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Sekishoku by Nightmare +lyrics

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    21 July, 2004
  • Rating (60)

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haha wa ima mo wagako no kaeri zutto koko de machi tsudzuketeiru
kazoekirenu jidai no namida wo nagashi inotteita

ano tsumi mo nai yowaki hitobito kutsuu wo nikiri shimeta
shu ni somarareta daichi no myaku wa togire chigire yagate kieyuku

hakanai arasoi ga umidasu kanashimi wa
kono kaze ni noserare haha no mune wo tsuranuita

tabidatsu sugata me ni yakitsuite hanarenai ima mo mada
aenaku chitta toutoi inochi eien* ni yozora no hoshi ni natta

ikuta no nikushimi ga uzumaku arasoi wa
shiawase wo tsukuru ka
kurushimi wo umidasu no ka

hakanai arasoi ga umidasu kanashimi wa
kono kaze ni noserare mai agaru

me wo tojiru no mo kowakute yoru mo nemurenai
wagako wo omou haha no inori wa todokanai mama
母は今も 我が子の帰り
ずっと ここで 待ち続けている
数えきれぬ時代の涙を 流し祈っていた
あの罪もない弱き人びと 苦痛を握りしめた
朱に染められた 大地の脈は
途切れ千切れ やがて消えゆく
儚い争いが 生みだす悲しみは
この風にのせられ 母の胸をつらぬいた

旅立つ姿 目に焼きついて
離れない 今もまだ 敢えなく散った
尊い命 永遠に夜空の星になった
幾多の憎しみが 渦巻く争いは
幸せを造るか 苦しみを生みだすのか
儚い争いが 生みだす悲しみは
この風にのせられ 舞い上がる

目を閉じるのも 怖くて夜も眠れない
我が子を想う母の祈りは 届かないまま
Mama continues waiting for the return of (now also our) child
Counting the era’s tears that sink in prayer

I grasped the pain to get rid of the guilt of a weak person
The ground’s pulse pauses and breaks off, colored into vermilion, it fades before long

Transient quarrels give birth to sorrow
This wind carries that tune through mother’s chest

Printed on my eyes, the figure is separated
Valuable life is tragically scattered and becomes a star of the night sky for eternity

The dispute that much hatred swirls
Does it produce happiness?
Or pain?

Transient quarrels give birth to sorrow
This wind carries that tune and soars high

It’s frightening to close your eyes when you can’t sleep at night
Mother’s prayers does not reach our child’s thoughts Meet new Asian friends! Over 2,000,000 members!

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