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Tobira by GReeeeN +lyrics

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    3 December, 2008
  • Rating (163)

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hora , kao age sukoshi waratte
sorya iroiro aruyo wakarutte
omoi doori no story towa ikanai keredo

dare shimo ashita wa kurutte !
matte kurenai toki wa sugi satte
anata ni ima mieru mirai kara me sorasazuni

imi no nai koto wa nani hitotsu naitte kiga sunda
omoikiri yari nui tara kimochi harebare !
furikaere ba hora mierudarou ? ayunda michinori
osore zuni tsugino ippo hora fumidase !!!

(Refrain1) kimi ga hiraku so menomae ni asu no jibun wa mieteimasuka ??
atarashii tobira no sono saki ni kitto deaeru
( tsugino jibun ) ni (Refrain1)

hora ? doushita ? kurai kao tsurai kamoshirenaiga saa warao u !
damatte mo sugi teku hibi nara asate , ashita , kyou , imi ga aru
mayotte bakka ikkoku ikkoku to KARENDA^ no hiduke kotsukotsu to
matte kureruwake nante nainda jaa ima sokkou de soku koudou !!!

imi ga nai to tada kimetsukete tobira shimeterunda
mienai you kikoenai youni shiterudake
ashita nani ga dekiru kanante kimi ga kimerudake
osore zuni tsugino ippo hora fumidase !!!

(Refrain2) kimi no tobira wo akeru kagi wa itsumo kimi no poketto no naka
ima hirake ba hora me no mae ni kitto matteru
( tsugino jibun ) ga (Refrain2)

tachi tomatte ugokenainara
boku ga sotto kimi no senaka osu yo
sono ippo de mae ni deta nara
ato wa hitori de susumeru hazusa

itsuka kitto anata no ( yume ) ga ( omoi ) ga todokunda !!!
omoikiri yari nui tara kimochi x 100!!!
soremo zenbu wakatterundarou ?
tobira hiraku niwa sono omoi zenbu kakae hora fumidase !!!

( (Refrain1) Repeat )
( (Refrain2) Repeat )[edit]Last edit by lifestream on Friday 13 Feb, 2009 at 21:47 +4.8%[/edit][edit]Last edit by japastyle on Monday 22 Dec, 2008 at 13:57 +5.2%[/edit]

待ってくれない 時は過ぎ去って
あなたに 今見える未来から 目そらさずに

意味の無い事は 何一つ無いって気がすんだ
思い切りやり抜いたら 気持ちハレバレ!
振り返れば ほら見えるだろう? 歩んだ道のり
恐れずに次の一歩 ほら 踏み出せ!!!

※君が開くその目の前に 明日の自分は見えていますか??
新しい扉のその先に きっと出逢える

ほら?どうした?暗い顔 ツライかもしれないが さぁ笑おう!
黙っても過ぎてく日々なら 明後日、明日、今日、意味がある
迷ってばっか 一刻一刻と カレンダーの日付 コツコツと
待ってくれるわけなんてないんだ じゃあ今 速攻で即行動!!!

意味が無いとただ決めつけて 扉閉めてるんだ
見えない様 聞こえない様にしてるだけ
明日何が出来るかなんて 君が決めるだけ
恐れずに次の一歩 ほら 踏み出せ!!!

△君の扉を開ける鍵は いつも君のポケットの中
今開けば ほら目の前に きっと待ってる

その一歩で 前に出たなら

いつかきっと あなたの『夢』が『想い』が届くんだ!!!
思い切りやり抜いたら 気持ち×100!!!
扉開くには その想い 全部抱え ほら 踏み出せ!!!

Lyrics: GReeeeN
Music: GReeeeN

Hey, lift your chin up and smile a little
I know you’ve been through a lot
And the story’s not going the way you thought it would

But tomorrow comes for everyone!
Time passes by and won’t wait for you
Don’t look away from the future you can see now

You’ll feel better once you realize nothing is pointless
Once you’ve given it your all you’ll feel refreshed
If you turn around, hey, do you see it? Look how far you’ve come
Don’t be afraid, take the next step forward!!!

*As you open what’s in front of you
Can you see what you’ll be like tomorrow??
You’ll surely find a new door ahead of you
That leads to “the new you”

Hey, why the gloomy face? I know it’s hard but let’s laugh together!
Even if you stay silent, each passing day, tomorrow, today, all have meaning
You just worry each and every second, marking off the calendar diligently
But nothing will ever wait for us so let’s take immediate action now!!!

If you just decide that it’s meaningless, you’re closing the door
Pretending you can’t see, pretending you can’t hear
All you have to do is decide what you can accomplish tomorrow
Don’t be afraid, take the next step forward!!!

**The key that opens your door has always been in your pocket
Look, if you open it now, I know that person will be right before your eyes
“The new you” is waiting for you

If you’re standing still and can’t seem to budge
I’ll softly give you a push you forward
If you can just take one step
Then I know you can make it on your own

Your “dream” and “emotions” will make it there someday!!!
Once you’ve given it your all you’ll feel great x 100!!!
But you know all that already, don’t you?
Embrace all your emotions so you can open the door, now step forward!!!


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