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Itoshi Kimi e by Naotaro Moriyama +lyrics

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  • Title
    Itoshi Kimi e
  • Artist
    Naotaro Moriyama
  • Runtime
  • Views
  • Genre
  • Release date
    26 May, 2004
  • Rating (7)

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Itoshi Kimi e

Source: LyricWiki

issou dakishimete
dakishimete hanasanai yo
kono mama soba ni ite hoshii
nanimo towazu ni

issou saigo made saigo made
shinjirareru chikara wo boku ni kudasai
tatoeba sore ga itsuwari de mo

asa no hikari ni kimi ga kiete shimaisou de
boku wa mata nemutta furi wo shita
mabushi-sugiru omoide-tachi
kocchi wo muite waratte iru yo
ano hidamari no naka de

nee itoshi-kimi yo itoshi-kimi yo
doko ni iru no
ima sugu ai ni kite hoshii
tatoeba sore ga maboroshi de mo
ii kara
Itoshi Kimi e Kanji lyrics



いっそ 抱きしめて
抱きしめて 離さないよ
このまま 傍にいて欲しい

いっそ 最後まで 最後まで
信じられる力を 僕にください
例えばそれが 偽りでも

朝の光に 君が消えてしまいそうで
こっちを向いて 笑っているよ

愛し君よ 愛し君よ
Itoshi kimi e (To the one I love)

Source: LyricWiki

I want to hold you more
Hold you and never let go
I want to be close, like this
No matter what

Please give me the strength
To be able to believe
Until the end
Even if it's a lie

You seemed to vanish in the morning light
And i pretended to sleep again
In the blinding memories
You turn toward me, smiling
Amongst the sunlight

Oh my love, my love
Where have you gone?
I want you here right now
Even if it's an illusion
That's enough

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