • Rating (101)

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Soshite rekishi dake ga nokotta
Das Märchen des Lichts & Dunkels

Miagereba marui aozora
Yurameku aoi tsukiyo
Kami no na wo majinai nagara
Naraku no soko de utau

Meshi ita yami de kare ga
Hikari dato omotteita no ha
Ayamari de sono nukumori no na ha
Ai dato go ni shitta

Hajimete no tomodachi ha
Aoi me no kawaii Mädchen
Owakaresa sono setsuna sa no na ga
Koi dato Tsuni ni shirazu

Hana ni mizu ga yaru you ni mama
Tsumi ni ha batsu ga iru a~a~

Yagate Guten Abend
Hashiru Sieben Märchen
Kami ni se wo ukete

Drei, Zwei, Eins
Mioroseba kurai daichi
Yurameku akai honoo

Haha no me ni idakarenagara
Naraku no soko he ochiru

「Sabireta mura… marude hakabada… (uhuhu)」
「Elise… douwa ha itsu datte hakaba kara hajimaru mono sa…」

Naze kono mura ni ha ima dare mo inai no?
―― Sore ha mukashi mukashi shin jatta kara sa
Ja… naze mukashi murabito minna shin jatta no?
―― Sore ha kuroki shi no yamai no sei sa
Ja… naze sono mori no mura ni boshi haita no?
―― Sore ha ai no ido ga yonda kara sa
Ja… Naze Ido ha nan no tame ni hito wo yobu no?
―― Sore koso ga yatsu no honnou dakara sa

A~a~ boketsu hotte mo hotte mo hotte mo hisshi ni hotte mo kiri ga nai
Hisai na jidai sa
A~a~ Shitai to tsuchikure shitai to tsuchikure shitai to do to no tasou Mirufiru
Muzan na jidai sa
Seimei no mokutei ha 《Ikiru koto》《Fueru koto》
Korose to okase to Ido ha utau

(Speech in forest)

Yotsuyu ni nureta kokemo wo fumi narasu
Shounen no sono ashidori ha
Kanashii hodo ni karuku shounen wo
Yobi tomette koe ha gebita hibiki de
Sareddo kare ha mada shiranai

A~a~ Sekai no sakui nado
Seikan no akui nado
Nani hitotsu furenu mama sodatta kara
Tomodachi wo daita mama → manekazaru kyaku wo tsure → yasashii haha no moto he to → soshite…

Tori ni hane ga aru you ni mama
Yoru ni ha uta ga aru a~a~

Izure Guten Morgen
Somaru Rosengarten
Kami ni se wo ukete

Drei, Zwei, Eins

Kimi ga ima waratteiru mabayui sono jidai ni
Dare mo uramazu shiseru koto wo uramazu
Kanarazu soko de aou
Hikari to yami no Fairy Tail

【Dai nana no hakaba】
Saa, fukushuu geki no hajimarida

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【Das Märchen des Lichts & Dunkels】


誤りで その温もりの名は
愛だと 後に知った

お別れさ その切なさの名が
恋だと 遂に知らず

花に水を遣るように 儘(まま)
罪には罰が要る 嗚呼…

やがて《迎宵》(グーテン・アーベントゥ=Guten Abend=こんばんは/Good evening.)
奔(はし)る《第七の物語》(ズィーベン・メールヒェン=sieben Märchen=7つの童話/Seven fairy tales)

drei、zwei、eins(ドリュー、ツヴォイ、 アイス=3,2,1)




何故 コノ村ニハ 今 誰モイナイノ?
――其れは 昔 昔 死んじゃったからさ
ジャ・・・何故 昔 村人 皆 死ンジャッタノ?
――其れは 黒き 死の 病 のせいさ
ジャ…何故 ソノ森ノ 村ニ 母子ハイタノ?
――其れは 或(あ)意の【イド】が 呼んだからさ
ジャ…何故 【イド】ハ 何ノ為ニ 人ヲ呼ブノ?
――其れこそが 奴の本能だからさ

嗚呼 墓穴掘っても掘っても掘っても必死に掘ってもキリがない
嗚呼 死体と土塊(つちくれ) 死体と土塊 死体と土との多層菓(ミルフィーユ)
殺せと 侵(おか)せと 【イド】は唄う


夜露(よつゆ)に濡れた 苔藻(こけも)を踏み鳴らす
少年の その足取りは
哀しいほどに軽く 少年を
呼び止めた声は 下卑(げび)た響きで

友達を抱いたまま → 招かざる客を連れ → 優しい母の元へと → そして…


鳥に羽が有るように 儘
夜には唄が在る 嗚呼・・・

いずれ《迎暁》(グーテン・モルゲン=Guten Morgen=おはよう/Good Morning.)
染まる《薔薇の園》(ローゼンガルテン=Rosengarten=薔薇の庭園/rose garden)

drei、zwei、eins(ドリュー、ツヴォイ、 アイス=3,2,1)

キミが今笑っている 眩いその時代に
光と闇の童話(メールヒェン=Märchen=童話/fairy tales)



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And thus, only history remained...

"You're so slow, big brother"
"Big bro, wait for me-ow.... waaaaaah!"
"Ah, I'm sorry, did it hurt?"
"Hey! There's something by the well!"
"Oh come on now..."

The Fairytale of Light and Dark

"Watch your feet there"
"Are you alright? You're not scared?"
"No, but my heart is beating so fast. I never knew that the forest... that the world was this vast!"
"Well then, today I'll show you a very beautiful place, let's go!"

Looking up at the circular night sky, the night sky sways in blue
While cursing God's name, I sing in the abyss...

In the blind dark, what he thought was light, was not,
he later came to know that that warmth was known as "affection"

His very first friend was a cute green-eyed girl, but they had to part
and not until the end did he realize the name of the pain he felt then was "love"

Like water is needed for a flower, there must be punishment for sins
And before long it's time for good night, the seventh story now takes flight
Turning our backs at god―

Looking down into the dark ground, there are trails of a flickering crimson flame
Embraced in the eyes of mother, falling into the abyss...

"A decayed village... It's almost like a graveyard, ufufu..."
"Elise, fairytales always begin from the grave"

How come there is noone in this village?
(―That's because they all died a long time ago)

Then... How come all the villagers died a long time ago?
(―That's because they all died of the plague)

Then... How come there is a mother and her son in that forest?
(―That's because a certain [Ido] called them there)

Then... For what purpose does [Ido] call out to people?
(―That's because it's his instinct)

Ah, no matter desperately they dig them, there are not enough graves
"It's an era of disaster"

Ah, it's a mille-feuille of corpses, lumps of earth, corpses, lumps of earth, corpses and lumps of earth
"It's an era of cruelty"

The purpose of existence is to live and multiply
"Kill them!" "Invade them!", [Ido] sings

"Even if they multiply, once they are too many, they'll kill the host in the end anyway... ufufu!"
"It's much like the bond between man and earth. Anyway, let us continue the story..."

In a dim forest at dusk

"Are you sure it's over here?"
"Like I'd know"
"This forest gives me the creeps!"
"Hey, isn't that the rumoured witch from Thuringia's kid?"
"Heh, we're in luck!"

The boy walks on the moss wet from eveing dew
His stride is so light it's saddening, and then...

Two voices with a vulgar ring to them call out,
stopping him in his tracks, however he does not yet know
of the worlds feigned good or societys spite,
for he was raised not experiencing either

"Hello there, son"
"We came here to see the wise woman,"
"Would you perhaps be so kind as to guide us there?"
"Of course, I'd be glad to help. Let me show you the way to my mother"
"Thanks alot... heh heh"

While embracing his friend -> bringing unwanted guests with him ->
he heads for his kind mother -> and...

Looking out over―

"Mother, I have returned"
"Welcome ba... Who are these men!?"
"Thanks for leading us here!"
"Here, you can have your "friend" too!"

"Even if I, Therese von Ludowing, were to fall I'm of the Landgraf lineage! I'll see to it that the ugly likes of you never reign atop of a body ever again!"
"Ah, hold it, hold it, hold it...! Let's talk this over!"
"Don't scream, you pathetic scum!"
"What're you doing!?"
"I'll put you out of...Aah!?"
"Stop troubling us will ya!"

Like a bird has its wings, there is a song in the night, ah
Sooner or later it's good morning, and the rosegarden is dyed
Entrusting ourselves to god―

"In that beautifully dazzling time you are now laughing in...
Not resenting anyone, and not fearing death, let us meet there at all costs"
~The Fairytale of Light and Dark

"The seventh grave... let the revenge tragedy begin!"

Credits to Ialdabaoth @
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