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Alright! by Ami Suzuki +lyrics

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    Ami Suzuki
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  • Release date
    15 May, 2006
  • Rating (25)

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Lyrics: Suzuki Ami Music: Watanabe Kazunori

*Fly to the sky mezameta nara

Kanjiru mama tobidashite miyou

Hashiri tsudukeru dake ja tsumara nai

Sunao na kokoro wo mitsumete

Kagami wo mitsumete jikan wo kakete

MEIKU shitara atarashii DENIMU de

Chotto IMEEJI wo kae mashita

Daremo ga kitai shichau no

Deai toka koi toka aru yokan

Nakama to sagashi ni yukou

Mune ga kyun to suru you na mainichi

Jibun rashiku shite kureru natsu ga kuru yo

**Let it be alright kono shunkan wa

Ima shika nai nogasa nai de

Ashita no koto wa ashita sureba ii

Me no mae no CHANSU wo tsukande

Let it be alright tanoshima nakya

Oware nai yo hajikete ikou

Jibun ni shika nai egao mitsukete

Taiyou yori mo kagayaku yo

Kotoshi no watashi wa imamade to

Chigatte chotto serebu

Namida no kazu dake

Saron ni kayotte migaki ageru

Toomawari demo kamawa nai

Ii onna ni naru tame doryoku

Kiduita toki

Sugite shimau ima dakara

Let it be alright nakitaku naru

Ganbatte mo zasetsu bakari de

“Dare demo sugu ni kirei ni nareru”

TEREBI tsukeru to kikoeru wana

Let it be alright akirame nai

Hayari nante

Sugu kawaru kedo

Mokuhyou dake wa takaku mota nakya

Risou no hibi wo te ni ire you



Ah tadayou

Ah natsu no kaori

Ah korekara

Take me to your heart

作詞: 鈴木亜美 作曲: 渡辺和紀

※Fly to the sky 目覚めたなら




鏡を見つめて 時間をかけて

メイクしたら 新しいデニムで







△Let it be alright この瞬間は

今しかない 逃さないで



Let it be alright 楽しまなきゃ

終われないよ はじけていこう



今年の私は 今までと

違って ちょっとセレブ







Let it be alright 泣きたくなる




Let it be alright あきらめない







Ah ただよう

Ah 夏の香り

Ah これから

Take me to your heart

If Fly to the sky it awoke,just it continues to run staring the trivial gentle heart where as you will feel it will try springing out

Staring the mirror, when spending time you apply make-up, everyone who changed just a little image with the new denim expects and, everyday by kind of yourself whom the encounter or love or a certain foreboding companion of the [chi] [ya] [u] and the chest which probably will go to searching make [kiyun] the summer when it does come

If Let it be alright only now it is
not letting escape, tomorrow it should have done
the thing of tomorrow the chance before
the eye grasping the Let it be
alright easy stripe there is no this instant,
it cannot end, the smiling face
you finding be no other choice but to by yourself whom it probably will keep being able to repel,
the sun compared to it shinesTherefore
as for me of △ this year equal to
the number of just a little
[serebu] tears passing to
the salon different from until now, because
you become the [ii] woman who
is not taken care of even with the detour to polish
when effort
becoming aware, the presently (now) it passes
Let it be alright to cry it stops wanting
persevering, when the television to which “
anyone is accustomed directly cleanly” you attach
with only collapse, however the trap
Let it be alright which, is audible
the popularity (fashion) which is not abandoned
how it changes immediately
if just goal holding you want it is not high,
everyday life of ideal will be obtained,


Ah simply the way,
from fragrance Ah this
of the Ah summer
Take me to your heart
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