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Phishie is a girl who signed up 6 years ago. She owns the pretty amazing amount of 2,827 Jpops and was last seen here about 4 years ago

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About me

Follows new anime season to season, usually on illegal streaming sites with fansubs but if a show is available official and free, then that's definitely the go-to. Ads are no problem. Preferred genres are action/suspense/thriller, chill slice-of-life, and very, hum, unique things.

Genre 1 examples; CANAAN and Durarara!!. Genre 2 example; Lucky Star, My Ordinary Life. & Genre 3; The Tatami Galaxy, Sound of the Sky.

Buy the anime that gets licensed that was enjoyed when watched online originally. Gotta support. Go for classics as well just as a backup like, "Wait! I am TOO a fan! Look; Eva." Hoho.

Like all good hikikomori otaku--a title am certain is now deserved, go on and challenge--cannot stand the sun and avoids IRL contact.

Recently into collecting anime PVC figurines with a limited budget so those lovely girls (And the odd boy.) fill up the shelves very well.

A critic, an atheist, a quarter Korean, a quarter Scottish, and the rest is NW American. Fifteen, female, and bisexual, she is a boar in the Chinese Zodiac. Zodiac is lovely... xD Adore those mats at Chinese restaurants.

My favorite artists and albums

Changing all this up to be a more simplistic listing with only brief reasonings. Also of note is that all the artists here are real favorites; not second-preferences.

Solo Artists;
YUI - Her sweet, sweet voice gives light to the honesty of her songs; never shallow or superficial but stunning in their sight.
Hirano Aya - Not a big fan of her own candy pop, but as a performer, she's a riot to watch. Live on, Aya!
HIMEKA - That voice. Augh. Leave it to a J-singing Canadian to remind me of my West End and Broadway days.
KOKIA - THAT VOICE. **froths And what a performer!!
Caravan - Relaxing and honest. Kind of rustic; sweet in its humble...ness.

Girl Groups;
Kalafina - Enchanting and haunting both with harmonizations to kill.
Halcali - These two are a riot. Enough said.
Sphere - All wonderful seiyuu, all totally cute, all with great voices! Approval.
Perfume - Fantastic choreography, unique and often electro-based content, plus cute girlies, equals win.

The Boys;
girugämesh - The gateway group! Having heard their music mature so much, I feel proud to be a fan of such talent. :RBcrying:
ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D - At once a crashing yearn, then a star-studded rap, then a S.Cali beach party. Good times here.
THE GOMBAND - Hey, Braveheart.

VOCALOID - Hardly fictional, Vocaloid owns this world. Miku forever and always!!
Afterschool Tea Time - Talk about music maturing. Between songs about food and staplers, HTT has its own YUI. [size=9]**pun[/size]
Nene from CANAAN - Oh lawdy + Among the most perfect insert songs in history.

Composers; [Descriptions just the first credit to put them on a pedestal in her head.]
Nanase Hikaru - CANAAN
Oshima Michiru - Sound of the Sky
Amano Masamichi - Battle Royale
And not Hisaishi Joe because he composes one good song for every film and it's used four+ times over and over during the feature. Epic, fail. Over and over.

How do I spend my free time

Following lots of new anime, catching up on old, playing Fire Emblem and Muramasa on the Wii, and playing around the interwebz. Keeping up on news and such. Outside world is shunned as is proper.

My favorite movies

In no order, best favorites; coupled to save space.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time ; Kiki's Delivery Service
Akira ; Ponyo: On the Cliff By the Sea
Pokemon: The First Movie ; Pokemon 3: The Movie
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete ; Whisper of the Heart

Verily much looking forward to these with high hopes...

REDLINE, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Karigurashi no Arrietty, Onigamiden, Mardock Scramble 1: The First Compression

My favorite series

No.4 - Katanagatari / Kaiba

No.3 - The Tatami Galaxy


No.1 - N/A

Things I like

Sleep, food, anime, following various seiyuus and actors, anime figurines, manga, film, games...

Days of doing nothing but hanging about the house avoiding a social life with others besides 2D characters

Have a loli fetish and a minor fascination with how tans fade to white--those vague tan lines. Marvelous detail in art.

Things I dislike

Bad food, warm weather, sun, youths in general, bootleg figures, Angel Beats!, bad acting, bad cosplay...


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