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I sing every shine for you by access +lyrics

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  • Title
    I sing every shine for you
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  • Release date
    23 June, 2004
  • Rating (19)

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SIGHT machikado ni nagare ru utata chiga
yori sou futari ni hijiri naru tomoshibi wotomosu

fuki tsukeru kaze ni bokuha eri wotatete
eki heto nagare ru kage no atata tazumu

nemure zu yoake nitsukuttaano uta mo
konna kaze ni yasashi ku hibii te hoshii

bokura ha chigatta kurashi ni kakoma rete
chigatta kanashi miitaburare kogoe ru

minare ta keshiki ni kawa ttakono basho de
tsutae rareru kotoba wo sagashi temitai

deae nai kun nara omoi dake todoke te
bokuha kun notameni For you,I sing every shine for you

yofuke no sute - ji ni modotte yami wo mitsu meru
kun heno togireru ta hohoemi oi kakete

TIME sugi teyuku tokini kegasaretemo
tadotta michi subete fuukei ni egako u

deae nai kun nara ima semete tsutae te
afureru kimochi dake For you,I sing every shine for ...

Never Forget ima kun ni tega todoka nakutemo
itsumo kun no gawa detada I sing every shine for you
SIGHT 街角に流れる歌たちが





僕は君のために For you,I sing every shine for you


TIME 過ぎてゆく時にけがされても

あふれる気持ちだけFor you,I sing every shine for…

Never Forget 今君に手が届かなくても
いつも君の側でただ I sing every shine for you
Through the streets singing their SIGHT
They turn on a light so holy to pro

I am the wind blows is turned-up collar
Nestled in the shadow to the station through

That song also made to lie awake at dawn
I want to resonate like gentle wind

We are surrounded by different life
Itabura sorrow is different freezing

This place turned into a familiar landscape
Want to find the words to be communicated

If you thought only deliver Enai
I am for you For you, I sing every shine for you

Staring into the darkness of the late night back to the stage
Chasing broken smile for you.

TIME is also too Kegasa at Yuku
All roads into the landscape draw tack

Now at least tell you Enai
Just full of feeling For you, I sing every shine for

Never Forget the hand can not reach you now
But you always in the side I sing every shine for you

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