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Just Do It!!! by FLOW +lyrics

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  • Title
    Just Do It!!!
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  • Release date
    19 March, 2008
  • Rating (74)

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just do it!!!

hey! boys and girls! this is flow's stage
this is brand new song, just do it! you're right!

let's go, do it! taiyou giragira
let's go, do it! douro ha garagara
let's go, do it! utao u rararara
let's go, do it! 5 nin de rararara

tsukiji ni kani wo tabe ni iku tame migite ni tsuyoku nigiri shime ta money
osore ru naka re tanoshimi yagare sawage let's party! here we go!

nari dasu haradokei mou gamandekina i

ton de ton de iku jamaica, tahiti, istanbul, america
yappa uni , ikura donburi ga kui teena ~

just do it!!!

yura yura yure ruhodo nomi makuri
nanji demo doko demo kanpai da ~

dare da ~ ore da ore tte ittai
dare da ~ ore da ore datte ore tte
dare da ~ dakara ore tte iu kedo antaha ittai donnayatsu ? dare da ~
dare da ~ dare nanda ~

just do it!!!
Just do it!!!

Hey! Boys and girls! This is FLOW's stage
This is brand new song, just do it! You're right!

Let's go, do it! 太陽ギラギラ
Let's go, do it! 道路はガラガラ
Let's go, do it! 歌おうララララ
Let's go, do it! 5人でララララ

築地に蟹を食べに行く為 右手に強く握り締めたMoney
恐れる無かれ 楽しみやがれ 騒げ Let's party! Here we go!

鳴り出す腹時計 もう我慢出来ない

飛んで飛んで行く Jamaica, Tahiti, Istanbul, America

Just do it!!!


誰だ〜 俺だ俺って一体
誰だ〜 俺だ俺だって俺って
誰だ〜 だから俺って言うけど あんたは一体どんなやつ? 誰だ〜
誰だ〜 誰なんだ〜

Just do it!!!
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