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Wang Shi Bing Bu Ru Yan by Charlene Choi +lyrics

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  • Title
    Wang Shi Bing Bu Ru Yan
  • Artist
    Charlene Choi
  • Runtime
  • Views
  • Genre
  • Release date
    15 June, 2010
  • Rating (14)

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蔡卓妍 - 往事並不如煙

有太多 動聽的說法勸我要往前
有太多 聰明的比喻叫我別留戀
可是我始終不信 美麗的謊言

*如果年華真的似水 為何退不去
 如果人生真的如夢 為何醒不來
 一切都要靠時間 總有忘記的一天
 如果真的這樣 為何忘不掉 往事並不如煙*

可是我始終相信 面對過去 也能勇往直前


就算事情真的已改變 就算世界真的變得太暴烈
一瞬間 我會溫柔的想起你的臉 和我的諾言

如果感情曾經似漆 留在天地間
如果歲月曾經如歌 唱過多少遍
一切我們的時間 沒有忘記的一天
往事就是這樣 來得似火 去得並不如煙

There are too many sounds to say I want to move to persuade
There are too many clever analogy telling me not to yearn
Perhaps too much truth to deceive even themselves
But I still do not believe a beautiful lie

* If Love is really like water why not go back
If life is really like a dream Why can not wake up
Everything depends on the total time of day to forget
If so why not forget the past does not smoke *

Not a serious person I do not understand a bit poor
But I always believed that confronting the past can go ahead

Repeat *

Even if things really have changed even if the world really become so violent
Gentle moment I will remember your face, and my promise

If the feeling was like paint to remain in heaven and earth
If the years have Cantabile sang many times
All the time we have not forgotten the day
This comes as fire past is not to be smoke

Repeat *[edit]Last edit by himeyuri on Wednesday 16 Jun, 2010 at 15:23 +100%[/edit]
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