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Guan Yu Qing Ge by Sam Lee +lyrics

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  • Title
    Guan Yu Qing Ge
  • Artist
    Sam Lee (Cpop)
  • Runtime
  • Views
  • Genre
  • Release date
    9 January, 2008
  • Rating (4)

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shen mi zhu yi tu mei fang si zi yan
hu lue wo de kuang ni de sa ye
ke neng bu dong jie xian
qing xiao zu yi yan shi wo zhi yi qie
mo hu ni de tian wo de dan qie
tai you ke neng tai mo sheng ai lian
shi jian zai gei duo yi xie
yong qi zhong shi huan que na mo yi dian
zhen xiang bu gu yi qie
quan bu rang ni kan jian
quan yu qing ge zhi chang yi bian
wo xiang ni ying gai zao fa xian
wo qing ye xu ni yuan
neng bu neng chang jin ni er bian
guan yu qing ge zhi chang yi bian
ni yi ding yao ren zhen ting jian
xiang xiang wo men zhi jian
yao bu yao ting zhu zhe shun jian
jiu yong yuan
shou la shou zhe shi wo men xiang yao de sheng huo
rang ni de xing fu
jiao gei wo de zuo shou
ceng jiang guo tian kong
chu xian liang dao cai hon
zhe yu gao wo men
hui jin jin de xiang shou

这预告我们会紧紧的相守[edit]Last edit by yinnie on Saturday 28 Mar, 2009 at 04:35 -82.1%[/edit]
Having written a song so full of love
This song that I sing, I’ve written it solely for you
You’ve made me understand why love songs are touching
because love makes it so
The songs about you, about us in the days to come,
(as we’re) singing through it, a future with us together becomes a reality
The songs about you, about your innocence and charm
Looking into the tranquil glaze of your eyes makes me care profoundly
Love is beginning to overflow
We can stroll leisurely as the sun rises and sets, we can fall in love even more
My hope is for you to be happy as I embrace your very soul, the one woman that I love
(I’ve) sung through countless heartfelt melodies and found that loving you is my duty
So long as we place our trust in fate, love will endlessly abound
This song I’ve written for you alone

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