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Semi by Berryz Koubou +lyrics

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  • Title
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    Berryz Kobo
  • Runtime
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  • Release date
    7 July, 2004
  • Rating (25)

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Satogaeri wo shita hi wa chotto tanoshii no
Bangohan wa sukiyaki da shi ukiuki suru

Sore demo mikkamo sugireba sabishii no
Keetai mo bashowaru no kengai tsumannai na

Yuuguredoki ni sanpo suru
Anata no koto wo kangaete
Miss you

Otouto wa genki ni semi wo totte
Watashi ni zuibun to jimange ni
Misebirakasu missing

Inaka no yoru tte doushite hayasugiru?
Nijuuji ni wa nan da ka chotto onemu ni naru

Shinseki toka gouryuu shite nigiyaka de
Toranpu toka hajimattara muchuu ni naru

"Gomen" nante omotta no yo
Anata no koto wo wasureteta...
Love you

Oyashoku wa raamen bataa irete
Watashi ga oyasai wo tappuri!
Tsukutta no yo missing

Ato mikka mo shitara modoru keredo
Igai to sore wa sore toshite
Sabishii mono

Anata ni
Omiyage wo ippai motte iku wa
Watashi ga daisuki na hakka no wagashi dakedo

里帰りをした日はちょっと 楽しいの
晩御飯はすき焼きだし うきうきする

それでも3日も過ぎれば 寂しいの
ケータイも場所悪の圏外 つまんないな

夕暮れ時に 散歩する
あなたのことを 考えて

弟は元気に セミを採って
私に ずいぶんと自慢げに
見せびらかす MISSING

田舎の夜ってどうして 早すぎる?
20時にはなんだかちょっと おねむになる

親戚とか合流して にぎやかで
トランプとか始まったら 夢中になる

「ごめん」なんて 思ったのよ
あなたのことを 忘れてた…

お夜食はラーメン バター入れて
私が お野菜をたっぷり!

あと3日もしたら 戻るけれど
意外と それはそれとして

お土産をいっぱい 持っていくわ
私が 大好きな薄荷の和菓子だけど


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The day I went back to visit my family was kind of fun
We cheerfully ate sukiyaki for dinner

But after three days, I was lonely
My cellphone doesn't work here; this is boring

At dusk, I take a walk
And think of you
Miss you

My little brother dashes about, catching cicadas
He's so proud as he
Shows them off to me, missing

Why are rural nights so early?
At eight o'clock, I'm starting to get sleepy

The house is bustling when all my relatives get together
And when we start playing cards I get really into it

I actually thought "sorry"
Because I forgot about you...
Love you

For dinner we had ramen, I put butter in mine
I made a bunch of
Vegetables! Missing

In three more days, I'll be going home
But surprisingly that's
Sort of lonely, too

I'm bringing
You lots of souvenirs
It's just my favorite Japanese mint candies, though

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