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Sakura No Shiori by AKB48 +lyrics

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  • Title
    Sakura No Shiori
  • Artist
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  • Release date
    17 February, 2010
  • Rating (251)

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haru no soyokaze ga doko kara ga fuki
kayoi nareta michi irodori wo kigaeru
yorokobi mo kanashimi mo sugi satta kisetsu
atarashii michi aruki hajime ru

sakura no hana wa wakare no shiori
hirahirato te wo futta tomo no kao ga uka bu
sakura no hana wa namida no shiori
taisetsu na kono toki wo itsuma demo wasure nuyouni

sora wo miage reba sono ookisa ni
hate shinaku tsuzuku michi no nagasa wo shitta
hare no hi mo ame no hi mo ashita ga kuru kara
hohoemi nagara ippo fumi dasu

sakura no hana wa mirai no shiori
itsuka mita sono yume wo omoidase ruyouni
sakura no hana wa kibou no shiori
akiramete shimau yori kono PEIJI hiraite miyou

sakura no hana wa kokoro no shiori
kagayaita seishun no ko more bi ga mabushii
sakura no hana wa ano hi no shiori
hito wa mina mankai ni saita yume wasure washinai[edit]Last edit by souseiseki on Wednesday 21 Apr, 2010 at 05:09 +5.3%[/edit][edit]Last edit by aokiakira on Wednesday 07 Apr, 2010 at 03:22 +5.5%[/edit][edit]Last edit by Zarth Arn on Saturday 03 Apr, 2010 at 08:10 +4.7%[/edit][edit]Last edit by Karensmatik on Sunday 24 Jan, 2010 at 23:22 +100%[/edit]
通いなれた道 彩りを着替える
喜びも悲しみも 過ぎ去った季節
新しい道 歩き始める

桜の花は 別れの栞
ひらひらと手を振った 友の顔が浮かぶ
桜の花は 涙の栞
大切な この時を いつまでも忘れぬように

空を見上げれば その大きさに
果てしなく続く 道の長さを知った
晴れの日も雨の日も 明日が来るから
微笑みながら 一歩踏み出す

桜の花は 未来の栞
いつか見たその夢を 思い出せるように
桜の花は 希望の栞
あきらめてしまうより このページ 開いてみよう

桜の花は 心の栞
輝いた青春の 木漏れ日が眩しい
桜の花は あの日の栞
人はみな 満開に咲いた夢 忘れはしない[edit]Last edit by Zarth Arn on Saturday 03 Apr, 2010 at 08:13 +5.2%[/edit]

Gentle breeze of spring
is blowing from somewhere
On the street that we used to walk,
the colour is starting to change

Happiness and sadness are
passing away with the season
we’re starting to walk
on a new path

This cherry blossom petal is a
bookmark of parting
It brings back my friends’ expression
when they waved their hands

This cherry blossom petal is a
bookmark of tears
So those important moments
won’t ever be forgotten…

When I look up to the sky
within such wideness
I’m starting to grasp the length of
this never ending path

Be it sunny day or rainy day,
tomorrow will surely come
So with a smile,
I’m taking one step forward

This cherry blossom petal is a
bookmark of future
To make me remember
the dream I’ve been longing for

This cherry blossom petal is a
bookmark of hope
Rather than marking the end,
this page is the starting point

This cherry blossom petal is a
bookmark of heart
Where sunlight through the trees
in our sparkling youth looked so dazzling

This cherry blossom petal is a
bookmark of that day
So each and everyone will not forget
their dreams until it’s blooming fully
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