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Bu Xie Ji Nian by Kenji Wu +lyrics

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  • Title
    Bu Xie Ji Nian
  • Artist
    Kenji Wu
  • Runtime
  • Views
  • Genre
  • Release date
    25 November, 2005
  • Rating (4)

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Shi yue shi ba wo sheng ri zhe yi tian

La zhu xi mie hou fu xian ni de lian

Ni shuo zhu wo sheng ri kuai le

Dan hai you hua gua zai zui bian

Ni shuo ni sheng bian duo le yi ge ta

Zhi hou shang ren de hua ni bu xiang jiang

Ni shuo ni hui huai nian huo ji nian

Xie xie ni wo gai shuo sheng gan xie

Wo bu xie ji nian zhe yi tian wo men fen bie

Wo bu xie huai nian ni de zui han zhe bao qian

Wo hou lai fa xian ni de ce nian

Zhi shi wo nao zi li mian de yi dian can que

Yi dian can que

Dan hai you hua ni gua zai zui bian

Wo bu xie huai nian ni de nian yu zhi you yen

Wang le shuo bao qian de shi wo cai dui

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October 18th - my birthday.
The candles went out and your face appeared,
And you wished me happy birthday
But there was something more on the tip of your tongue.
You said you’d found someone else,
But you didn’t want to say anything else that would hurt me.
You said you’d always remember us.
I should speak up and thank you.

I don’t want to remember the day we split,
I don’t want to remember you screaming you’re sorry.
Eventually I find your profile,
Has lost a little inside my mind,
Lost just a little.

But there was something more on the tip of your tongue,
I don’t want to remember your face as you wondered if you should say it,
I should be the one that forget to say I’m sorry.

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