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Senor Senora Senorita by Miyavi +lyrics

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  • Title
    Senor Senora Senorita
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  • Release date
    16 January, 2006
  • Rating (181)

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Shall we dance?

one, two, step…step by step…

Nani wo kakusou señorita,
Watashi koso ga one, two, step…step by step…
Ikichi moshi tataru ii otoko
one, two, step…step by step…
Onozomi to araba hone no zui to made
one, two, step…step by step…
Kojiman no kiba wo meshi agare

Aa… tsuki ni terasare aojiroku hikaru
Kubisuji ni sotto chikai no kisu wo
Demo naze darou, mune no oku dokoka
Konna ni mo itamu no wa…
one, two, step…step by step…
Odori masenka boniita,
Te wo tori one, two, step…step by step…
Koshi karamasete an, du, torowaa
one, two, step…step by step…
Kuchibiru fure souna kyori de fui ni
one, two, step…step by step…
Sasayaku kotoba wa “te amoore"
Aa… kono mune ni saita jounetsu no bara
Sono toge de kokoro shime tsukeru
Aa… Soshite boku wa kimi wo omou tabi
Chi no namida wo nagasunda.

Kanawa nai koi naraba isso kowashite shimae, to
Negatte shimau no wa ike nai koto deshou ka?

Boku ga boku ja nakya donna ni yokattarou?
Kimi wo kizutsukeru koto nado naku aiseru no ni…

one, two, step…step by step…
Toki no aizu de futari wa randebuu,
one, two, step…step by step…
Mata asa ga kite hanarebanare

Aa… aishita kimi ni sae chikaduke nai
Boku wa aware na mosukiito sa
"dakishimetai, dakishimerare nai…" no wa,
Kowashite shimai sou dakara

Kawari yuku kono karada, tatoe hikarabi you tomo
Douka kono koi ga tsumi to natte shimau mae ni

Todoka nai kiss naraba, minora nai rabusutoorii naraba
Semete yume no naka, dakishimesasete okure

Omoeba omou hodo, chikaduite wa hanarete iku…
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Shall we dance?

1, 2, Step...Step by step...



1, 2, Step...Step by step...
踊りませんか可愛い人(ボニータ)、手をとり腰絡ませて1, 2, 3(アン、ドゥ、トロワー)



1, 2, Step...Step by step...



Shall we dance?

1, 2, Step...Step by step...
You seem to be hiding miss, I'm just a vampire dripping with blood
If you wish I shall feast on you with my great fangs to the marrow of your bones

Aa... A soft kiss to vow to your pale neck gleaming in the moonlight
But why, this pain somewhere within my chest...

"It's as if I've fallen in love with you"

1, 2, Step...Step by step...
Wont you dance, beutiful lady, take my hand and swing your hips 1, 2, 3
As we almost touch lips the words I suddenly whisper are "I love you"

Aa... The rose of passion which has bloomed inside me pinches my heart with that thorn
And whenever I think of you I cry tears of blood.

If this love cannot be granted then I shall break apart
What I wish for cannot be, I suppose?

Would it be any good if I wasn't myself?
Even though I love you and would never think to harm you...
1, 2, Step...Step by step...
At the strike of the clock we meet, and part when morning comes

Aa... I, who cannot come near to you whom I loved, am a pittiful mosquito
"I want to hold you, but I cannot...", is because I feel I will break apart

This changing body, as I am starting to dry up
Before this love ultimately turns to sin
As an unreceived kiss, as a fruitless love story,
At least in my dreams, will you let me hold you

As I think about it, the closer we get the further apart we must go... like the moon and the sun

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