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Marble-iro No Hi by Hitomi Yaida +lyrics

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  • Title
    Marble-iro No Hi
  • Artist
    Hitomi Yaida
  • Runtime
  • Views
  • Genre
  • Release date
    17 March, 2004
  • Rating (3)

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kono sekai de ichiban no ai wo anata ni sosogu
sore wa mita koto mo nai you na MA-BURU iro no hi

yureru KA-TEN wa kiiro sarau kaze nara midori
anata ga kagayaki o soeru MA-BURU iro no hi

onaji you na koto de naite warau
dakara butsukaru dakara suteki

umaku yukanai toki koso te wo tsunaide mimashou
kotoba nante chiisana koto ni omoeru kara hora

kirei na mono wa iranai no yo datte
itsuka wa ushinau hakanai sekai

asa anata ga nokoshita nurui KO-HI-

kono sekai de ichiban de nani mo kaetakunai no
この世界で一番の 愛をあなたに注ぐ
それは見たこともないような マーブル色の日

揺れるカーテンは黄色 さらう風なら緑
あなたが輝きを添える マーブル色の日

だからぶつかる だから素敵

うまく行かない時こそ 手を繋いでみましょう

綺麗なものはいらないのよ だって
いつかは失う はかない世界

汚したテーブルクロス マーブル色のキス

この世界で一番で 何も変えたくないの[edit]Last edit by aiiyka on Monday 16 Nov, 2009 at 19:49 +100%[/edit]
Marble Colored Day

In this world I put the most important love into you
That's a marble colored day like I've never seen

That swaying carton is yellow, if it's picked up by the wind it will be green
You add radiance to this marble colored day

We laugh and cry about the same things
So we run into each other, and so it's wonderful

When things don't go well, let's try going at them hand in hand
I think that words are such small things, look

I don't need pretty things
Some day I will part with this fleeting world

The dirty table cloth, a marble colored kiss
The coffee you left on the table this morning, that's gone cold

I don't want any of the most important things in this world to change[edit]Last edit by conan on Wednesday 07 Apr, 2010 at 20:53 +100%[/edit]
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