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Bokura No Natsu No Yume by Tatsuro Yamashita +lyrics

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  • Title
    Bokura No Natsu No Yume
  • Artist
    Tatsuro Yamashita
  • Runtime
  • Views
  • Genre
  • Release date
    19 August, 2009
  • Rating (27)

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ano oka no mukou ni
bokura no natsu ga aru
kawaranai mono
utsukushii mono
subete soko ni aru

taiyou no yukue wo
himawari ga oikakeru
kazenooto sae
kikoenai hodo
bokura wa mitsume au

kokoro to kokoro wo kasanete
hikari no shizuku de mitashite
te to te wo kataku musundara
chiisana kiseki ga umareru

shinjite hoshii'n da
mirai ga mieru'n da
kimi no hitomi ni
sora no aosa ga
utsuru sono tabi ni

ZERO sen ga sora wo tobu
haruka na jidai kara
bokura ga koko de
deaeru koto mo
kitto kimatteta

ikusen no ai no kioku wo
bokura wa tadotte ikou yo
tokoshie ni kimi wo mamoru yo
bokura no rekishi ga hajimaru

Oh unmei ga
koko kara
doko he to
mukaou to

kumo ni egaita
shiroi yakusoku
kesshite wasurenai

kokoro to kokoro wo kasanete
bokura wa natsu no yume wo miru
te to te wo kataku musundara
chiisana kiseki ga umareru
bokura no kiseki ga umareru
manatsu no kiseki ga...

(Mother of Summer)
(We are together...)













uhh 運命が












(mother of summer)
(we are together)

Our summer is over there,
On the other side of that hill.
Unchanging things,
Beautiful things -
All of them are there.

The sunflowers chase after
The sun’s position.
So intently that we can’t hear
Even the sound of the wind,
We gaze at each other.

Take your heart and add it to mine.
Fill it with drops of light.
If we firmly link our hands together,
A little miracle will be born.

I want you to believe me.
I can see into the future
When I look into your eyes
And see the blue of the sky
Reflected there.

Zero planes fly through the sky
From a faraway era.
That the two of us
Could meet each other here
Must have been fated to be.

Let’s go and follow
The thousands of memories of love.
I will protect you forever.
Our history begins here.

Oh, I wonder,
In which direction
Will fate go
From here?

Painted in the clouds
Is a white promise.
Never forget.

Take your heart and add it to mine.
We’re seeing a summer dream.
If we firmly link our hands together,
A little miracle will be born.
Our miracle will be born.
A miracle of midsummer will…

(Mother of Summer)
(We are together …)

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