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This Day by Sodagreen +lyrics

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  • Title
    This Day
  • Artist
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  • Release date
    7 November, 2007
  • Rating (12)

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gou shen ke le ma / lai tang xia ba
rang wo qing fu ni an wei / shang hai wo hou de pi bei

gou jian rui le ma / kan wo de ba
yong wen rou bao fu yong gan / gei chuan xi de ni xiao lian

sheng ming cong lai bu jue de / zi ji dui shui gai fu ze ren
wo men kan le bian zao de huang yan
jiu ru ci qing yi jiang bi ci hua cheng sui pian

tai duo xu wei qing jie de biao mian / mo hu mo sheng de yan
qing ran wo zai ni shen bian / yi qi chuan yue zhe tiao jie

qing rang wo zai ni shen bian / yi qi ji nian zhe yi tian
gou tong kuai le ma / wo zhi dao a

duo zai ni li ren zhi nei / jiao ao de zi bei zuo sui
gou xian yan le ma / xue ran de hua

bei ni ci man de shuang shou / ci ke ca gan ni yan lei
zong you yi tian wo men dou si qu

diu diao ming zi de hui yi zai ye mei you yi yi
zong you yi tian wo men dou wang ji
ceng wei le yi ge yue yan yue lan de gu shi shang xin

zong you yi tian wo men dou tan xi
xiao zhe mian huai you guo yu chun de mei li / jiu rang xian zai guo qu

rang wo wo ni de shou / che di liao jie chan dou
rang ni wo wo de shou / ni hui zhi dao wo

tou guo wo de yan lei kan ni de lian / zi you shi wo men xu yao de te quan
ni xiao le / wo xiao le

romaji by Laruku
夠深刻了嗎 來躺下吧
讓我輕撫你安慰 傷害我後的疲累

夠尖銳了嗎 看我的疤
用溫柔包覆勇敢 給喘息的你笑臉

生命從來不覺得 自己對誰該負責任
我們看了編造的謊言 就如此輕易將彼此劃成碎片

太多虛偽情節的表面 模糊陌生的眼
請讓我在你身邊 一起穿越這條街
請讓我在你身邊 一起紀念這一天

夠痛快了嗎 我知道啊 
躲在你利刃之內 驕傲的自卑作祟

夠鮮豔了嗎 血染的花 
被你刺滿的雙手 此刻擦乾你眼淚


笑著緬懷有過的愚蠢的美麗 就讓現在過去

讓我握你的手 徹底了解顫抖
讓你握我的手 你會知道我
透過我的眼淚看你的臉 自由是我們需要的特權 你笑了 我笑了
Is it deep enough? Come lie down,
Let me caress away the fatigue of your hurting me

Is it sharp enough? Look at my scars,
Let me wrap up my courage and gentility, serving it with a smile

Life never thought about being responsible to anyone
We saw those lies
and easily used them to rip each other into shreds

Too many hypocritical facades, blurring these stranger eyes
Please let me stay by your side, crossing the street together
Please let me stay by your side, remembering this day together

Is it hearty enough? Of course I know
Been hiding in your blades, my proud self-consciousness acting up

Is it bright enough? This blood-dyed flower
Let me wipe your tears with these hands full of your stab wounds

We will all die some day,
Memories without a name no longer means anything

We will all forget some day,
How we cried over a downward sliding storyline

We all sign some day,
Reminiscing our beautiful stupidity with a smile, letting the now flow to the past

Hold your hand and I'll understand your shivers
Hold my hand and you will know me
Seeing your face through my tears, freedom is the privilege that we needed
You smiled, so did I
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