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Rong Yi Shou Shang De Nu Ren by Faye Wong +lyrics

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  • Title
    Rong Yi Shou Shang De Nu Ren
  • Artist
    Faye Wong
  • Runtime
  • Views
  • Genre
  • Release date
    22 June, 2009
  • Rating (8)

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  • Translation
Liu zhe ni ge ye de wen Gan jue bu dao ni you duo zhen
Xiang ni tian se yi huang hun Lian shang hai you lei hen
Ru guo cong ci bu guo wen Bu xiang dui ni nan she nan fen
Shi fou ye jiu bu hui leng Xin jiu bu hui teng

Chan dou de chun Deng bu dao ni de wen
Yi ge rong yi shou shang de nü ren
Xi wang Xi wang Xi wang ni hui xin teng
Wo hai pa yi ge ren Wei he bu ken
Qing qing huan wo yi sheng An wei rong yi shou shang de nü ren
Wei le ni Wo qing yuan Gei yi sheng
(Ni de yan shen Tang shang wo de qing chun)

Hei ye li bu gan dian deng Shi shei rang wo yue xian yue shen
Rang wo shen ai guo de ren Yue lai yue mo sheng
留著你隔夜的吻 感覺不到你有多真
想你天色已黃昏 臉上還有淚痕
如果從此不過問 不想對你難捨難分
是否夜就不會冷 心就不會疼

顫抖的唇 等不到你的吻
希望 希望 希望你會心疼
我害怕一個人 為何不肯
輕輕喚我一聲 安慰容易受傷的女人
為了你 我情願 給一生
(你的眼神 燙傷我的青春)

黑夜裡不敢點燈 是誰讓我越陷越深
讓我深愛過的人 越來越陌生
Leaving behind your overnight kiss
I cannot feel how "real" you are
Thinking of you, the color of the sky is already dusk
Upon my face, there are still tear stains
If, starting over, I did not go ask
I do not want to be loath to part from you
Perhaps then, the night would not be cold
Then, my heart would not ache

This trembling lip cannot await your kiss
An easily wounded woman
Hoping, hoping, hoping your heart will ache
I am afraid to be alone
Why are you unwilling to softly call out to me
To soothe this easily wounded woman
For you, I am willing to give my life
(The expression of your eyes has scorched my youth)

In black night, I'm afraid to turn on a light
Who is it that has let me be tricked so profoundly
Letting the person I loved so deeply
Become more and more unfamiliar
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